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Ophthalmology is a stream of medicine dealing with eye and visual system. Ophthalmology completely relates to both internal visual system and external  parts such eye ball, eye lid, eye lashes and tear formation.Treatments include right from  external eye care to using medical ,surgical and rehabilitate methods to treat various eye related problems. Many specialists such as  Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Vision Specialists working on various aspects to eradicate blindness. To have blind free world, it is very important for the clinicians and researchers to meet and discuss about the various aspects to bring research into clinical practice. Also certain diagnosis concerns can be dealt  with finding novel solution through research. Ophthalmology conferences are being conducted to bring the researchers and clinicians together and have a beneficial discussion and make the world blind free.  

Due to the increasing incidence and prevalence of eye related disorders such as presbyopia, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy among the aging population and low awareness about the ophthalmic disorders, especially in developing countries. This is primarily due to the lack of awareness amongst rural population about the various ophthalmic disorders such as cataract. Hence there is a huge need and demand of eye care professionals to deal with eye ailments and diseases. According to a study it is estimated that around 48% of world population is blind because of cataract and more than 60 million people suffer from glaucoma and it is estimated that the number would rise to 80 million by the end of 2020. Ageing population is the leading cause for refractive error problem in countries like the USA and Europe, it is noticed that the refractive error problem is mostly seen in population ageing more than 40 years.

Having the research into clinical practice would be a great boon in the field of Ophthalmology. Working on this aspect various conferences being organized such as  Ophthalmology Summit | Pediatric Ophthalmology| Cataract and Eye Care | Optometry | VisionScience | Ophthalmology | Ophthalmology Congress

Conference Series Ltd is conducting various ophthalmology conferences held in different geographical location to create the ease in participating and sharing the knowledge in a most affordable and convenient platform to the ophthalmologists, researchers, academia, students and industrial delegates.


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Ophthalmology Conferences 2018

19th Global Ophthalmology Summit

Berlin, Germany

3rd Global Pediatric Ophthalmology Congress

London, UK

International Conference on Clinical Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic Surgery

Osaka, Japan

International Conference on Ophthalmic Surgery

Osaka, Japan

2nd International Conference and Expo on Advanced Eye Care and Cataract

Rome, Italy

3rd International Conference on Ophthalmology

Bangkok, Thailand

International Conference on Cataract & Refractive Surgery

Osaka, Japan

20th International Congress on Vision Science and Eye

Zurich, Switzerland

World Eye and Vision Congress

Dubai, UAE

European Conference on Optometry and Vision Science

Stockholm, Sweden

17thAsia Pacific Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting

Tokyo, Japan

18th World Conference on Optometry and Photo Refractive Keratectomy

Dallas, USA

17th International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Moscow, Russia

World Congress on Clinical, Pediatric and Neuro Ophthalmology

Osaka, Japan

3rd International Conference and Expo on Optometry & Vision Science

Edinburgh, Scotland

International Conference on Eye and Vision

Columbus, USA

19th Global Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting

Tokyo, Japan

27th European Ophthalmology Congress

Dublin, Ireland

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Conference Title:  International Conference on Ophthalmic Surgery

Ophthalmology Conferences | Cataract events | Ophthalmic surgery events | Pediatric Ophthalmology | Neuro-Ophthalmology Techniques | Oculoplastic Conferences.

Dates: May 24-25 | 2018

Venue: Osaka, Japan

Short Name: Ophthalmic Surgery 2018

Theme: Exploring the possibilities in Ophthalmic Surgery

Accreditation:  CPD

Conference Manager: (Amelia Jackson)

Contact E: [email protected]

Contact T: 1-6058894686-6092

Conference HighlightsOphthalmology Ophthalmic Surgery  Ophthalmic Surgery conferences 2018 Asia  Ophthalmic Surgery conferences 2018 Osaka  Ophthalmic Surgery conferences 2018 Japan Types of ophthalmic Surgery  |  Oculoplasty Refractive Eye Surgery  |Common Ophthalmic Disorders  Pediatric Ophthalmology  Ocular Oncology  Intraocular Melanoma  Neuro-ophthalmology Nano-ophthalmology Ophthalmic Surgery Practice |  Ophthalmology diagnostic tools  | Benefits of Ophthalmic Surgery Surgery in general

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Conference Title: 3rd International conference on Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology Conferences Optometry Conferences Vision Science Conference Eye Meetings

Dates: July 10-11 | 2018

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Short Name: World Ophthalmology 2018

Theme: Enhancing the Quality and Credibility of Ophthalmology

Accreditation:  CPD

Conference Manager: Rosemary Edghill

Contact E: [email protected]  ; [email protected]

Contact T: +1 6058894686-6092, 1 6058894686

Conference Highlights:  Optometry and Vision ScienceRetina World CongressGlobal Ophthalmology SummitClinical and Surgical Ophthalmology| Optometry Conferences | CPD Conferences | Osaka | Japan | Asia Pacific | Global Events | Europe | USA |Ophthalmology Disorders |Pediatric Ophthalmology |Glaucoma |Neuro Ophthalmology| Ophthalmology Research and Novel Approaches| Eye Surgery| Optometry and Vision Science| Ophthalmology Practice| Cataract and Refractive Surgery| Macular DegenerationKeratoprosthesis| Cataract and Refractive Surgery| Visual Impairment | Laser eye surgery| Canaloplasty| Vitreo-retinal surgery| Eye muscle surgery| Oculoplastic surgery| Eyelid surgery| Orbital surgery| Ocular Oncology.

Target Audience: We welcome all Ophthalmologic specialists| Ophthalmology Physicians | Eye doctors | Optometrists| Professors | Students | Researchers | CEOs | Business Delegates.

Conference Title: 17th Asia Pacific Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting

Ophthalmology ConferencesOphthalmology Events | Ophthalmology Meetings | Upcoming Ophthalmology Meetings 

Dates: September 17-18 | 2018

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

Short Name: Ophthalmology Conference 2018

Theme: Visualizing the global advancements in Ophthalmology and Optometry

Accreditation:  | CPD |

Conference Manager: (Cristiana Rose)

Contact E: [email protected]

Contact T: +1-650-889-4686 Ext: 6092

Conference HighlightsClinical Ophthalmology Ophthalmology ConferencesPediatric Ophthalmology  | Ophthalmology conferences 2018 Asia | Ophthalmology conferences 2018 JapanNeuro Ophthalmology | Surgical Ophthalmology Glaucoma and OrthokeratologyRetinal and eye disordersCataract and Refractive surgery Cornea and Corneal diseases | Oculoplastic Surgery and Diabetic Retinopathy Ocular Microbiology and Oncology | Ocular Biomechanics |Traditional/Herbal/ Ayurvedic Medicine in Ophthalmology  | Nano OphthalmologyVision screening | Ophthalmology and Optometry meeting  Optometrists career, training and education | Ophthalmic research and Drug delivery  | Ophthalmology Business/ Practice

Target Audience: We welcome Ophthalmologists| Optometrists | Ophthalmology Researchers | Doctors | Physicians | Consultants | Industrialists | Students.

Conference Title: 18th Global Ophthalmology, Optometry and Glaucoma Conference

Eye Conferences | Vision Congress | Ophthalmology Events | Optometry Meetings | Glaucoma Conferences

Dates: October 18-19, 2018

Venue:  Helsinki | Finland

Short Name:  Glaucoma 2018

Theme: The Science of Eye

Conference Manager: Angelina Gonzalez

Contact E: [email protected]

Contact T: +1-702-508-5200 (8122)

Ophthalmology Conferences is pleased to invite you in "18th Global Ophthalmology, Optometry and Glaucoma Conference" during Oct 18-19, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland with the theme “The Science of Eye” in collaboration with European VitreoRetinal Society, Canadian Ophthalmological Society and Academia Ophthalmologica Belgica to exchange your valuable works and ideas by bridging the gaps between the intellectuals from across the globe on ongoing developmental work in ophthalmology.

Conference Highlights: Current Research Trends in Ophthalmology, Optometry and Glaucoma | Retina, Cornea and Eye Disorders | Ocular Microbiology, Immunology and Oncology | Clinical Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic Surgery | Pediatric Ophthalmology and Neuro Ophthalmology | Ophthalmic Imaging and Instruments | Novel Approaches for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery | Optometry and Eye Care | Cataract and Refractive Surgery | Glaucoma and Vision Disorders | Treatments and Medications of Glaucoma | Traditional/Herbal Therapeutics in Ophthalmology

Target Audience: Oculists and Opticians | Ophthalmologists and Optometrists | Doctors and Professors | Eminent Researchers and Scholars | Schools and Students of Medicine | Ophthalmology Associates and Societies | Business Entrepreneurs | Vision Research Labs | Software developing companies | Pharmaceutical Industry | Firms producing Medical Devices | Data Management Companies | Industries associated with Ophthalmologic tools

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