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Veterinary science has an increasingly important role to play in addressing the global challenges of the 21st century, particularly in working towards worldwide disease control and food security. This contribution will be vital in the face of pressures resulting from a rapidly expanding, increasingly mobile human population and climate change. Globalization will, conversely, also see world affairs impacting upon veterinary practice globally as never before. The advances of the 21st century have led to a world that is extensively interconnected. People, information and resources move around the globe at unprecedented rates and with ever more complex interactions. Yet despite these advances today’s globalized world also faces unprecedented challenges, not least the pressures on the environment, health and livelihoods brought about by rapid population expansion and climate change. These factors have not gone unnoticed by the veterinary profession, which has recently begun to place increased importance upon its global role in animal, human and environmental health, and in sustainable development. Human health is intrinsically linked to that of animals and of the environment, and that many of the answers to the pressing health and welfare problems of the 21st century can be found through interdisciplinary collaboration between professionals working in a wide variety of fields. Contemplating the above facts, we believe that organizing veterinary conferences worldwide would be an expedient platform in addressing and overcoming the current issues.


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Conference Title: 10th World Congress on Veterinary & Animal Science

Veterinary Conferences | Veterinary Congress | Veterinary Meetings | Veterinary Events

Dates: May 18-19 | 2018

Venue: Osaka, Japan

Short Name: Veterinary Congress 2018

Theme: New Realms in Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Conference Manager: Yogeshwari M

Contact E: [email protected]

Contact T: 1-650-889-4686

Conference Highlights

Veterinary Medicine | Animal Nutrition | Animal Reproduction | Animal Biotechnology | Veterinary Vaccines | Veterinary Research | Animal Welfare | Veterinary Care & Management | Poultry Farming | Dairy Sciences | Livestock & Nutrition | Meat Science and Technology | Veterinary Epidemiology | Animal Ecology | Veterinary Dentistry | Veterinary pathology | Animal Models & Testing  | Animal Diseases Animal Biology  | Veterinary Diagnosis & Treatment  | Animal Cloning & Transgenic animals  | Veterinary & Animal Science

Target Audience:

We welcome Veterinarians | Veterinary doctors |Professors | Students | Researchers | CEOs | Business Delegates.

Conference Title: 13th International Veterinary Congress

Veterinary Conferences | International Veterinary Conferences | Veterinary Conferences 2019 Europe | Animal Science Conferences 2019 | Livestock Conferences | Veterinary Meetings | Veterinary Conferences 2019 Asia | Animal Science Conferences 2019 USA | Veterinary Workshops | Animal Science Symposia | Veterinary Research Meetings

Dates: May 02-03 | 2019

Venue: London | UK

Short Name: Veterinary 2019

Theme: Emphasizing Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Veterinary Research

Accreditation: CPD Credits

Email: [email protected]

Conference Highlights:

Veterinary Epidemiology | Camel Science | Animal welfare | Veterinary Toxicology | Veterinary Surgery & Radiology | Veterinary Microbiology and Microbial Diseases | Veterinary vaccines | Veterinary Care & Management | Veterinary Medicine | Veterinary & Animal Science | Poultry Production | Veterinary Research | Wildlife Management | Animal Reproduction | Animal Nutrition | Animal Biotechnology | Dairy Farming | Meat Science and Technology | Livestock Production | Aquaculture | Animal Cloning & Transgenic animals | Emergency Animal treatments | Mobile Veterinary Clinic | Preventive Pet Healthcare & Club | Veterinary Physiotherapy | Animal Ecology & Physiology | Veterinary Nursing | Veterinary Entomology | Veterinary Forensics | Animal Models & Testing

Target Audience:

We welcome Veterinarians | Veterinary doctors | Surgeons | Professors | Students | Researchers and Specialists | CEOs | Business Delegates

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Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine Conference

Animal Health Conference   |  Veterinary Medicine Conference October 02-04, 2018 is being organized at Toronto, Canada on the theme “One Health, One Society”. The congress aims to generate exposure around the topic of innovation in the animal health and veterinary sectors, among Veterinarians, Academicians, Researchers, Bureaucrats, Animal Health and Pharmaceutical Companies and Policy Makers. With members from around the world focused on learning about Animal Health/Veterinary Medicine and its advances; this is the best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Veterinary Community. The world renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments and the newest updates in Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine are hallmarks of this congress. Conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential scientists, make a splash with new research developments, and share your research and interests with millions of people.

Conference Highlights:

Animal Health, Veterinary Medicine, One Health, Animal Welfare, Animals in Research, Veterinary Specialties, Animal Diseases, Animal Health, Food Safety and Food Security, Animal Biotechnology, Veterinary Oncology and Veterinary Practice Management and many more Key topics.

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Veterinary Summit

Veterinary Summit November 15-16, 2018 will be held at Las Vegas, USA on the theme “Workforce Needs in Veterinary Medicine”. The veterinary medical profession faces several challenges in coming years, including maintaining the economic sustainability of veterinary practice and education, building its scholarly foundation, and evolving to meet changing societal needs. In recent years, the dominant focus of the profession has shifted from farm animal health to companion animal care, and concerns are growing that this emphasis is directing resources away from veterinary medicine’s other, equally important roles in basic research, public service, food production, and other sectors, resulting in a workforce that may be insufficient to address priorities for protecting and advancing animal and human health. This conference attempts to anticipate some of the needs and measures that are essential for the profession to fulfill given its changing roles in the 21st century.

Conference Highlights:

Veterinary, Poultry Science, Veterinary Economics, Animal Nutrition & Physiology, Veterinary Biochemistry, Dairy Technology, Veterinary Epidemiology, Animal Breeding, Ornithology, Veterinary Surgery & Radiology.

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