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Belgium Demography:

Belgium is one of the most urbanized and densely populated regions of the world. Belgian women outnumber than men. North of the country is densely populated compared to the rest of the country. More than half of the population is between the ages 18-64. Fertility rate is 1.74 per woman.

Belgium Culture:

Belgium is an amalgamation of diversified cultures typically influenced by three predominant cultures; the Dutch in North-Flanders, French in South-Wallonia, and Germans in Northeast. Family is of paramount importance to Belgians and extended family network can be seen as they remain in towns they raised. Catholicism is predominant religious faith.

Belgium Attractions :

Belgium is a small country packed with plethora of attractions. The major Attractions are :

1. Belfry in Bruges:

The most prominent monument of Belgium is the medieval Belfry bell tower of Bruges; built in brabantine gothic style with 47 Belgian carillon bells, offers breath-taking views.

2. Cathedral of Saint Bavo in Ghent :

One of the most iconic towers of Ghent is Saint Bravo’s Cathedral, a blend of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architectural styles; known for its remarkable collection of old-sculptures, religious antiquities and paintings such as Ghent Altarpiece, considered as greatest artistic masterpiece of Belgium.

3. The Battlefields of Flanders :

The battlefields of Flanders bear the testimony to the First World War and sites such as Tyne Cot British Cemetery and Langemark’s German War Cemetery remind us how fiercely war was fought.

4. Ghent's Gravensteen :

Gravensteen is one of the top seven monuments of Ghent lends its inspiration to the art of castle building in Syria.

5. Meuse Valley :

The Meuse River Valley located in the Southern Belgium provides a peek into scenic country side, and its L-shaped course through Belgium offers impressive views of châteaux and abbeys, and dense forests

Belgium Entertainment:

Belgium offers entertainment that is unmatched to the rest of Europe. With wide range of Michelin Star restaurants to choose from, the country is also a host to prominent film and jazz music festivals. Belgium also has a reputation for contributing immensely to the comic strip world. Casinos are present throughout the country, there are plenty of opportunities for confectionary tours for the chocolate lovers, beer festivals with more than 400 varieties of beers to try, and amusement and theme parks to explore. One can get a glimpse of many historical sites and scenic views on a modern cruise and country attractions.

Belgium Cusine :

Belgian cuisine is a beautiful blend of French artistry and German lavishness. The connoisseurs of good food can take heart full collection of 165 types of cheeses and 400 varieties of beer. The Belgian dishes include lots of cream and butter; Belgium waffles; Belgian chocolates offer quite a gastronomic experience.

Belgium Economy:

The Northern Belgium economy depends on trade and textile manufacturing fares betters than that of the southern Belgium. Only 3% of the Belgian population involves in the farming production (intensive). Iron and Steel production has its prominent role and more than half of nuclear energy is produced. Belgium is world’s diamond capital. Roughly three-quarters of Belgium's trade is with other EU countries, and has benefited from German proximity.