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Specific Heat

Specific Heat , a measure of the heat required to raise the temperature of a given amount of a substance by one degree. It is best defined as a ratio, usually with water as the reference substance. Since it takes 0.11 times as much heat to raise the temperature of a given mass of iron by one degree as it takes to raise the temperature of an equal mass of water by one degree, iron has a specific heat of 0.11 (by definition, since it is the reference substance, water has a specific heat of 1.00). Like iron, most substances have a specific heat lower than that of water, meaning that less heat is needed to raise their temperature than is needed to raise the temperature of water by the same amount. Most liquids have a specific heat less than half that of water and, in general, the specific heat of solids is lower than that of liquids. Coral reefs, octopi, eels, offshore oil rigs, El Niño, La Niña, the birthplace of life, tasty seafood, even assorted bottom feeders. All these things come to mind when we think of the world’s ocean. Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Goddard Institute for Space Studies have learned to think of the ocean as something else, something that might not occur to the rest of us. The ocean, they say, is Earth’s “biggest heat bucket.” And like a bucket placed under an overflowing sink, the ocean is filling up with the heat that increasing levels of greenhouse gases are preventing from escaping to space. By comparing computer simulations of Earth’s climate with millions of measurements of ocean heat content collected by satellites and in-the-water sensors, a team of climatologists and oceanographers has provided what leading NASA climate scientist James Hansen calls the “smoking gun” of human-caused global climate change: a prediction of Earth’s energy imbalance that closely matches real-world observations. The specific heat of water is 1 calorie/gram °C = 4.186 joule/gram °C which is higher than any other common substance. As a result, water plays a very important role in temperature regulation. The specific heat per gram for water is much higher than that for a metal, as described in the water-metal example. For most purposes, it is more meaningful to compare the molar specific heats of substances.
OMICS Group International is an amalgamation of Open Access publications and worldwide international science conferences and events. OMICS Group International unites the work of heading personalities from all over the planet to serve the mankind by making accessibility ever available worldwide through imparting learning with its Open Access Journals and Scientific Events. Open Access Journals utilizes the force of website to make learning accessible comprehensively with a single click away. OMICS Group International have united to make the biggest assembling of the deductive analysts neighborhood on the planet, with involved finesse in leading occasions and business sessions, for example International conferences, World Congress, Symposia and Workshops which helps you to change your business by carrying you eye to eye with the experts in the Materials science research area. Since 2010, OMICS Group International Conferences are included to furnish a momentous stage, for the incredibly famous researchers, scientists, understudies, academicians from organizations, and likewise the business people from businesses Conferences and universal occasions yearly all as far and wide as possible to raise and empower the improvements and concentrate on the exploration viewpoints. OMICS Group holds the notoriety of adequately arranging investigative gatherings well whatsoever prime areas over the globe.
OMICS Group Engineering gatherings are a major hub for researchers; investigate researchers and learners from the field of Materials science through holding exploratory meetings all as the year progressed. OMICS Group is glad for having the right framework to have such paramount occasions that are lit with members, for example learners, specialists and savvy people from different orders incorporating medicinal, pharmaceutical and designing calling only for the Materials science divisions. Remarkably illustrative praise presentation, shows, Scientific event, thorough panel discussion and intuitive sessions makes OMICS Group scientific gatherings a regent stage for Global Networking. We are chosen in composing both academic and business occasions incorporating science gatherings, B2B gatherings, Scientific events and International conferences. Our distinction is well known to World Congresses and is overall reflected by the stuff and presentation of our scholastic meetings. Young Scientist Award offers worthwhile incentives to researchers who have shown great potential in their fields of expertise. The Best Poster Awards aim to promote a proud record in respect of the quality and impact of the presentation itself and, in doing so; it anchors to encourage students to aim for the highest professional standards. One of the vital profits of designing meetings lies in trading and assembling the latest developments in these Materials science, offering your work to your associates in examination on carbon nanotubes, and in addition getting their criticism to edify your profession. These meetings are recognized with their exceptionally thought provoking specialized sessions. Keeping in mind the end goal to energize momentum era analysts, we have advanced 'Young Researcher's' gathering to support and explore their research through oral presentation. The best presentations are honored with the distinguishment endorsements at the venue. Highly expressive poster presentation, exhibitions, Scientific events, inclusive of panel discussion and interactive sessions makes conferences a complete platform for Global Networking. Global gathering is an assembling of people with a regular interest or background, with the reasons of permitting them to meet each other and to increase information and talk about issues, thoughts and research work that focus on a point of imparted concerns. Gatherings may be held in spots other than the working environments and neighborhoods of their members, with the intention that the individuals going to can concentrate on the theme within reach without preoccupations. A few gatherings are even held in an alternate region of the nation or the planet. Most Scientific events have some characteristics in as something to be shared. They're frequently intended for individuals who are working together, or working in the same field. They're led by individuals who have true experience in the subject under conversation.

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