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Conference Series LLC conducts cutting-edge conference publications in various Psychiatry and Psychology areas that are recognized by academia and industry worldwide.

The Global Psychiatry Conferences will bring together expert clinicians, researchers and leaders of stakeholder organizations in the field of mental health, psychiatry and psychology offering an outstanding set of Plenary presentations, Symposia, Workshops and sessions designed by early career psychiatrists.

Conference Series Ltd organizes Psychiatry Meetings to provide a platform for psychiatrists, clinicians, researchers, surgeons, health practitioners as well as industrial leaders to participate and share their views.

Psychiatry is the most complex, intellectually stimulating and rewarding medical speciality. Psychiatry includes various levels of mental state conditions starting from neuropsychiatry to general psychiatric conditions.

Psychiatry meetings focus on all the mental conditions and the program of each conference will be very interesting, and includes multiple panels, workshops, affinity group lunches, forums, poster sessions, and interactions with eminent personalities from all areas of psychiatry and psychology research, along with keynotes and leadership talks.
The global market for Psychiatric & Mental health drugs was worth $80.5 billion in 2010 and that value is worth to be $88.3 billion in 2015. The global Behavioral health software market in 2014 is $0.75 billion and is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2019.

Participation benefits at Psychiatry Conferences:

    Earn up to 21 CME Credits
    CPD Credits by CPD Standards Office, UK
    IOCM Certification
    One on One Meeting with Eminent Speakers
    Live Streaming of the conference
    Keynote sessions by world’s most eminent researchers
    Top Industries Representation
    Thought provoking Symposia’s and Workshops
    Preconference workshops in all major countries
    Nominations for Best Poster Award
    Outstanding Young Researcher Award
    Group Registration benefits

List of Important Sessions to be discussed in 2018:


Previous Psychiatry Conferences

Conferenceseries Destinations

Conference Title: 4th International Conference on Mental Health & Human Resilience

Mental Health Conferences | Psychiatry Conferences | Psychology Conferences

Dates: April 26-27| 2018
Venue: Rome| Italy
Short Name: Mental Health 2018
Theme: Mental Health interventions to improve the quality of life
Accreditation: CME Credits 

Highlights: Mental Health | Human Resilience | Psychiatry & Mental Health Nursing | Mental Health Rehabilitation | Mental Health issues | Mental Disorders | Metal Health Conferences USA | Drug Addiction | Suicide and Self-harm | Mental Health Conferences 2018 | Stress | Psychosis | Positive Psychology | Women’s Mental Health

Target Audience: We welcome Mental Health Researchers | Psychiatrists | Psychologists | Doctors | Scientists | Neurologists | Nurses |students and CEOs | Business Delegates

Conference Title: 4th International Conference on Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management

Stress Conferences Depression Conferences Anxiety Conferences | Psychiatry Conference

Dates: May 10-11| 2018
Venue: Frankfurt| Germany
Short Name: Stress 2018
Theme: A New Era of Diagnosis and Therapies towards Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Accreditation: CME Credits

Highlights: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | Stress and Insomnia | Depression | Anxiety Disorders | Work Stress | Autistic Spectrum Disorder | Suicide and Prevention | Sexual Abuse and Substance Use Disorders | Stress Management Conferences 2018 |Stress Medication and Management | Panic Disorder and TraumaDepression Treatment | Stress Therapies | Stress related Disorders | Stress Management Conferences USA | Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders | Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder | Phobia and its treatmentPersonality disorders | Mental Health Rehabilitation | Yoga and Holistic Health | Psychopharmacology | Mindfulness for Mental Wellbeing

Target Audience: We welcome Psychiatrists | Psychologist | Neurologist | Doctors | Scientists | Stress Management Researchers | students and CEOs | Business Delegates 

Conference Title:  27th World Congress on Psychiatry & Psychological Syndromes

Psychiatry Conferences Psychology Conferences

Dates:             June21-23| 2018
Venue:            London| UK
Short Name:   Psychiatry Congress 2018

 Theme:          Scrutinizing innovative and advance treatment towards Psychological Syndromes


Accreditation: CME Credits

Highlights: Psychiatry | Mental Health | Psychiatric Disorders | Counseling Psychology | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Child Psychiatry | Psychiatry Conferences 2018 USA | Geriatric Psychiatry | Stress Management | Depression & Anxiety disorders | PTSD | Addictive Disorders | Schizophrenia | Psychiatry Conferences Worldwide 2018 | Psychiatric Nursing | Psychosomatic Medicine | Psychotherapy

Target Audience: We welcome Psychiatrist| Psychologists |Neurologists | Psychiatry Researchers |Doctors | Scientists | students and CEOs | Business Delegates 

Conference Title: 28th Euro Congress on Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Psychiatry Conferences Psychology Conferences Clinical Psychology Conferences

Dates: July 05-06| 2018
Venue: Vienna| Austria
Short Name: Euro Psychiatrists 2018
Theme: Achieving mental wellness by understanding human mind through Psychiatric approaches

Accreditation: CME Credits

Highlights: Psychiatry | Psychology | Child and Adolescent Psychology| Psychosis and Adverse behavior| Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder| Psychology Conferences  USA |Dissociative and Addictive Disorders| Personality Disorders| Mental health and Psychiatric Complications| Psychooncology| Neuropsychology and brain/behavioral disorders| Positive Psychology Conferences 2018 | Recovery and Psychotherapy| Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder| Psychoactive Medication| Geriatric Psychiatry| Forensic and Emergency Psychiatry| Psychiatric Nursing| Advanced Therapeutics for Psychiatric Disorders | Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

Target Audience: We welcome Psychiatrists | Psychologists | Neuropsychiatrists | Doctors | Scientists | students and CEOs | Business Delegates

Conference Title: 29th International Conference on Adolescent Medicine & Child Psychology

Child Psychology Conferences Child and Adolescent Psychology ConferencesPsychology Conferences

Dates: September 4-6 | 2018
Venue: Zurich | Switzerland
Short Name: Child Psychology 2018
Theme: Looking through the contemporary researches in Psychology and Psychiatry

Accreditation: CME Credits

Highlights: Child Mental Health and Psychology | Adolescent Psychology | Child Psychiatry | Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology | Pediatric Psychology Conferences |Psychotherapy and Psychopathology | Child and Adolescent Counselling Psychology | School and Education Psychology | Developmental Psychology | Child Psychology Conferences USA | Paediatric Health psychology | Positive Psychology and Interventions | Child Psychology Conferences  2018 | Cognitive and Behavioural therapy | Autism and Psychiatric Disorders | Social Neurosciences | Psychopharmacology | Psychologist Meet and Case Reports

Target Audience: We welcome Psychologists | Psychiatrists | Doctors | Academic Scientists | Researchers | Healthcare Professionals | Students| Business Delegates 

Conference Title: 35th International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine

Psychosomatic Medicine ConferencesPsychosomatic Conferences Psychology Conferences

Dates: November 01-03 | 2018
Venue: Brussels| Belgium
Short Name: Psychosomatic Medicine 2018
Theme: Discovering the Challenges Regarding Excellence in Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine

Accreditation: CME Credits

Highlights: Psychosomatic Medicine | Psychiatric DisorderPsychosomatic Disorder| Psychosomatic Treatment| Consultation – liaison psychiatry| Addiction Psychiatry| Behavioral psychology| Somatic Symptom Disorder| Schizophrenia| Psychosomatic Conferences USA | Mood Disorder| Emergency Psychiatry| Psychosomatic Conferences  2018 | Psychiatric Nursing | Anxiety and Disasters| Sexual Psychiatric Disorder| Forensic Psychiatry |

Target Audience: We welcome Psychiatry Scientists | Research professors | Physicists | Doctors | Chemists | Directors of Pharmaceutical companies | students and CEOs | Business Delegates

Market Value:

The total costs of health insurance funded psychotherapy increased from 22.6 million Euros in 1997 to 28.6 million Euros in 2000. Europe is considered as the second largest region for psychiatry research market. In the OECD, around two-thirds of research and development in scientific and technical fields is carried out by industry, and 20% and 10% respectively by universities and government, although in poorer countries. Often research funding is applied for by scientists and approved by a granting agency to financially support research.

AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and GlaxoSmithKline. Eli Lilly: Zyprexa drug has the largest market share of the market, at 26% ($4.70 billion). AstraZeneca: Seroquel, at 2nd place ($4.45 billion) remains the most widely prescribed antipsychotic. Bristol-Myers Squibb: Abilify, saw a 30% growth in sales from 2007 to 2008 to $2.15 billion. Zyprexa earned revenues of $4.70 billion in 2008, representing 23% of Eli Lilly's total earnings in that year.

Psychology and Psychiatry Conferences are designed to bring together scientific researchers, health professionals and business entrepreneurs to discuss the development and to catalyze the networking in the field of medicine, genetics, psychiatry, chemistry, mental health, engineering, and allied disciplines of psychology to facilitate the amalgamation of the complementary scientific efforts in the academia and industry to achieve common scientific goals.

We have so many great things planned for this year Psychiatry Conferences, with advance research oriented presentations, as well as R&D and academic sessions in a great mix, which quite possibly makes Psychiatry and Psychology Conferences as the great conferences in the arena.

Our goal is to deliver an outstanding program which covers the entire spectrum of research in Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurology and Mental Health and share the cross-cultural experiences of various treatment procedures of Psychiatric disorders and Mental Disorders.

Conferenceseries LLC, pioneering Open Access publisher of more than 700 scientific Open Access Journals lead the way to organize scientific conferences world-wide with the esteemed support of 100000 Editorial Board team. With the slogan of Accelerating Scientific Discoveries, Conferenceseries LLC neuroscience meetings calendar contains more than 1000+ Global Events world-wide, with the presence of well-renowned scientific professionals, academicians as well as business leaders, budding scientists, young researchers and talented student community.

Conferenceseries LLC would give best in serving the scientific community and we look forward to having you join with other partners to take part at our Psychiatry events.

Major Psychiatry Associations:

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