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Agriculture is the science and practice of farming, cultivating the soil for growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide primarily needs like food, clothes and shelter as well as other products. The agriculture conference aims to provide a common platform to people from different disciplines of agriculture starting from agricultural engineering, agri- machinery, agricultural technology, plant science to agri-business as well as marketing of agri-products. Agriculture conference has the sole motto to aggregate academicians, researchers, scientists and people from agri-business sector to share their knowledge and educate people who are willing to do excellent for future trend in agriculture. 

Food Technology is a discipline of food science. More appropriately it is a multidisciplinary subject including food engineering, food manufacturing, food processing, food packaging, and food preservation. The food technologists study the chemical, physical and microbiological makeup of the food. The food technology conference aspire to converge the big names around the globe to come down to a common place, share a common podium and extend their knowledge among future researchers, entrepreneurs as well as the farmers who devote their labor and time to provide food to the entire world. Food conference also provides a premium interdisciplinary platform to build up a network from the grass root to the apical top among the people allied to food science.

Aquaculture is an exploration, improvement and management of all freshwater and marine food resources. It is mainly farming of aquatic organisms, which includes finfish, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic plants for human consumption. Aquaculture, probably the fastest growing food-producing sector, now accounts for nearly 50 percent of the world's food fish. The need to exchange reliable information on all issues related to aquaculture science necessities the function aquaculture conference. The sole purpose of hosting aquaculture conferences is to offer a universal exposure to the hard work and intensive research engaged by scientists, researchers, academicians and their students.  These aqua conferences also engage giants from the aquaculture industry to adapt the new findings and technologies which are the result of years of passionate efforts.



Upcoming Agri, Food & Aqua Conferences

Agri, Food & Aqua Conferences 2018

Previous Agri, Food & Aqua Conferences

Agri, Food & Aqua Conferences 2017

16th Euro-Global Summit on Food and Beverages

Amsterdam, Netherlands

8th World Congress on Agriculture & Horticulture

Amsterdam, Netherlands

5th Euro-Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries

Madrid, Spain

17th International Conference on Food & Nutrition

Las Vegas, USA

6th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries

Osaka, Japan

6th International Conference on Food Safety & Regulatory Measures

Milan, Italy

2nd International Conference on Food Security and Sustainability

San Diego, USA

2nd International Conference on Plant Science & Physiology

Bangkok, Thailand

2nd International Conference on Food Chemistry & Nutrition

Vancouver, Canada

3rd Global Summit on Plant Science

Rome, Italy

7th International Veterinary Congress

Paris, France

8th International Conference on Fisheries & Aquaculture

Toronto, Canada

18th Global Summit on Food & Beverages

Chicago, USA

10th International Conference on Agriculture & Horticulture

London, UK

7th International Conference on Aquaculture & Fisheries

Rome, Italy

8th International Conference on Animal Health & Veterinary Medicine

Toronto, Canada

19th International Conference on Food Processing & Technology

Paris, France

20th Global Summit on Food Processing, Safety & Technology

Las Vegas, USA

7th European Food Safety & Standards Conference

Athens, Greece

Agri, Food & Aqua Conferences 2016

Reinventing The Food and Beverage Industry

New Orleans, USA

2nd International Conference on Food Safety and Regulatory Measures

London, UK

International Conference on Plant Physiology & Pathology

Dallas, USA

2nd International Conference on Food and Beverage Packaging

Rome, Italy

5th International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture

Cape Town, South Africa

9th Euro-Global Summit & Expo on Food & Beverages

Cologne, Germany

2nd Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries

Kualalumpur, Malaysia

International Conference on Food Microbiology

Birmingham, UK

International Conference on Food Chemistry and Hydrocolloids

Toronto, USA

Global Food Security and Sustainability Conference

Beijing, China

11th Global Summit on Food & Beverages

Las Vegas, USA

3rd International Conference on Aquaculture & Fisheries

London, UK

2nd Global Summit on Plant Science

London, UK

7th Global Summit on Agriculture & Horticulture

Kualalumpur, Malaysia

3rd European Food Safety and Standards Conference

Valencia, Spain

15th International Conference on Food Processing & Technology

Rome, Italy

14th Food Engineering Conference

Melbourne, Australia

4th International Conference on Fisheries & Aquaculture

San Antonio, USA

5th International Conference on Global Food Safety

San Antonio, USA

4th International Food Safety, Quality & Policy Conference

Dubai, UAE

10th Global Summit on Food Processing & Technology

San Antonio, USA

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Aquaculture Conferences

Aquaculture Conferences | Fisheries Conferences Aquaculture Conferences 2018

To the benefactors over the globe, we welcome you to Fisheries Conference Series head 10th Euro-Global Summit on Aquaculture and     Fisheries to be held amid March 05-06, 2018 at Paris, France.  World Aquaculture Conference is the head occasion that unites a remarkable and International blend of specialists, similar to aquaculture architects, analysts and chiefs both from the scholarly community and industry over the globe to trade their insight, experience and research developments to its reality aquaculture developments.

Conference Highlights: Aquatic Physiology| Aquaponics | Sustainable Aquaculture | Salmon Aquaculture| Oyster Aquaculture | Scallop Aquaculture | Fishing Technology | Recirculating Aquaculture Systems| Maritime Policy & Management ( MPM ) | Fisheries & Livestock Production | Cryobiology | Aquaculture Conferences 2018 | Ocean Harvesting | Fish genetics and Breeding science | Fish Nutrition

Horticulture Conferences

Agriculture Conferences | Plant Biotechnology Conferences | Agriculture Conferences 2018 

Agriculture Conference will be scheduled during March 5-7, 2018 at Paris, France focusing on the theme “Innovations and Advancements in Plant & Agricultural Research”. The meeting aims to accelerate scientific discoveries and major milestones in the current situation, challenges and innovations relating to Plant Science & Agricultural Sciences and also its relevant areas.

Conference Highlights: Sustainable Agriculture | Agronomy | Crop Sciences | Agricultural biotechnology | Seed science | Soil Sciences | Agriculture Meetings | Rice and Wheat research | Bioenergy | Fertilizers and Pesticides | Organic Farming | Food and Nutrients | Weed Science | Plant Pathology | Plant Biotechnology | Soil Sciences

Food and Beverage Conferences

Food Conferences | Food Technology Conferences | Food & Beverage Conferences | Food Science Conferences 2018

From 8th -10th March 2018, EURO FOOD will host a series of targeted thought provoking sessions, addressed to all professionals involved in the research work, production, processing, preservation, packaging, manufacturing and retail of Food & Beverages at Berlin, Germany.

Conference Highlights:Food Nutrition | Food Processing | Food Waste Management Techniques |Food Technology Conferences | Food Safety and Hygiene| Hotel Management | Advancement in Food and Beverage Sector | Food and Beverage Meetings | Food Microbial Quality | Health and Nutrition | Food and Beverage Conferences | European Beverage Sector | Food and Beverage Plant Evaluation | Nutraceutical Conferences | Beverage Services

Food Safety Summit

Food Safety Conferences | International Food Safety Conferences Food Conferences 

Food Safety  brings up the conditions and practices that preserve the quality of food to prevent contamination from food-borne diseases. The main theme of this conference is “Healthier the Food, Merrier the World”. Duty for food safety is shared to everyone involved with food from production to consumption, including growers, processors, regulators, distributors, retailers and consumers.

Conference Highlights:Food Allergies and Intolerance | Foodomics Approaches in Food Safety | Food Preservation and Quality Standard | Food Safety Congress 2018 | Food Borne Diseases and Its Prevention | Food Hazards and HACCP | Food Safety Operations in Food Processing, Handling and Distribution | Food Safety | Food and Nutrition Conferences | Food Safety Laws and Regulations | Microbiological and Chemical Aspects of Food Safety | Risk Analysis and Management | Food Contamination and Chemical Toxicology | Food Safety Surveillance System | Food Security and Sustainability Conference

Food & Beverage Packaging Conferences

Food Packaging Conferences | Food Technology Conferences | Food Safety Conferences | Innovations in Food Processing and Packaging

We feel elated in welcoming you all from around the different part of the world for our upcoming Food Packaging Conference. The conference will revolve around the topic of Food and beverage packaging and will be held in Rome, Italy on July 16-18, 2017. Food packaging deals with the study of packaging for food which provides protection against physical, chemical, or biological damage. The theme of the conference is Food and Beverage Packaging – Making Life Healthier.

Conference Highlights:Food Process Engineering | Sensing Technology | Food and Beverage Packaging | Food Chemistry | Food Safety and Quality | | Environmental Impact | Nanotechnology | Robotics Food Packaging | Material Science & Technology | Food Package Testing | Food Adulteration | Food Summit | Advances in Packaging | Food and Beverage Marketing | Packaging Methods for Processed Foods | Food Packaging & Microbial Activity

Plant Science Conferences

Plant Science Conferences | Plant Biology Conferences  | Plant Biotechnology Conferences | Plant Physiology Conference 2018

Plant Science conference provides the platform for all the plant biologist with emphasis in the broad areas of breeding, plant biotechnology, biochemistry (including enzymology), physiology, cell biology, development, genetics, functional plant breeding, systems biology and the interaction of plants with the environment. Plant Science ties to the environment and career opportunities for the young research students.

Conference Highlights: Plant Morphology |  Plant MetabolismSoil science  |  Soil-Plant nutrition | Agricultural SciencePlant Ecology |  Diversity | Horticulture |  LandscapingSeed Science | TechnologyPlant Synthetic BiologyPlant Science |  Natural ProductsPlant Biodiversity |  Plant conservation | Forest Science |  Technology | Photosynthesis | upcoming Plant Science conferencesPlant Science |  Natural ProductsPlant Biodiversity |  Plant conservation | Forest Science |  Technology | Photosynthesis | Plant Science conferences  | Plant Tissue Culture | Plant Biotechnology | Plant Genomics Science  | Plant Genetics epigenetics | Plant Breeding | Molecular Breeding |  Plant Pathology | Plant-Microbe BiologyPlant Nanotechnology |  Medicinal Plants | Aromatic Plant SciencesPlant Physiology |  Biochemistry

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