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16th World Nephrology Conference (World Nephrology 2020) will be held from April 27-28, 2020 at Singapore. World Nephrology 2020 is based on the theme “Sharing the research plans together towards better tomorrow”.

World Nephrology 2020 will gather nephrologists, Kidney specialist, Nephrologists and Professionals working in the sector of Kidney diseases, Nephrology, Acute kidney injury, Nephrology and Theruptics   and other allied fields including Renal dialysis, Diagnostic devices and representatives from  Pharma companies associated with Nephrology. World Nephrology 2020 will be gathering hospitals, academia and industry in a single platform.

Major Scientific sessions: Nephrology and Therapeutics | Acute Kidney Injury | Nephrology Nursing| Clinical Nephrology | Pediatric Nephrology | Kidney Stones | Renal Dialysis | Chronic and End Stage Renal Diseases| Diabetes and Hypertension| Renal Transplantation and Immunology | Urinary Tract Infections

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Nephrology Summit 2020: 17th Asia Pacific Nephrology Conference is the world’s leading conference for Nephrology professionals to gather and contribute their research for developing the new techniques in the field of Nephrology. Nephrology Summit 2020 is schedules to be held in during September14-15, 2020 at Osaka, Japan. Nephrology Conferences will bring together nephrologists, general physicians, practitioners, researchers, academicians in a universal forum, enabling the exchange of novel advancement in the field of Nephrology in both science and practice. Nephrology Summit 2020 is the best place to enhance networking and would provide opportunity to interact with world’s leading scientists and researchers. This Nephrology Conference moves around the theme: Novel Discoveries in the field of Nephrology, and will address fast mounting technology rapidly changing the nephrology with significant opportunities for kidney diseases.

Conference Highlights: Nephrology |Metabolic, Fluid & Electrolyte disorders | Pediatric Nephrology | Geriatric Nephrology| Diabetic Nephropathy| Nephrology Nursing | Clinical Nephrology| Renal Nutrition & Metabolism | Urinary Tract Infection & Urology | Technological Advancements in Nephrology | Renal Transplantation and Immunology| Onconephrology and Nephritis | Renal Nutrition, Inflammation, and Metabolism| Kidney/Urology/Urinary Tract Infections | Dialysis and Renal Care | Nephrologists & Entrepreneurs Investment Meet.

Nephrology Associations and Societies:

International Society of Nephrology (ISN)

American Society of Nephrology (ASN)

Indian Society of Nephrology

Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN)

Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (HKSN)

The Renal Association

Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN)

Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN)

National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

Saudi Society of Nephrology and Transplantation (SSN&T)

Spanish Society of Nephrology

Spanish Dialysis and Transplant Society

Spanish Dialysis Foundation

Danish Society of Nephrology

Swedish Society of Nephrology

British Association of Pediatric Nephrology

French Society of Nephrology

Polish Society of Nephrology

Albanian Society of Clinical Nephrology

Belgian Society of Nephrology

Austrian Society of Nephrology

German Society of Nephrology

The Renal Association (UK)

The Philippine Society of Nephrology

Kidney Disease Association‎

The National Kidney Foundation

Indian society of nephrology

The Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology

Emirates medical association on nephrology society

Westbay Nephrology Association

Pacific Nephrology Med Association

Tseng Robert R MD-Westbay Nephrology Association

ClinMed International Library of Nephrologists

International Federation of Kidney Foundations

American Kidney Fund (AKF)

American Society of Transplantation (AST)

American Society of Diagnostic & Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN)

Board of Nephrology Examiners, Inc. Nursing and Technology (BONENT)

California Dialysis Council (CDC)

International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD)

International Society for Hemodialysis (ISHD)

International Society for Nephrology Technicians and Technologists (ISNTT)

National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA)

Renal Physicians Association (RPA)

International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism

Irish Nephrology Society

Kosovo Society of Nephrology

Latvian Association of Nephrology

Moroccan Society of Nephrology

Dutch Federation of Nephrology

Polish Society of Nephrology

Portuguese Society of Nephrology

Romanian Society of Nephrology

Russian Dialysis Society

Serbian Society of Nephrology

Slovenian Society of Nephrology