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Recommended Conferences for mRNA Biomarkers

mRNA Biomarkers

As per the available report of about 10 Journals, 14 Conferences,92 National Symposium and 374 Open access articles has been published related to biomarkers by the Omics International MicroRNAs are excellent plasma biomarker candidates in cancer, as they are usually deregulated in glioblastomas.

Biomarkers can be characteristic biological properties or molecules that can be detected and measured in parts of the body like the blood or tissue. They may indicate either normal or diseased processes in the body. Biomarkers can be specific cells, molecules, or genes, gene products, enzymes, or hormones.

Scope and Importance

Compared to other blood biomarkers, such as mRNA, MicroRNAs have demonstrated to be the most reliable. The concentration of these blood biomarkers yields many factors that are associated with tumor activity. MicroRNAs regulate gene expression and can enhance or suppress translational processes. Similar to oncogenes, “oncomirs” (MicroRNAs that have enhanced expression in cancer), can suppress the tumor suppressor genes in the surrounding genome. Similarly, some Micro-RNAs can also function as tumor suppressors or effect methylation. Glioblastomas are the most common and malignant type of brain tumor found amongst adults. As a result, many Profiling techniques have been identified and implemented on distinct microRNA expression patterns in glioblastomas. Among these techniques are microarray, qRT-PCR, In situ hybridization, and RNA sequencing, each applying to a specific line of Micro-RNAs. Some have shown more advantageous in the quantity of samples, while others provide enhanced quality, encouraging further detection of biomarkers and tumors . Currently, there are more than 1,400 microRNA sequences listed from studies, but much has yet to be clarified on their accuracy and precision, for their use as an early diagnostic method and perhaps a therapeutic approach.

OMICS Group is the world leader for its scientific related services by organizing more than 300 International Conference across the world with the support from 1000 International scientific societies and institutes and also managing more than 400 peer reviewed open access journals in science, technology and environment. OMICS Group organizes scientific conferences on Clinical Sciences, Engineering & Applied Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Omics & Management and Pharmaceutical/Chemistry and it is a perfect platform for global networking. OMICS Group referred journals are well established and more than 30,000 Editorial Board Members. These journals have been provided to the users with the great services for more than 3.5 million readers across the globe.

Market  Analysis

The global genomics market was valued at an estimated $11.11 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 12.0% from 2013 to 2018. The largest segment in the products market was the consumables segment, which accounted for over 60% of the total market revenues. This segment is expected to witness continued growth, owing to the increasing commercial adoption of genomic testing for various applications. The PCR segment constitutes the largest technology segment in the global market. Technological advances in d-PCR are expected to aid the growth of this segment.

International Conference

1. Biomarker & Clinical Research Conference,
     Aug 31-Sep 2 ,2015 ,Toronto , Canada.

2. Biotechnology Conference,
    Aug 31-Sep2 ,2015 ,Florida ,USA

3· Pancreatic Cancer and Colorectal Cancer Conference
    March 29-30,Atlanta,USA.

4· Blood Malignancies Conference,
    April 18-20,2016,Dubai,UAE.

5· 2nd Prostate cancer Conference,
    May 5-7,Chicago,USA.

6·  Gynecologic oncology conference,
    May 19-21 ,2016, San Antigo,USA.

7· 10th Oncologist Conference,
     July 11-13,2016, Cologne.

8· 11th Oncologist Conference,
     July 11-13 , Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia.

9· Pediatric Oncology Conference,
     August 4-6 ,2016 , Toronto, Canada.

10· Molecular Biomarkers and Cancer Biomarkers Conference
      September 15-17,2016 , Berlin, Germany.

11· Surgical Oncology Conference,
      September1-3,2016 , Sao Paulo,Brazil.

12· Leukemia and Bone Marrow Transplantation Conference,
       November 10-12, Istanbul,Turkey.

13·5th Cancer Therapy Conference,
      September 28-30,Atlanta,USA.

14·  4th Toxicology Conference,
       September19-21,Las Vegas,USA.

15· Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Conference,
      June 6-7, 2016, Dallas,USA.

16· Oral, Mouth and Throat Cancer Conference
      August 18-20 ,2016,Portland,USA.

17·  Radiologist Conference,
       March 17-18 ,2016 .London ,UK

18· Biomarker and Clinical Research Conference,
      August 31-Sep 2,2016 ,Toronto, Canada.

19· 3rd Genomics and Pharmacogenomics Conference,
      September 21-23, San Antigo,USA.

20· Clinical and Molecular Genetics Conference,
       November 28-30 ,2016, Chicago , USA.

21. Immunology Conference,
      September 28-30 ,2016, Houston , USA.

22. Cancer Diagnostic Conference,
      June 13-15 , 2016 , Rome , Italy.

23. Cancer Theraphy Conference,
      September 28-30 , Atlanta ,USA.

24.25th World Congress on Lymphology,
     September 7-11 ,2015 ,San Francisco ,USA

25.3rd International Oncology Conference,
      September 10-11 ,2015 ,Abu Dhabi ,UAE

26.Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology-Annual Meeting,
     September 16-20 ,Sep 2015 ,Xiamen ,China.

27. 4th European Congress on Immunology,
      September 6-9,2015 , Vienna ,Austria.

28.3rd Annual Congress of the European Society for Translational Medicine,
      September 1-4 ,2015 Vienna , Austria.

29. ACCRA Cancer Conference,
      September 3-5 ,2015, ACCRA ,Ghana.

30. Cancer Diagnosis &Therapy Conference,
      September 3-5 ,2015 ,London ,UK


Associations and Societies

·Belgian Medical Genomics Initiative (BE)

·EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (UK)

·EMC Corporation (US)

·European Molecular Biology Laboratory (DE)

·European Society of Human Genetics (AT)

·Fitgenes Limited (AU)

·Five3 Genomics (US)

·Garvan Institute of Medical Research (AU)

·GATC Biotech AG (DE)

·Geneix (UK)

·Gene stack Limited (UK)

·Genetic Alliance (US)

·Genetic Alliance UK (UK)

·Genome British Columbia (CA)

·Genome Canada (CA)

·Genome Institute of Singapore (SG)

·Human Genetics Society of Australasia (AU)

·Human Genome Organization (SG)

·National Institute of Genomic Medicine (MX)

·New York Genome Center (US)

·Welcome Trust Sanger Institute






·Merck &Co.








·Markansan Pharma Ltd

·MedIndia-Network for Health


· Eli Lilly & Company


·Leerink Swann

·SHC & Associates

· DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company

·Strativa Pharmaceuticals

·Spectrum Pharmaceuticals



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