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ion spectroscopy

As per available reports about 10 relevant journals, 71 Conferences, 6 workshops are presently dedicated exclusively to Ion spectroscopy and about 1543 articles are being published on Ion spectroscopy.

 Ion mass spectrometry (IMS) is a technique used to analyze the composition of solid surfaces and thin films by sputtering the surface of the specimen with a focused primary ion beam and collecting and analyzing ejected secondary ions. The mass/charge ratios of these secondary ions are measured with a mass spectrometer to determine the elemental, isotopic, or molecular composition of the surface to a depth of 1 to 2 nm. Due to the large variation in ionization probabilities among different materials, IMS is generally considered to be a qualitative technique, although quantitation is possible with the use of standards. IMS is the most sensitive surface analysis technique, with elemental detection limits ranging from parts per million to parts per billion. The main aspects include: Applications of mass spectrometry, New approaches in mass spectrometry, Recent advances and developments in Mass spectrometry and Mass spectrometry imaging.

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Scope and Importance:

Ion spectroscopy Conference provides the scope for opportunities to learn progressed by international scientists and academicians. Conferences will enhance the knowledge of all the participants in different fields and will be a varied combination of eminent speakers, industry professionals, social activist, students and research scholars. Ion spectroscopy Conference offers excessive quality content to suit the diverse professional development of these medicines to treat people all over the globe. 

When a beam of ions hits a solid surface part of the projectiles will be scattered back into the vacuum after one or more collisions with target atoms of the top few layers. Measurement of the energy of the backscattered particles can be used to identify the mass of the these atoms. The technique is called Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS). The term encompasses actually several techniques depending on the energy of the primary ion beam. LEIS (Low Energy Ion Scattering) spectroscopy is referred to primary energies in the range of 100 eV to 10 keV, Medium Energy Ion Scattering (MEIS) to a range from 100 to 200 keV, and High Energy Ion Scattering (HEIS) to energies between 1 and several MeV. Often the LEIS technique is called Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS), the term we will use below meaning LEIS, while HEIS technique is best known as Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (RBS).

Advantages and disadvantages
Low energy ion scattering is attractive as a surface-specific technique. Spectra are usually obtained using noble gas ion beams from 0.5 to 5 keV. Due to strong electron affinity of inert-gas ions the probability of electron transfer is very high even in the initial collision with a surface atom. After two or more collisions most ions will be neutralized, so that a detector set to analyze only ions of the same type as those in the incident beam will detect almost entirely ions that have had only one collision with a target atom. Projectiles entering the solid will be discarded since they would need several scattering events to return back to the surface and exit. Unless specific experimental arrangements such as sliding angle incidence are made, multiple collisions will contribute to the background of the energy spectrum only. Thus by measuring the spectrum of backscattered ions and using the equation above one can easily determine the target mass, therefore the kind of atoms on the surface. Note that the energy after two collisions depend on the distance between the scattering atoms, and this energy peak can be used to estimate the interatomic distance on the surface in the scattering plane (incl. the incident and the scattered beams). By rotating the target under the incident beam one can determine the surface arrangement of the atoms in the various azimuthal directions of the top layer. 
The practical use of IIS is determined by its extreme sensitivity to only the top surface layer (for standard experimental arrangements) or two monolayers (for grazing incidence). Typical applications include composition of catalytic surfaces, thin film coatings, adhesion, as well as arrangement of surface atoms incl. the localization of adsorbed atoms.

Market Analysis:

As per the Frost and Sullivan report analytical market is growing on an average 0.4%  annually. This report studies the global mass spectrometry market over the forecast period of 2013 to 2018. The market was estimated at $3.9 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $5.9 billion by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2013 to 2018.North America dominated the global mass spectrometry market in 2013, followed by Europe and Asia. The North American market is likely to be driven by factors such as the increasing number of government investments in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical, and academic research studies that make use of mass spectrometry techniques. On the other hand, Asia is expected to grow at the highest CAGR due to the presence of high-growth markets such as India and China, the improved funding scenario in this region, increasing number of conferences and exhibitions on mass spectrometry, and increased focus of the giant players in these countries.

International symposium and workshops

  • Harsh-Environment Mass Spectrometry , September 13-16th , 2015, Baltimore, USA .
  • Native Mass Spectrometry-based Structural Biology, October 16-20th, 2015, Pacific grove, USA.
  • Mass Spectrometry, August 20-26th, 2015, Toronto, Canada.

List of Best International Conferences:

  1. 2nd Mass Spectrometry Conference
    May 9-11, 2016 Chicago, USA    
  2. Industrial Chemistry Conference
    June 20-21, 2016, New Orleans, USA  
  3. Advances in HPLC and Chromatographic Techniques Conference
    March 17-18, 2016 London, UK.
  4. Materials Chemistry Conference
    March 31-Apr 1, 2016 Valencia, Spain.  
  5. 7th Bioavailability and Bioequivalence  Studies conference
    August 29-31, 2016 Atlanta, USA
  6. 6th Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and IPR Conference
    September 12-14, 2016 San Antonio, USA
  7. 5th Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Conference
    September 19-21, 2016 Las Vegas, USA
  8. 4th Clinical Pharmacy Conference
    Oct 31 - Nov 01, 2016 Las Vegas, USA
  9. Cheminformatics and System Chemistry Conference
    July 14-15, 2016 Brisbane, Australia  
  10.   Medicinal Chemistry and Computer Aided Drug Designing Conference
    December 01-03, 2016 Chicago, USA

  11.  21st Mass Spectrometry Conference
    20-26 Aug 2016, Toronto, Canada.

  12.  Application of NMR Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Industry
    23-25 Sep 2015, Rovinj, St. Andrew Island, Croatia.

  13.  9th Solid-State NMR: New Concepts and Applications
    13-17 Sep 2015, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France.

  14. Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics
    June 05-09, 2016, San Antonio, Texas.
  15. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
    April 10-15th 2015, Pittsburgh, United States.
  16. Application of NMR Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Industry, Rovinj, St. Andrew Island, Croatia, September 23-25, 2015.
  17. Imaging Mass Spectrometry, 27th - 29th October 2015, Green Park Resort, Pisa, Italy.
  18. The New Age of Mass Spectrometry in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 12th November 2015, Hertfordshire, UK.
  19. 6th Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques , 1st - 3rd September 2015, Valencia, Spain

Relevant Society and Associations

  • Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies
  • Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh
  • Canadian Society for Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy
  • New York Society for Applied Spectroscopy
  • The Spectroscopical Society of Japan
  • British Mass Spectrometry Society
  • Applied electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis
  • International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy.


  • Spectroscopic Solutions
  • Specac Limited
  • PIKE Technologies
  • Fluxana GmbH Co. KG
  • Real-Time Analyzers Inc. 
  • Guided Wave Inc
  • Tiger Optics LLC
  • Rigaku Raman
  • Harrick Scientific Products Inc
  • Eichrom Technologies

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