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management strategy

Management Strategy is involved in formulation and implementation of the pre-planned goals and initiatives taken by a company’s executive management team based on the consideration of available resources and also with considerable information of both internal and external environment of the market the company is operating in. Management Strategy is used to enable the company’s top leadership to provide overall direction to the enterprise and involves specifying the firm’s objectives, both short-term and long-term, developing policies in order to utilize the available resources to the maximum limit possible to achieve the enterprise’s objectives. The one of the two most important steps of management strategy are formulation which is basically analyzing the internal and external environment of the market the company is operating in, also taking detailed review and analyze the available resources. The other step of management strategy is implementation which is basically utilizing the company resources to their maximum efficiency in order to successfully achieve the company’s both short-term goals and long-term goals. Management Strategy Conference delves deeply into concepts of management strategy like SWOT Analysis, Experience curve, corporate strategy and portfolio theory, Competitive advantage, Industry structure and profitability, Generic competitive strategies, Value chain. Management Strategy Conference will enable the research and development of management strategy discipline to effectively synchronize with the experience of the industrial sector for evolution of the field. Management Strategy Conference will provide an exclusive platform for unhindered flow of information and ideas on management strategy in order to advance the frontiers of the field. Management Strategy Conference is the perfect medium to analyze the various complex topics of business strategy. National Symposiums and Workshops will be instrumental in familiarizing novices like students to assimilate and process necessary basic topics of management strategy like Core competence, Theory of the business, Strategic thinking, Strategic planning, Environmental analysis, Scenario planning, Measuring and controlling implementation. National Symposiums and Workshops will also be highly beneficial to experts of the field like management strategy researchers and experienced industry personnel like CEOs, Vice-Presidents, and COOs etc. More than 100 National Symposiums and Workshops are scheduled to be held around the world with the majority taking place in USA, followed by several management strategy events taking place in UK, Europe over the course of 2015. Some of the major management strategy events are “2nd International Conference on Strategic Management”, “2nd International Conference on Strategic Management in Higher Education”, “3rd International Conference on Competence-Based Management”, “3rd International May Conference on Strategic Management” and many more. Strategic Management Society is non-profit organization which was founded in London in 1981. Now its influence is spread over 1,200 different institutions incorporating 3,000 members and is encompassed over 80 different countries. Strategic Planning Society was founded in 1967 and is dedicated to the improvement and implementation of strategic thinking, strategic planning and strategic leadership. Association for Strategic Planning is a non-profit professional association dedicated to advancing the thought and practice of strategic deployment and strategic leadership. Society for Human Resource Management is world’s largest HR management society which was founded in 1948. Currently it has 275,000 members spread over 160 countries. SHRM has more than 575 affiliated chapters within, USA, Europe, China, India and UAE.

OMICS Group International is a pioneering coalescence of Open Access Journals and International Scientific Conferences. OMICS Group started on its path of knowledge dissemination in the year 2007 and now it is making the information on Science and Technology accessible to all with the help of 400 ‘Open Access Journals’ and almost 300 ‘International Scientific Conferences”. The motto of OMICS Group is “Accelerating Scientific Discovery”. Due to the contribution of OMICS in knowledge propagation; the scientific community, industrial sector, Academic Institutes, etc have benefitted immensely. Relevant Conferences:- 1.Strategic Management Society Special Conference Santiago de Chile (March 19-21, 2015) 2.Strategic Management Society 35th Annual International Conference (October 3-6, 2015) 3.Strategic Management Society Special Conference St. Gallen (May 28 – 30, 2015) 4.2nd International Conference on Strategic Management (October 11-12, 2015) 5.2nd International Conference on Strategic Management in Higher Education (January 13-14, 2015) 6.3rd International Conference on Competence-Based Management (May 27-29, 2015) 7.3rd International May Conference on Strategic Management (May 23-25, 2015) 8.International Conference on Strategy Management and Research (February 26-27, 2015) 9.International Symposium on Business and Management (May 7-9, 2015) 10.International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (February 12-13, 2015) 11.International Conference on Innovation and Management (February 3-6, 2015) Relevant Society and Associations:- 1.Strategic Management Society 2.Strategic Planning Society 3.Association for Strategic Planning 4.Society for Human Resource Management 5.European Management Association 6.Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals 7.Strategic Management Association 8.Strategic Account Management Association 9.American Management Association 10.Association of Professional Futurists Companies:- 1.Tata Strategic Management Group 2.Strategy& 3.Gagnon Associates 4.Boomer Consulting, Inc. 5.Center for Simplified Strategic Planning 6.BERK Consulting 7.Method Frameworks 8.ECG Management Consultants 9.Strategic Human Resources, Inc 10.Strativa, Inc.

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