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Conference Series Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry or also called as medico-marketing, it is a Pharma hub which covers the innards of pharmaceutical marketing including Industrial Techniques, Medical devices and Expos, Analytical and Bioanalytical techniques; with these International events Conference Series aims  to increase Pharmaceutical market and cater the profession. Providing a chance, Conference Series conferences host leading pharmaceutical companies and representatives and decision makers of different sectors to showcase their cogent findings, latest experiences and developments. These conferences help global pharma market to be under one roof for providing better market to healthcare community.Globally Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry Conferences are being organized this year as well as upcoming years like  UK, USA, Spain,  Japan, China, Turkey ,Malaysia and etc.


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19th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical Sciences Conferences | Pharmaceutical Industry Conferences | Pharma Research Conferences | Pharmaceutical Conferences | Pharma Conferences

Date & Venue: February 25- 26, 2019 | Berlin, Germany

Theme: “Latest Trends in Pharmacy: Spanning the Gap in Research and Product Commercialization

Pharmaceutical Sciences Classified into the Following Main Categories: Drug Discovery and Design | Drug Delivery | Clinical Sciences | Drug Analysis | Regulatory Affairs | Cost Effectiveness of Medicines (Pharmacoeconomics) | Drug Action

Scientific Sessions: Globalized Pharma Sector, Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug Targeting and Design, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery Technologies, Regulatory Requirements for Pharmaceuticals, Smart Drug Delivery Systems, Pharma Conferences 2019, Purpose and Principles of GMP, Pharmaceutical Conferences 2018 USA, Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery, Generics versus Big Pharma, Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, R&D Advancement: Road to New Medicines, Digital Pharma, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Conference Calendar, Tamper-Evident Pharmaceutical Packaging, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Optimization, Pharmaceutical Process Validation, Pharmaceutical Sciences Conferences 2019, Medico Marketing, Pharma and Biotech Financial Outlook, Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

Target Audience: Pharmacy Researchers, Scholars from Pharmaceutical Backgrounds, Drug Delivery Technology Manufacturers, Business Development Managers from Pharma Industry, Distributors and Suppliers of Drug Delivery Technologies, Students & Professors of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Universities, Health Professionals, Pharmacists, Quality control specialist, Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies, CRO

20th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Pharma Research Conferences | Pharmaceutical Conferences | Pharmaceutics Conferences 2019 | Drug Delivery Conferences | World Pharma Congress | Novel Drug Delivery Conferences

Date & Venue: March 18-20, 2019 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Theme: “Shaping the Future of Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Delivery Systems

Basic Principles and Applications of Pharmaceutics Includes: Pharmaceutical Formulation | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing | Dispensing pharmacy | Drug Discovery | Drug Delivery | Clinical Trials | Nanotechnology | Pharmaceutical Technology | Physical Pharmacy | Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

Scientific Sessions: Bio-Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug Targeting and Design, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Drugs, Pharmaceutical Formulation, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Smart Drug Delivery Systems, Nanomedicine and Biomedical Applications, Biomaterials in Drug Delivery, Vaccine Drug Delivery Systems, Medical Devices for Drug Delivery, Biologics & Biosimilars, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Process Validation, Pharma Conferences 2019, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Novel Drug Delivery Conferences, Clinical Trials and Clinical Research, Pharma Asia 2019 Conferences, Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety and Pharmacy Education and Practice

Target Audience: Dean, Chairman, President, Vice President, Directors and CEO’s of Pharma Organizations, Discovery Alliances, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Research & Development, Bulk Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing, Drug Manufacturing, Quality Control & Assurance, Clinical Research, Clinical Trials, Drug Delivery, Drug Development and Discovery Companies, Formulation and Pharma Manufacturing Companies, Medical Technology Companies, Universities, Laboratories and Institutes.

12th European Biosimilars Congress

Biosimilars Conferences | Biopharmaceutical Meetings | Biologics Conferences | Pharma Marketing & Industry Conferences | European Biosimilars Conferences | Biosimilar Conferences 2019

Date & Venue: April 15-16, 2019 Berlin, Germany

Theme: The Developmental Strategies and Uptake of Biosimilars through a Decade in Europe

Different Types of Biosimilars: Biologics | Biopharmaceuticals | Drug Designing | Bioequivalence | Intellectual Property Rights | Bio Waivers | Biological Drug Therapies

Scientific Sessions: Current Challenges in Developing Biosimilars, Chemical and Analytical Strategies for Biosimilars, Intellectual Property Rights, Biological Medicine, Emerging Biosimilars in Therapeutics, Innovative Clinical Approach in Biosimilars, Regulatory Updates on Biosimilars, Biosimilars Development in Markets, Biosimilars Approval to Biogenerics in Clinical Practice, Biopharmaceutical Informatics, Consequences of Brexit on Biosimilars, BCS and IVIVC Based Biowaivers, Biosimilars Market and Cost Analysis, Pharma Biosimilars 2019, Challenges in Biosimilars Pharmacovigilance, Legal Issues and BPCI Act, Formulation Strategies for Follow-on Biologics, Current Agency Expectations for Approval for Biosimilars, Biosimilars Conferences 2019, Biosimilars Asia, Biosimilars Research Pipeline, Globalization of Biosimilars, Drug Delivery and Development, Monoclonal Antibody Biosimilars, USFDA Approved Biosimilars

Target Audience: Directors, CEO’s of Organizations, Business Development Managers, Chief Scientific Officers, R&D Researchers from Biosimilar and Bioslogics Industries Professors, PhD Scholars, Patent Attorneys, Intellectual Property Attorneys, Associations, Noble laureates in Health Care and Medicine, Bio-informatics Professionals, Software Development Companies, Research Institutes and Members, Supply Chain Companies, Manufacturing and CRO Companies, Business Entrepreneurs

21st Annual European Pharma Congress

Pharmaceutical Conferences | Pharma Research Conferences | World Pharma Conferences | Pharmaceutical Sciences Conferences | Pharma Congress 2019 | Pharma Conferences

Date & Venue: May 20-22, 2019 | Zurich, Switerzland

Theme: “Advancing the Future of Pharma

Pharmacy Practice Areas: Community pharmacy | Hospital pharmacy | Clinical pharmacy | Ambulatory care pharmacy | Compounding pharmacy | Consultant pharmacy | Internet pharmacy | Veterinary pharmacy | Nuclear pharmacy | Military pharmacy | Pharmacy informatics | Specialty pharmacy

Scientific Sessions: Pharmacognosy, Pharmacological Sciences, Drug Regulations, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Types of Pharmaceutical Formulations, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Pharma Middle East 2019 Conferences, Pre-formulation Studies, Bio-Pharmaceutics, Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, Pharma Expo 2019, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Radiopharmaceuticals, Pharma Companies, Pharmaceutical Research Conferences 2019, Hospital Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Ethics in Pharmacy, International Pharmacy Conference 2019, Nanomedicines, Pharma Consulting & Services

Target Audience: Directors, CEO’s of Organizations, Business Development Managers, Researchers from Pharma Industries, Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, PhD Scholars, Association Presidents and Professionals, Noble Laureates in Health Care and Medicine, Bio Instruments Professionals, Bio-informatics Professionals, Software Development Companies, Research Institutes Members, Supply Chain Companies, Manufacturing Companies

6th World Congress and Exhibition on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics Conferences | Antibiotic Resistance Conferences | Antibiotics Summit 2019 | Microbiology Conferences | Antimicrobial Conference 2019

Date & Venue: June 03-04, 2019 | London, UK

Theme: “Challenges and New Concepts in Antibiotics Research

Different Types of Antibiotics: Antibiotic Resistance | Antibiotics Research | Vaccines | Bacteriology | Immunology | Virology | Antimicrobial Agents

Scientific Sessions: Antibiotic Resistance: Opportunities and Challenges, Applications of Antibiotics, Antibiotics for Various Diseases and Infections, Antibiotic Resistance, Antibiotic Prophylaxis, Pharmacology of Antibiotics, Antibiotics: In Pregnancy and Lactation, Antibiotics for Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases, Antibiotics in Oncology, Toxicity of Antibiotics, Antibiotic Therapy, Antibiotics Drug Conferences, Interaction & Side Effects of Antibiotics, Antimicrobial Resistance, Clinical Trials of Antibiotics, Bacteriology Conferences, Antibiotics and Mechanism of Action, Antibiotics Conferences 2019 USA, Antibiotic Regulatory Affairs, Antibiotics: Market Analysis, Infectious Diseases Conferences 2019, Antibiotics: Business Opportunities, Pediatric Antibiotics

Target Audience: Students, Pharmacists, Researchers, Academia, Drug Manufacturers, Vaccine Associations, Pharmaceutical companies, Business Entrepreneurs, Medical, Healthcare Professionals, Doctors, Young researchers, Drug Manufacturers

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Research

Natural Products Conferences | Medicinal Plants Conferences | Natural Products Research Meetings | Phytochemistry Conferences | Pharmacognosy Conferences

Date & Venue: June 24-25, 2019 | Vienna, Austria

Theme: “Advances and Innovations in Natural Product Research”

Classification of The Natural Products: Based on the molecular skeletal structure - open chain aliphatic, alicyclic and cycloparaffinic, aromatic, benzoid and heterocyclic | Based on physiological activity - plant or animal origin | Based on chemotaxonomy - review the plant constituents | Based on biogenesis - biosynthetic pathways of plants and animal metabolites

Scientific Sessions: Ethnobotany and Ethnopharmacology, Herbal Drug Formulations, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Plant Biotechnology, Systems Biology, Toxicology, Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy, Natural Product as Anti-Cancer Agents, Medicinal Plant Research, Best Natural Products Conferences, Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Plant Physiology and Pathology, Plant Science Research, Natural Products Conferences 2019 USA, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Medicines, Medicinal and Traditional Herbs, Herbal Cosmetics, Top Natural Products Conferences 2019, Agriculture Chemistry, Microbial Ecology, Crude Drugs and Plant Products, Pharmacognosy Conferences, Plant Tissue Culture and Heterocyclic Chemistry

Target Audience: Herbalists, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Complementary Medicine Practitioners, Researchers In The Field of Herbal And Traditional Medicine, Acupuncturists, Phytomedicines, Pharmacognosy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, People Who Believe In Natural Remedies To Explore Their Research, Practitioners of Natural Medicine

12th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety

Pharmacovigilance Conference | Drug Safety Conferences | Global Pharmacovigilance Conference 2019 | Risk Management Conferences

Date & Venue: July 04-05, 2019 | Valencia, Spain

Theme: “Exploring Latest Trends in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trials

Methods Used in Pharmacovigilance: Clinical Trial Data Insufficient to Evaluate Drug Risk, Spontaneous Reporting, Data Mining in Spontaneous Reporting, Intensive Monitoring, Database Studies, General Practice Research Database

Scientific Sessions: Pre-Clinical and Clinical TrialsAdverse Drug ReactionsPharmacovigilance and Risk ManagementPharmacy Practices and its ChallengesClinical Trials on Various DisordersData Quality, Management and AnalysisPharmacovigilance Significance & ScopeClinical Trials Conferences, Diversity in Industrial Clinical Trials and Clinical ResearchDrug Safety and Risk Management Conferences, Clinical Research and StatisticsPharmacovigilance Conference 2019 USA, Case Report in Clinical TrialsDrug SafetyClinical Data Base ManagementGlobal Pharmacovigilance Conferences, PV Consulting’s and Business Opportunity

Target Audience: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Researchers in Pharmacology, Professors of Pharmacy, Market Research Analyst, Health Professionals, Post Graduates of Pharmacy and Medicine, Experts of Pharma Industries, Heads of Pharmacy Department, Data Management Companies, Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies, Pharmacovigilance Researchers, Pharmacovigilance Associations and Societies

22nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Formulations

Formulations Conferences | Drug Formulation Conferences | Pharmaceutical Formulation Conferences | Formulation Conferences | Drug Delivery Conferences

Date & Venue: July 04-06, 2019 | Valencia, Spain

Theme: “Research and Industrial Development of Pharmaceutical Formulations

Different Types of Pharmaceutical Formulations: Enteral Formulations | Parenteral Formulations | Topical Formulations

Scientific Sessions: Pharmaceutical Formulations, Solid Dosage Forms, Semi-Solid Dosage Forms, Liquid Dosage Forms, Gaseous Dosage Forms, Types of Formulations, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, General Considerations in Dosage Forms, Drug Formulation Procedures, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Drug Design and Development, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Formulations Conferences 2019 in USA, Drug Product Manufacturing, Smart Drug Delivery Systems, Pharma Formulations 2019, Pharmacists Role in Patient Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Formulations Market

Target Audience: Formulations 2019 will be the best venue for Research Associate, Research Scientist, Directors, CEO’s of Pharmaceutical Organizations, Drug Delivery Technology Manufacturers, Regulatory Affairs Associate, Bio Statistician, Health professionals, Scholars from Pharmaceutical backgrounds, Quality Assurance Specialist, Market research Analyst, Associate Product Manager, Product Manager, Strategy Director, Business Development Manager, Pharmacists, Deans, Students, Professors, Researchers, and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Universities and Medical Colleges.

24th World Congress on Pharmacology

Pharmacology Conferences | Toxicology Conferences | Clinical Pharmacology Conferences | Global Pharmacology Meeting | Applied Pharmacology Conferences

Date & Venue: August 19-20, 2019 | Vienna, Austria

Theme: “New Approaches in Pharmacology: Drug Discovery, Design & Development”

Different Types of Pharmacology: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology | Experimental Pharmacology | Pharmacogenomics | Psychopharmacology | Safety Pharmacology | Systems Pharmacology | Theoretical Pharmacology

Scientific Sessions: Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology and Psychopharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Receptor Theory, Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic, Cardio Vascular Pharmacology, Ethnopharmacology, Immunopharmacology, Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacology Conferences 2019 USA, Toxicology, Drug Screening and Discovery, Advances in Pharmacological Research, Ocular Pharmacology, Biochemical Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology Conferences, Topical Medicine and Infectious Diseases, World Pharmacology 2019, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmaco-Economics, Pharmacological Testing, Toxicology and Pharmacology Conferences, Nursing Pharmacology, Market Analysis of Pharmacology, Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

Target Audience: Pharmacology Research Associates, Pharmacology Research Scientist, Directors, CEO’s of Pharmacology Organizations, Health Pprofessionals, Scholars from Pharmacology Studies, Pharmacologists, Pathologists, Post Graduates and Graduates in Pharmacology Studies, Associates in Clinical Trials Studies, Strategy Directors, Business Development Manager, Deans, Students, Professors, Researchers, and Faculty of Pharmacology Sciences

25th International Conference on Advanced Clinical Research and Clinical Trials

Clinical Research Conferences | Clinical Trials Conferences | Advanced Clinical Trials and Clinical Research | Global Clinical Trials Congress

Date & Venue: September 16-17, 2019 | Rome, Italy

Theme: “Clinical Research in Europe: Are you Ready to Embrace the Changes?

Different Types of Clinical Research: Treatment Research | Prevention Research | Diagnostic Research | Screening Research | Quality of Life Research | Genetic Studies | Epidemiological Studies

Scientific Sessions: Clinical Trials in Developing Countries, Innovations in Clinical Trials, Clinical Trials on Different Diseases, Design of Clinical Studies and Trials, Biomedical Devices Clinical Research, Future of Clinical Trials, Site Management Innovation, Bioethics and Regulatory Compliance, Patient Recruiting & Retention, Oncology Clinical Research, Microbiology Clinical Research, Epidemiology and Public Health, Advanced Clinical Research Conferences, Imaging Research & Clinical Research Nursing, Innovations in Pre-clinical Research, Clinical Research Conferences Asia, Latest Technologies in Biomedical Research, Clinical Trials Conferences 2019 USA, Advancements in Psychology Research Methods, Clinical Data Management and Statistics, Top Clinical Conferences 2019, Clinical and Medical Case Reports, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety, Stem Cell and Genetic Clinical Research

Target Audience: Clinical Development, Clinical Innovation Directors, VPs and Directors of Clinical Operations and Outsourcing, Heads/ partners of CROs & CMOs, Clinical IT Directors, Clinical Research Alliance Directors, Heads of Clinical Research Institutes, Clinical Research Society Members, Medical Device Manufacturers and Vendors, Government Agencies Associated with Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs Agencies

27th Global Experts Meeting on Neuropharmacology

Neuropharmacology Conferences | Neurochemistry Conferences | Behavioral and Addiction Neuropharmacology | Clinical Neuropharmacology Congress

Date & Venue: November 18-19, 2019 | Rome, Italy

Theme: “Neuropharmacology: Major Challenges and Breakthroughs

Different Types of Neuropharmacology: Clinical pharmacology | Psychopharmacology | Cardiovascular pharmacology | Pharmacogenetics | Pharmacogenomics| Toxicology | Safety pharmacology

Scientific Sessions: Clinical Neuropharmacology, Neurochemical Transmission, Behavioral and Addiction Neuropharmacology, Molecular Neuropharmacology, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, Parkinsons Conferences, Neural Stem Cell, Neuroscience conferences in 2019 USA, Neuroethics, Neurotechnology and its Advances, NeuroPharma Conferences 2019 Asia, Neuroendocrinology, Neurology Conferences 2019, Future Aspects of Neuropharmacology, Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation, Psychopharmacology

Pharmaceutical Conferences | Pharma Conferences | Top Pharma Conferences 2020 | Pharmacy Events | Pharmacology Congress | Toxicology Meetings | Drug Events

21st Middle East Phama Tech & Expo: Pharma Middle East 2020 invites you to attend the International meet of Pharmacists, Biotechnologists, Microbiologists, Doctors, Healthcare Professionals, Pharmaceutical industries, Industrial Representatives, Pathologists and scholar from all around the globe during November 23-24, 2020 at Istanbul, Turkey. It will be a remarkable opportunity to delegates and different scholars to interact with each other regarding the current research topics and share their expertise internationally.

The esteemed Conference is based on the theme “Innovations, Outcomes and New Technologies in Surgery”. It will provide you with a platform to discuss the innovative researches and developments in the field of pharmacology and drug discovery.

Scientific Sessions: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences| Anatomy & Pathophysiology | Bioinformatics and Bio-materials | Pharmacognosy & Botony | Nanotechnology in Pharmacy | Medicinal & Biological Chemistry | Pharmacological Studies | Insights of Cancer Pharmacology | Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Care | Genetics in Drug Discovery and Development | Pharmaceutical Industry & Business Management

Target Audience: Neuropharmacology Students, Scientists, Neuropharmacology Researchers, Neuropharmacology Faculty, Medical Colleges, Neuropharmacology Associations and Societies, Business Entrepreneurs, Training Institutes, Software developing companies, Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies, Data Management Companies

Targeted Audience: Academic, Industrial and Clinical researchers, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies, Regulatory authorities and others across the Scientific community.
Advantages for Professors and Assistant Professors

We offer this platform to the researchers to establish or to extend their scientific network. Our Pharmaceutical Conferences always honored the high affiliated and renowned speakers as Organizing Committee Member position and will be facilitated with the special momentous during the event. Professors and Associate professors will have priority to chair a session of his/her interest. Renowned speakers get waivers during the International conference.

Benefits for student Participation

Our Pharmaceutical Conferences will provide a huge opportunity to the students all around the world to participate in young Research forum and have a chance to express their research through oral presentation. The best presentation will be honored with the cash reward on the venue


Conference Series Pharmaceutical Conferences are excellent place to network with potential buyers and client to build your relationship. Our Conferences are an opportunity to notify and inform all attendees from manufacturers to buyers and common public about the benefits of your products and services, which in turn will bring you an immediate feedback about your products.


We bring Pharmaceutical Conferences Business-to-business (B2B) meetings of the companies within the corporate sector, providing a common platform to meet their counterparts and future and prospective partners. It encourages members from industries towards global partnership. B2B Meetings may bring up a context of communication and collaboration between industries.

Scientific Partnering

We have an enhanced and highlighted feature of scientific partnerships. We serve as an important medium to link with scientists/researchers, academicians and other researchers all around the world.

Global Networking is a new concept of sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and benchmarking opportunity with the power of networking beyond the barriers. Conference Series  presents you with an unmatched opportunity for Global Networking in their academic conferences, symposia, workshops and International meetings.


Conference Series provides a platform for the young researchers to publish their abstract in our academic conferences proceedings, where all accepted abstracts for the academic conferences will be published in our supporting journal of respective conference. All the abstracts will get DOI number which will serve as a great opportunity for the young researchers.


In today’s business environment, hospitality is an elementary part of building and maintaining client relations. Conference Series helps to simplify the needs of the people with so many options to choose, it is therefore vital that the people booking hospitality understand the differences between official and unofficial providers.

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