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Surgery is the technology consists of physical intervention on muscles and tissue. The surgical procedure is considered when it involves in cutting a patients tissue or closure of previously sustained wound. Surgery is categorized as urgency, degree of invasiveness and type of procedure, type of invasive procedure and special instrumentation. In surgery Anesthesia plays a vital role. Elective surgeries are for a non life threatening condition. Emergency Surgeries must be done promptly to save life, limbs and other organs. Semi elective surgery is that to avoid permanent disability or death, but can be postponed for a short time.

Cosmetic Surgery , Reconstructive surgery,Plastic surgery, Transplantation,Lapratomy, Vascular Surgery,Orthopedic Surgery, Head Neck Surgery,Podiatry, Ear, Nose andThroat Disorders. In the surgical procedures Biomechanics Implants are crucial. The related surgical multidisciplinary journals published and research is conducted mostly in USA. In Surgical procedures tools such as cutting instruments, suturing and stapling material falls under noninvasive surgery.


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Surgery Conferences 2018

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Conference series includes effective keynote lectures from Medical and Health Care professionals and serve as a platform between Clinicians, Surgeons and Scientists, Researchers, Academia, Industry, Regulators to come together to discuss the new environment for health care challenges and the opportunities” in the Surgery Meetings.

Conference series provides infinite scope for associations by assembling academicians from well-known universities and top level industrialists from business groups to network on a same platform creating a channel for mutual associations and partnerships. Surgery Conferences are a major avenue for young and talented researchers, entrepreneurs to advance their prospects by interacting with distinguished scientific professionals across the globe.

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Conference Title: 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery

Dates: June 21-23 | 2018

Venue: Dublin | Ireland

Short Name: Surgery 2018

Theme: Advancements and Endeavours in the Field of Surgery

Accreditation: CME Credits

Conference Highlights:

General Surgery |  Nursing and Surgery |  Micro Surgery |  Colorectal Surgery |  Trauma Surgery |  Transplant Surgery |  Oncology and Surgery |  Bariatric Surgery |  Urology Surgery |  Laparoscopic Surgery |  Gynecology Surgery |  Cardiac Surgery | Surgery Conferences | Eye Surgery |  Laser Surgery |  Hand Surgery |  Craniofacial Surgery |  Vascular Surgery |  Outpatient Surgery |  Pediatric Surgery |  Robotic Surgery

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Conference Title: 9th European Congress on Rheumatology |  Autoimmunity and Orthopedics

Dates: October 16-17 | 2018

Venue: Warsaw | Poland

Short Name: Rheumatology 2018

Theme: Expanding the horizons with new Methodologies in Rheumatology and Orthopedic diseases

Conference Highlights:

Rheumatology |   Soft tissue rheumatic disorders |  Orthopedic biomechanic research |  Rheumatoid Arthritis |  Arthritis |  Lupus |  Diagnosis for Rheumatic Disorders |  Rheumatic diseases and Treatment |  Medical Instruments |  Musculoskeletal Disorders | Orthopaedic Meetings 2018 | Autoimmunity |  Rheumatology Emergencies |  Pediatric Rheumatology |  Autoinflammatory Diseases |  Chronic Pain and Relief |  Physiotherapy |  Sports Medicine |  Osteoarthritis |  Advances in Pain management |  Orthopedic Trauma |  Organ forming and 3 D printing

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