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Recommended Conferences for Connective Tissue

Connective Tissue

As per available reports about 76 Conference Proceedings and 12 Relevant Journals are published by OMICS International relevant to Connective Tissue.

Connective Tissue, group of tissues in the body that maintains the form of the body and its organs and provides cohesion and internal support. The connective tissues include several types of fibrous tissue that vary only in their density and cellularity, as well as the more specialized and recognizable variants—bone, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and adipose (fat) tissue. Connective tissue has a broad range of study like Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering, Rheumatic Disorders and Treatment, Various Hematologic Malignancies and their treatments which may cover another wide ranged subject, Types of leukemia.

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Scope & Importance

Connective tissue is the most ample of all the tissue types in the body.  The form and shape of the body, its organs, muscles, bones and the body’s construction are determined by the properties of connective tissue.  Connective tissue forms a continuous interconnected system from head to toes.  Every cell in the body in fact is connected to every other cell, in a continuous matrix of connective tissue.  Connective tissue fibers not only connect the cells to one another but the DNA of each cell via the cytoskeleton, which is a miniature musculoskeletal system with in the cell that also is in contact with the outer cell wall and related connective tissue. What makes it even more fascinating is the design and function of the collagen that comprises the connective tissue It has liquid crystal properties like a semi-conductor.  Every movement generates bio-electric signals. Collagen is a triple helix protein polymer like structure, which has electron transporting capabilities. These properties make the connective tissue a vital player in the body’s communication system. Hence long term mis-communication and incomplete restoration of function and tissue integrity leads to compensatory imbalanced states of health, pain, dysfunction, and a decrease of human potential.

All forms of connective tissue are composed of

(1) Extracellular fibers

(2) An amorphous matrix called ground substance

(3) Stationary and migrating cell.

The proportions of these components vary from one part of the body to another depending on the local structural requirements. In some areas, the connective tissue is loosely organized and highly cellular; in others, its fibrous components predominate; and in still others, the ground substance may be its most conspicuous feature. The anatomical classification of the various types of connective tissue is based largely upon the relative abundance and arrangement of these components. The types of connective Tissue are loose connective tissue, fibrous connective tissue, and specialized connective tissue.

Tissue arising chiefly from the embryonic mesoderm that is characterized by a highly vascular matrix and includes collagenous, elastic, and reticular fibers, adipose tissue, cartilage, and bone. It forms the supporting and connecting structures of the body.

Connective tissue can be broadly subdivided into connective tissue proper, special connective tissue, and series of other, less classifiable types of connective tissues.

[1] Connective tissue proper consists of loose connective tissue and dense connective tissue (which is further subdivided into dense regular and dense irregular connective tissues.)

[2] Special connective tissue consists of reticular connective tissue, adipose tissue, cartilage, bone, and blood.

[3] Other kinds of connective tissues include fibrous, elastic, and lymphoid connective tissues

Market Analysis

The prevalence and incidence of connective tissue disorders reported are quite variable based on differences in study procedure. Most significant differences are the study duration, the classification criteria used for diagnosis and the country in which the study was undertaken. Sjögren's syndrome has the highest occurrence ranging between 0.5 and 3% of a given population. The incidence of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is estimated between 15 and 50 per 100 000 persons, with a female to male ratio of 10:1 in the age group between 15 and 40 years. The occurrence of systemic sclerosis is lower, however, varying considerably between different studies and countries. The occurrence of overlap syndromes, particularly mixed connective tissue disease, is unknown, and polymyositis and dermatomyositis are observed as very rare rheumatic diseases. Though the classification criteria for the connective tissue disorders have not been established for the purpose of diagnosing an individual patient, these criteria still are the most valuable tool for the identification of patients with systemic rheumatic diseases such as connective tissue disorders.

List of Best International Conferences :

  1. Cytology & Histology Conference
    August 01-03, 2016 Manchester, UK
  2. Leukemia & Bone marrow Transplantation Conference
    November 10-12, 2016 Istanbul, Turkey
  3. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Conference
    October 03-05, 2016 Miami, USA
  4. 4th  Integrative Biology Conference
    July 18-20, 2016 Berlin, Germany
  5. 5th Childhood Obesity Conference
    May 12-14, 2016 Chicago, USA
  6. Musculoskeletal Regeneration Conference
    May 05-06, 2016 Chicago, USA
  7. Surgical Oncology Conference
    September 01-03, 2016 Sao Paulo, Brazil
  8. Indo-Global Healthcare Conference
    October 05-07, 2015 New Delhi,India
  9. 5th Immunology Conference
    October 24-26, 2016 Chicago, USA
  10. 5th Tissue Science & Regenerative Medicine Conference
    September 12-14, 2016 Berlin, Germany
  11. 4th Blood Malignancies & Treatment  Conference
    April 18-20, 2016 Dubai,UAE
  12. 2nd Euro Health Care & Fitness Conference
    September 26-28, 2016 London, UK
  13. 6th Nephrology & Therapeutics Conference
    September 29-October 01, 2016 Miami, USA
  14. 6th Orthopedics & Surgeons Meeting
    Sept 15-17, 2016 San Antonio, USA
  15. 5th Orthopedic Surgeons & Rheumatology Conference
    March 31-April 01, 2016 Valencia, Spain
  16. 6th Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Conference
    May 05-07, 2016 Chicago, USA
  17. Restorative Medicine Conference
    October 27-28, 2016 Chicago, USA
  18. 5th Radiology & Imaging Conference
    September 19-20, 2016 Las Vegas, USA
  19. Health Care & Fitness Conference
    September 01-03, 2015 Valencia, Spain
  20. 22nd Canadian Connective Tissue Conference 2016, Canada
  21. International Fascia research congress, USA
  22. Connective Tissue Oncology Society 20th Annual Meeting 2015, Utah/br>
  23. 6th Annual New England Mar fan Syndrome and Connective Tissue Disorders Symposium, UK
  24. 9th International Conference on Proteoglycans and 10th Pan-Pacific Connective Tissue Societies Symposium, Korea


  • European Matrix Biology
  • International society for matrix Biology
  • The connective tissue oncology society
  • Canadian Connective Tissue Society
  • Manchester Medical Society
  • British International Doctors’Association
  • British Infection Association
  • Catholic Medical Association
  • British Association for Cytopathology
  • Convenor of Representatives
  • Cytology Society of The North Of England & North Wales
  • Cytology Society of The South West And South Wales
  • Irish Society for Clinical Cytology
  • Midland Cytology Society
  • North East Metropolitan & East Anglian Cytology Society
  • North Eastern Cytology Society
  • Scottish Association for Clinical Cytology
  • South East Regional Society for Clinical Cytology
  • Southern Cytology Society
  • Thames Valley Cytology Society

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