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Geology or Geological Sciences is the study of the origin, evolution, structure and behavior of our planet Earth. This science mainly deals with the earth’s composition, that is, its materials, processes, systems, resources and physical forces and also how they change over time. This global view extends to organisms, natural resources and environment that make up the Earth as well as exploring other planets and our solar system. Therefore geology can also be referred as Earth Science.

Geology & Earth science conferences organized by Conference Series provides a unique platform for global eminent Geologists, Petroleum Geologists, GIS & Remote sensing Scientists, Marine Scientists, Meteorologists, Hydro geologists to share their research advancements and find solutions for the upcoming challenges in their respective areas.

Conference Series  organizes Geological conferences, Geology Summits, and Geology Meetings every year in the areas of Climate Change, Marine sciences and in Earth sciences where knowledge transfer takes place through debates, round table discussions, poster presentations, workshops, symposia and exhibitions. Conference Series organizes 1000+ conferences every year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 700+ Open Access Journals which contains over 50000 Eminent Personalities, reputed Scientists as Editorial Board Members.


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The 5th International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing is scheduled to be held from September 19-20, 2019 in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy.  The GIS Congress 2019 has been themed “Implementation and Advancement of GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques” which extensively covers all aspects on integration of GIS and remote sensing to its application in Environmental Management and Environmental Impact Assessment. Among the focus areas of the conference include “To develop a sound basis for understanding the operation of GIS and Remote Sensing in environmental management” And “To demonstrate to participants, use of GIS in identifying and analysing potential impacts”. The topics covered would be Geospatial technologies and techniques for environmental mapping with GIS Software, Use of Remote sensing to identify & analyse potential impacts and potential Participatory GIS Approaches to Environmental Impact Assessment.

The GIS Congress 2019 is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussions on our current state of knowledge in Understanding the role played by technical experts, stakeholders and decision-makers in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing. At this meeting, we want to make the biggest possible positive impact upon the environment whilst having the smallest possible footprint.  We will champion better public understanding of GIS and Remote Sensing. The Society will accomplish this by nurturing and harnessing the joined assets, information, ability and accomplishments of the expert and educated bodies which are its Members. And we exist to promote the advancement of, the dissemination of, knowledge of, and education in good environmental practice for the public benefit. The Global Remote Sensing Technologies Market is valued to grow strong during the forecast period 2017 to 2027. According to the available report, the market is estimated to be USD 10.68 Billion in 2017 and is projected to reach USD 21.62 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.14% during the forecast period. The Extensive utilization of remote sensing services in defense and business applications is one of the most significant factors driving the growth of the remote sensing services market.

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Remote Sensing | Geographic Information System | GIS Techniques and Technology | GIS in Renewable Energy Sources | Remote Sensing in Urban Environment | Seismology and Geodesy | Geodynamics | Geostatistics | GIS and Natural Resource Management | Web GIS and Web Mapping | Spatial Analysis in GIS | Global Navigation Satellite System | Disaster Assessment and Management | GIS & RS Applications in Forestry | Cartographic Modeling | Implications of GIS in Society

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