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The biobank is outlined as associate organized assortment of the data related to one or additional analysis functions and it's the gathering of human biological materials. It’s the gathering of knowledge regarding the plants, animals, microbes, non-human materials etc. and it conjointly includes regarding human specimens. It stores biological samples that area unit employed in medical analysis therefore it known as bio repository. it's necessary in medical researches like genetics and customized medicines it's since Nineties.
It offers additional knowledge data for the researchers to review and analyze. This data is employed in multiple researchers for multiple functions. The goal of the bio banks is to gather data on the diseases conditions like single ester polymorphism and order wide association studies.
The samples and also the data come back from donors. Donor’s area unit those who voluntarily plan to participate within the biobank. They provide a blood or tissue sample or data regarding themselves for complimentary. Usually, once somebody desires to give tissue or data regarding him or herself to a biobank, it’s as a result of they need an unwellness or condition and that they need to assist researchers World Health Organization area unit craving for new treatments or for a cure for his or her unwellness.
Biobanks raised question on analysis ethics and medical ethics and it conjointly provides refrigerant storage facilities for the samples that ranges from refrigerators to ware homes. Supported purpose or style biobanks area unit classified as
1. Virtual biobanks: assortment of knowledge regarding samples to satisfy national laws.
2. Tissue biobanks: stores human tissue for transplantation and analysis.
3. Population biobanks: stores biomaterials like clinical, environmental knowledge.

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• World Medical Association
• Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences
• Council of Europe
• Human Genome Organization
• World Health Organization
• Global Biobanking, 07-08 May,2014-Copthorne Tara, London, UK
• Biobanking Global Congress 2014 Europe
• 7th Annual Biorepositiries and Sample Management Conference, September 8-10, 2014, Courtyard Boston Downtown, Boston,MA.

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