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Global Workshops and Symposia’s

Upcoming Global Workshops and Symposia’s schedule at ConferenceSeries Conferences.

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Microbiology

Biology of Myxobacteria – An Underestimated Group of Antibiotic Producing Bacteria
Joachim Wink, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), Germany

The Manufacturing Microbiome
Willy Verstraete, Ghent University, Belgium

Cellulose, cellulosomes and biofuels
Edward A Bayer, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Career Development Workshop for Young Researcher’s
Diogo Neves Proença, University of Aviero, Portugal, ASM young ambassador, Portugal

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Cell Science, Stem Cell Research and Genetics

Stem Cell Medical Engineering
James L. Sherley, The Adult Stem Cell Technology Centre LLC, USA

From the immunomodulatory  characteristics of placenta-derived mesenchymal stromal cells to their  therapeutical use
Ornella Parolini, President, IPLASS

Stem Cells in Glomerular Repair: Present Status, Challenges, and Future Expectations
Guillermo A Herrera Louisiana State University, USA

“Understanding the effects of Steroid Hormone Exposure on Regulation of p53 and Bcl-2 gene expression”
Teresa S Wiley, Wiley Compounding Systems, New Mexico, USA

Workshop on Epigenetics of Cell Fate, Differentiation and Cancer
Amal J. Johnston, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Workshop Noncoding RNA and DNA Issues
Jeffery Zheng, Yunnan University, China

International symposia’s and Workshops on Vaccines and Immunotherapy

Exclusive session on Anti-cancer vaccines & hot breakthoughs
Marek Malecki, Phoenix Biomolecular Engineering Foundation, USA 
& Nikolai Petrovsky, Flinders University, Australia

Workshop on Investigator prospective on vaccine studies protocol development and execution
William B. Smith, FACC, (VRG and NOCCR), USA

Workshop on Immune prevention of cancer with potential prophylactic vaccines
By Michael G. Hanna, Vaccinogen Inc., USA

International Workshop on “Cancer treatment and Phytotheraphy
Garry Stoner, University of Wisconsin, USA

International Workshop on “Phenolics and Cancer
Ozlem Tokusoglu, Celal Bayer University, Turkey

Mindfulness: An effective way to enhance Resilience
AA Pawar, INHS Asvini Hospital, India & JK Panda

International Symposia’s and Workshops in Aqua culture, Food Industries.

Food Safety in the Management of Food Sensitivities: Differentiating Allergies from Intolerances
Carla Vartanian, American Overseas Dietetic Association, Lebanon

Workshop on “Diagnostic approach to abortion in domestic species”
Fred Williams III, University of Missouri, USA

Workshop on “Improving the health status of the animal to enhance the quality of milk
Francesco Napolitano and Cinzia Marchitelli, Animal Production Research Centre, Italy

Special Session on “Risk of exposure of grazing animals to toxic alkaloids produced by fungal endophytes
Glen E Aiken, USDA-ARS Forage Animal Production Research Unit, USA

Symposium on “Constructing schematic eye: Requirements, steps and the obtained clinical values. A camel-eye model”
Omar El-Tookhy, Cairo University,  Egypt

Workshop on “Aquaculture Finance & Derivatives”
Christian Oliver Ewald, University of Glasgow, UK

International Workshop on “The invasive pacific oyster, a blessing for commercial harvesting and sea ranching, or a threat to society?
Torjan Bodvin, Institute of Marine Research, Norway

International Workshop on "Packaging innovation in the context of circular economy"
Nathalie Gontard, INRA (National Institute for Agronomical Research), France

International Workshop on “Chemical Migration and Food Contact Materials”
Proestos Charalampos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Special session on Supplementation and Conservation Hatchery a Sustainable Approach to Rejuvenate Native Fish Fauna
Nihar Chatterjee, West Bengal University of Animal & Fisheries Science, India

Symposium on “Date Palm Processing – Challenges and Future Trends”
Sami Ghnimi, United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Symposium on Uniqueness of Camel milk “The White Treasure”
Isameldin Bashir Hashem, United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Symposium on “Bacteriophage – based Biocontrol for Healthier Foods
Alexander Sulakvelidze, Intralytix Inc., USA

Symposium on “Food safety, security and sustainability: The 21st century Challenge
Malcolm Elliott, The Norman Borlaug Institute for Global Food Security, UK

Symposium on Illusions, misperceptions and false food preferences caused by the brain
Michael O’Mahony, University of California, USA

Workshop on “Folic acid (B9) fortification strategies by innovative microencapsulation
Ozlem Tokusoglu, Celal Bayar University, Turkey

Workshop on “Cereal dietary fibre perspectives on sustainable food and nutrition”
Mirjana Menkovska, Sts. Cyril and Methodius University, Macedonia

Symposium on “Real time detection of bacteria for improved decontamination for the food industry”
Ian Watson, University of Glasgow, UK

International symposia’s and Workshops on Nanotechnology

NT4W– Nanotechnology for contamination detection, remediation and water purification
Ashok Vaseashta, Claflin University, USA

New understandings on the physical and mechanical properties of materials using computational and experimental nanotechnology
S Joseph Antony, University of Leeds, UK

Workshop on Smart Materials
Ajay Kumar Mishra, University of South Africa

Workshop on Electronic structure of Carbon Nanomaterials
Jan Smotlacha, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia

Workshop on “Spectroscopy in Archealogy
Surya Harikrishnan, Manipal University, India

Specialized materials for intensified and continuous cell culture
William G Whitford, GE Healthcare Life Sciences Cell Culture, USA

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Hepatitis and Hepatic Oncology

International Symposium on “New tools of screening viral hepatitis in real life: the French model of care
Andre Jean Remy, Perpignan Hospital, France

International Workshop on “The micro-cirrhosis microenvironment and hepato-carcinogenesis
Sen -Yung Hsieh, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

International Symposium on “HCC risk factors synergism in Egypt and how to prevent?”
Ehab Abd-El-Atty, Menoufia University, Egypt

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Novel Physiotherapies
Manual therapy for mechanical low back pain: Unraveling the mechanical enigma
Umasankar Mohanty, Manual Therapy Foundation of India

Body equilibrium device for physical rehabilitation
Silverio Di Rocca, M P R International School, Switzerland

Yoga for Wellness
Maruti Ram Gudavalli, Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research, USA

Adapted reflex therapy in spinal pain
Gunnel A L Berry, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Manchester, UK

International Symposia’s and Workshop’s on Ophthalmology

Everything you need to know about selective laser trabeculoplasty in Chinese
Jimmy S. M. LAI, The University of Hong Kong

Congenital Cataract Surgery
Michael O' Keefe, Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Ophthalmology 3D: Retina Towards the Cornea
Hudson Nakamura, Eye Bank Foundation of Goias, Brazil

Molecular mechanisms involved in ocular tumours and strategies for targeted therapeutic Intervention
Arpitha Parthasarathy, US Medical Innovations, USA

Telemedicine In Ophthalmology
Albert S Khouri, Rutgers University, USA

Tele-Ophthalmology and Tele-Eye Screenings
K Yogesan, Australian E-Health Research Centre, Australia

New perspectives in non-invasive keratoconus treatment: Improve vision through cornea reshaping
Miguel Rechichi, Magna Graecia University, Italy

Customising surgical glaucoma treatment to the patient and their disease
Atul Bansal, University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire, UK

New drug development in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
Current and future trends - Vivek Lal, King Faisal University, KSA

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Engineering and OMICS

Workshop on Advanced Design of Welded Structures Introduction to new design methods and IIW recommendations

Zuheir Barsoum, Khalifa University, UAE

Web-based Analytical Tool “MSS-Sunergo” for Bridging Research and Development Concepts
 Alex V Vasenkov, Multiscale Solutions, USA

Data Mining and Geo - Engineering
Luis Sousa, University of Porto, Portugal

Workshop on “Rcircle: A gene-oriented R package for integrating multiple ‘-omics’ data to prioritize disease related hub genes and network”
Xing Li, Mayo Clinic, USA

Workshop on “Advanced statistical analysis using SPSS”
Abdelsalam G Abdelsalam, Qatar University, Qatar

Workshop on “Choice of agreement in medical imaging: Inter-rater, intra-rater reliability index or receiver operating curve or any other index to rely on”
Altaf H Khan, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Saudi Arabia

Workshop on “how to do meta-analysis right?”
Ken Williams, KenAnCo Biostatistics, University of Texas, USA

Symposium on International Energy Security - Energy Co-Operation, Energy Governance and Geopolitics of Energy
(Munir) A F M Maniruzzaman, University of Portsmouth, UK

Workshop on Salt Diapirs
Khalil Sarkarinejad, Shiraz University, Iran

One-Day Workshop on Heavy Oil
M. R. Riazi; Professor and the chairman of chemical engineering:
Kuwait University, Kuwait

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Immunology, Hematology, HIV/AIDS, and Parasitology

Special session on Avoiding Burn out in the Healthcare Industry
Daniel Bauer, Successor to the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini, USA

International Workshop on recovering self esteem and fighting the prejudice of HIV / AIDS – A Brazilian experience
Charbell Miguel Haddad Kury, Fluminense Federal University, Brazil

International Symposium on "Tropical Blood Disorders" 
Erhabor Osaro, Usmanu Danfodio University, Nigeria

Special session on "New Drug development in Hematology
Knox Van Dyke, West Virginia University, USA

Special session on “Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: Disease Pathogenesis, Laboratory Monitoring, and Current Treatment Strategies”
Jay S. Raval, University of North Carolina, USA

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Oncology, Cancer and Toxicology

Human safety of free Hydroquinone derived from herbal medicinal products containing Uvaeursi folium
Susana Garcia de Arriba, Schaper & Brümmer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Genotoxicity: Basic aspects and most commonly worldwide employed and validated invitro assays
Leon F Stankowski, Genetic Toxicology Association, USA

Genotoxicity: Basic aspects and most commonly worldwide employed and validated invivo assays
Rohan Kulkarni, BioReliance, USA

Genotoxicity in non-traditional animal models
Marcelo L Larramendy, National University of La Plata, Argentina

Genetic toxicity screening assays
Kamala Pant, Bio Reliance, USA

Genotoxicity and Industry: Utilizing genetic toxicity assays to support pharmaceutical development
Daniel J Roberts, Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA

Natural antimutagens
Marcela Rizzotto, Rosario National University, Argentina

Molecular mechanisms of prostate cancer progression
Lucia Languino, Thomas Jefferson University, USA

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Nuclear Medicine

International Pre-Conference workshop on Intraoperative delivery of Cell Killing Radiation — New approaches using Nuclides, Photodynamic Therapy, Photons
 Michael Friebe, Institute for Medical Systems, Otto von Guericke University, Germany

International Symposia’s and Workshops on Environmental studies and Oceanography

International symposia on Wave transformation in the coastal zone
Yury Stepanyants, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

International Workshop on Special and sensitive marine areas
Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Pre-conference workshop on Contemporary problems of physical oceanography & marine biology
Yury Stepanyants, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Pre-Conference workshop on “The relevance of DNA barcoding in Biodiversity and Conservation Studies in Enugu State”                  
Chioma Nwakanma, Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria

International Symposia on “Forensic Engineering 2016” 
David Lamagna, American Forensic Technologies LLC, USA

Special Session on “The Importance of Proper Change Management
Peter D Smith, Vice President, Parexel International, USA

International Workshop on “How to Prevent outbreaks in Endemic countries?
Ravi Kumar Tummalacharla, CEO-Clean rooms Containments, India

International Symposia on “Complex Cyclic Oligopeptides: Synthesis and Biological Properties
Rajiv Dahiya, Globus College of Pharmacy, India


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