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Recommended Conferences for Agrotechnology


As per available reports about 25 Open Access Journals, 20 Conferences, 421 open access articles are presently dedicated exclusively Agrotechnology and about 812 conference proceedings are being published on Agrotechnology.

A technical approach in the field of agriculture by the application of science for efficient, quality reaching and more profitable production is termed Agro-technology. The technical approach of this includes the use of advanced machineries, tools and methods of plant protection. In recent days the development in these allied technologies for the development of the agriculture is widened. In recent years, most of the countries are practicing these technologies to develop the quality as well as the quantity of agricultural products considering the emerging demand for food scarcity rising day by day.
The most demanding field and area of approach in the field of agri-technology are:
• Equipment, machinery and structure designing
• Systems for controlling the climatic conditions

OMICS International:
OMICS International is an Open Access Publications group which organizes International scientific conferences worldwide. This can be achieved through the support of 700 Open Access Journals, 50000 Editorial team, 1000 more scientific societies 21 Days rapid review process with valuable 3.5 Million readers conducting 300 scientific conferences per year.
In this way OMICS International Conferences are engraved to the marks of success in open access publishing & also in organizing scientific events. The OMICS International event participants are typically high-level decision makers representing various parts of the industry and many participants are repeaters who know each other.
Conferences and Symposiums of OMICS International enlightens your research path by gathering scientific professionals from across the globe to discuss the recent scientific discoveries done followed by the interactive sessions through B2B meetings and scientific partnering. The importance and significance of OMICS International Conferences can be gauged by the fact that it has made huge advancements over the course of time and is continuing to influence various sectors.

Scope and Importance:
In agriculture, technology has enabled the genetic alteration of crops, improved soil productivity, and enhanced weed and pest control. In addition to increased crop productivity, it has the potential to create more nutritious crops. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are necessary to maintain healthy bodies, and a deficiency will lead to infections, complications during pregnancy and childbirth, and impaired child development. Agrotechnology has the potential to improve the nutritional value of crops, leading both to lower health care costs and higher economic performance (due to improved worker health). Crop production will have to cope with rapidly increasing demand while ensuring environmental sustainability. Preservation of natural resources and the need to support the livelihoods of farmers and rural populations around the world are major concerns.
Another useful application of agrotechnology is to give plants the ability to grow in a wider range of environments. Some plants do well only in certain climates or soil conditions. By introducing genes from other organisms, scientists can alter these plants so that they'll grow in climates that normally would be too harsh for them. Land previously unsuited for crops can be reclaimed for food production.
A third application involves making plants more resistant to disease, pests and chemicals. Genes can give plants a defence against threats that could normally wipe out an entire generation of crops. Genetic manipulation can lead to plants that are toxic to pests but still safe for human consumption. Alternatively, scientists can develop genes that will make crops resistant to pesticides and herbicides so that farmers can treat their crops with chemicals. By introducing new genes -- or turning off existing genes -- scientists can change everything from the appearance of food to its taste.
Transgenic crops emerged as the largest application segment of the global agrotechnology market. Rising demand for food production coupled with decrease in arable land is anticipated to drive the transgenic crops application. Hence, transgenic crops account for majority share of the overall agricultural biotechnology market and are widely adopted in developed as well as developing countries. Synthetic biology-enabled products and various tools used in agricultural biotechnology held a smaller share of the market.
Soybean and corn are the most widely consumed GM crops globally. Rising demand for animal feed due to increasing consumption of meat is expected to drive the market for these crops. Soybean is anticipated to be the fastest growing crop in the next few years. Corn is used in various industrial applications apart from its consumption as grain in the production of biofuels, bioplastics, etc. Cotton is widely used in Asia due to high demand from the textile industry. Other crops such as sugarcane, sugar beet and canola held nearly 10% of the overall market.
The global agrotechnology market was dominated by North America due to high cultivation of GM crops and acceptance of these crops by consumers. Biotechnology companies are spending 15–20% of revenues on R&D activities. Companies are establishing R&D centers in Asia Pacific in order to keep pace with the competition. The region is expected to grow significantly in the next few years due to rising demand for food and other bio-based products. There is hardly any production of GM crops in Europe due to stringent regulations and strong opposition from consumers. Hence, the market is estimated to grow at a moderate rate. Brazil is the next growth engine of the agricultural biotechnology market (after the U.S.). Large scale production of transgenic crops is expected to drive the rest of the world market during the forecast period.

List of Best International Conferences:

1. Plant Science Conference, September 21-23, 2015 San Antonio, USA

2. 5th Agriculture and Horticulture Conference

June 27-29, 2016 Cape Town, South Africa

3. 2nd Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs Conference, June 06-08, 2016 London, UK

4.  Euro Biomass Conference, August 01-03, 2016 Birmingham, UK

5. 5th Biodiversity Conference, March 10-12, 2016 Madrid, Spain

6. 2nd Geology Conference, April 21-22, 2016 Dubai, UAE

7. Pollution Control and Sustainable Environment Conference
April 25-26, 2016 Dubai, UAE

8. Plant Physiology Conference, June 09-11, 2016 Dallas, USA

9. 5th Earth Science and Climate Change Conference
July 25-27, 2016 Bangkok, Thailand

10. 6th Biotechnology Conference, October 05-07, 2015 New Delhi, India

11. World Bio Summit, November 02-04, 2015 Dubai, UAE

12. 1st Proximal Sensing Supporting Precision Agriculture Conference, Italy

13. Agricultural Statistics 2015 Conference, Malaysia

14. 5th Organic Agriculture Sciences Conference, Slovakia

15. 7th Crop Science Congress, China

16. 1st Plant Protection Congress 2015, Germany

17. Perennial Biomass Crops for a Resource Constrained World, Germany

18. Agriculture, Ecology and Biological Engineering Conference, Turkey

19. 3rd Sustainable Environment and Agriculture Conference, USA

20. 6th Agriculture and Animal Science Conference, China

21. Sustainable Agriculture Technologies Conference, Thailand

22. 3rd Food and Agricultural Sciences Conference, UAE

Relevant Associationa/Societies:

American Agricultural Law Association, USA
American Farm Bureau Federation, USA ‎
Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, Canada
National Association of Wheat Growers, USA
African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association, Africa
American Association of Cereal Chemists, USA
American Poultry Association, USA
American Seed Trade Association, USA
Crop Science Society of America, USA
Western Society of Crop Science, USA
Crop and Weed Science Society, USA
Agriculture & Applied Economics Association, USA
Virginia Soybean Association, USA
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, USA
The Royal Agricultural Society of England, UK
International Society for Horticultural Science, Belgium
The Horticultural Society of India, India
Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency, Ethiopia
National Horticultural Society of France, France
Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture, New Zealand
Australian Organic Farming and Gardening Society, Australia
Wildflower Society of Western Australia, Australia
American Horticultural Society, USA
Massachusetts Horticultural Society, USA
International Food Policy Research Institute, USA
International Fund for Agriculture Development, Italy
Consortium for International Crop Protection, USA
Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering, China
Tropical Agricultural Association, UK
Canadian Society for Horticultural Science, Canada

Relevant Companies:

Dole Food Company, USA
Mycogen Seeds, USA
Kinze Manufacturing, Inc., USA
Seaboard Corporation, USA
Burpee Seeds, USA
Cargill, USA
Cavendish Farms, Canada
Chiquita Brands International, USA
ContiGroup Companies, Belgium
Fredericksburg Farmers Cooperative, USA
Riceland Foods, USA
Zeeland Farm Services, USA
Vermeer Company, USA
Dupoint, USA
Pioneer, USA
Agria Corporation, China
AgriSA, South Africa
Agrium, USA
BASF, Germany
Alberta Wheat Pool, Canada
Bevo Agro Incorporated, Canada
Ceres Incorporated, Canada
Danisco, USA
Foundation for Agronomic Research, USA
Heritage Foods, India
MFA Incorporated, USA
Monsanto, USA
Swire Group, UK
The Mosaic Company, USA
Wayne Farms, USA

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