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Recommended Conferences for maternal fetal medicine

maternal fetal medicine

Maternal Fetal Medicineis the branch of obstetrics that focuses on the medical and surgical treatment of high-risk pregnancies. Treatment includes monitoring and comprehensive treatment including ultrasound, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis and fetal genetic surgery or treatment. Obstetricians practicing maternal fetal medicine also known as Perinatologists. This is a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynecology used primarily for patients with high-risk pregnancies. Obstetric Medicine is a closely related specialty that emphasizes the attention of medical problems during pregnancy. The scientific study of Maternal-Fetal called perinatology and the field of Maternal-Fetal Medicine involves obstetrics, gynecology and general medicine. Maternal Fetal Medicine Conference explores various topics of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, as obstetric ultrasound, invasive prenatal diagnosis using amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling and management of high-risk pregnancies, prenatal diagnosis, prenatal therapy, directed fetal ultrasound and Doppler assessment, fetal blood sampling and transfusion, fetoscopy and open fetal surgery etc. Maternal Fetal Medicine Conference will enable research and development on the issue of Maternal-Fetal Medicine discipline to effectively synchronize with the experience of Obstetrician and Gynecologists to determine the potential and application of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Maternal Fetal Medicine Conference will provide a unique platform for free flow of information and ideas on maternal-fetal medicine in order to advance the frontiers of Maternal Fetal Medicine. Maternal Fetal Medicine Conference is the place to discuss various topics of interest related to Maternal-Fetal Medicine medium.
National Symposia and workshops will be essential to familiarize beginners and students understand the various issues Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the integral ultrasound, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis and fetal genetic surgery or treatment, obstetric ultrasound diagnosis using invasive prenatal amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling, and management of high-risk pregnancies, future trends in Maternal-Fetal etc. National Symposia and workshops will also be highly beneficial for experts in the field as researchers Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Perinatologists and industry personnel experienced and Obstetrician, Gynecologists etc. over 100 national symposia and workshops are scheduled to take place around the world with the majority taking place in the US, followed by several events for Maternal-Fetal Medicine taking place in the UK, Europe during 2015. some of the main events of Maternal-Fetal are "Conference of the International Association of Neonatology", "eighth International Symposium DIP diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and pregnancy" and "11th International Symposium ISUOG" and many more.
ISUOG is a professional association and charity that aims to improve health services for women through the provision and wide dissemination of information of further education and quality research across ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology. With more than 8,000 members in 126 countries, we are the most important in this medical specialty society. Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) was founded in 1968 to provide a forum for discussion of the unique problems for the peripartum period. SOAP consists of anesthetists, obstetricians, pediatricians and basic scientists who share an interest in the care of pregnant women and newborns. Fetal Medicine Foundation is a registered charity that aims to improve the health of pregnant women and their babies through research and training in fetal medicine. The Foundation, with the support of an international group of experts, has introduced an educational program for professionals and parents of health and a number of certificates of competence in different aspects of fetal medicine. In the past 18 years, the Foundation has supported research and training in the field of perinatology through grants totaling more than 15 million pounds.Conditions evaluated and/or treated may include:

OMICS GroupInternational is a pioneer and leading scientific event organizer, publishing around 400 Open access journals and conducting over 300 Scientific Meetings all over the globe annually with the support of more than 1000 scientific associations, 30,000 editorial board members, and 3.5 million followers to its credit. Raising its curtains in the year 2007, OMICS Group International aims to disseminate knowledge with the help of its Open access Journals and marches on to instigate OMICS Group International Conferences in the year 2010, to provide a meaningful platform for the world renowned scientists, researchers, students, academicians, institutions, entrepreneurs and industries through its scientific events annually throughout the globe
Relevant Conferences:-
1.International Neonatal Association Conference (March 21-23, 2015)
2.8th International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy (April 15-18, 2015)
3.11th ISUOG International Symposium (May 1-3, 2015)
4.2015 Sol Shnider, M.D. Obstetric Anesthesia Meeting (March 11-15, 2015)
5.2015 SOAP 47th Annual Meeting (May 13-17, 2015)
6.2nd International Conference on Women's Health, Gynecology and Obstetrics (June 8-10, 2015)
7.14th World Congress in Fetal Medicine (June 21-25, 2015)
8.12th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine (November 3-6, 2015)
9.Turkey Maternal Fetal Medicine and Perinatology Association Perinatal Medicine 2015(April 23-25, 2015)
10.2nd Canadian National Perinatal Research Meeting (February 24-27, 2015)
Relevant Society and Associations:-
1.International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
2.Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology
3.Fetal Medicine Foundation
4.British Association of Perinatal Medicine
5.Association for Maternal Fetal Medicine Management
6.Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine
7.International Fetal Medicine and Surgery Society
8.American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
9.British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society
10.International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics
1.Greater Washington Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Genetics
2.Maternal Fetal Medicine PLLC
3.Midwest Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM)
4.Bridgeport Hospital
5.Rosh Maternal-Fetal Medicine practice
6.Yale Maternal-Fetal Medicine
7.IHA Maternal-Fetal Medicine
8.Virtua Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists
9.Pediatrix Medical Group
10.Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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