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Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey is located boarding western Asia and Southern Europe with the population of about 70 million people. Because of its geo-politically strategic location straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey has seen long been a hub of commerce and cultural exchange. The area of the country is slightly larger than the US state of Texas or 2.5 times as large as Italy. Economy of turkey is increasing driven by industry and service sector, with agriculture sector accounting about 25%.Capital city is Ankara, the cultural and Economic capital is Istanbul. Turkey is ranked 6th most popular tourism destinations in the world. Turkey hosts two of the seven wonders of the ancient world which are The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and The Temple of Artemis.


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Turkey High lights:
Education in Turkey falls under Ministry of National education, with the increasing demand for higher education many colleges and universities are established in turkey. There are 166 universities in Turkey. Istanbul University which was founded in 1453 is the oldest University in Turkey. Top Universities in Turkey are TOBB University, Kanuni University, Marmara University, Gaziuni University, Ankara Sosyal Bismiler University, International Antalya University, Bali Kesir University, Faith Universal University.
Turkey Statistical Institute announced that 76.3 billion TL was spent for health care. Turkey has an extensive list of medical and Health care associations and Hospitals including Turkish Medical Association (TMA) which is the professional association and registered trade union for doctors. Turkey is also associated with European Public Health Association (EUPHA) since 2004.Turkish Health Tourism Organization (TUHETO) Supports development and improvement in Turkeys Health and Medical tourism sector. Turkish Health Travel Council (THTC), Canadian Public Health Association, Clinical Research Association are some major associations in Turkey.

Science and Research:
Research sector is widely developing in Turkey, Major Research Centers in Turkey are Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Turkish academy of Sciences, Feza Gursey Institute, Turkish Anatomic Research Authority, Turkish National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology, Defense Industries Research and Development Institute, Marmara Research Institute, Space Technologies Research Institute, National Metrology Institute, Technology Development foundation of Turkey,  Turkish Mathematical Society, Turkish Physical Society, Turkish Chemical Society, Istanbul Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Istanbul Technical University, Yildiz Technical University, Karadeniz Technical University, Middle east Technical University, Bursa Technical University, Erzurum Technical University, Adana University of Science and Technology, Gebze Institute of Technology, Izmir Institute of Technology, TOBB University of Economics and Technology.

The republic of Turkey is located in Western Eurasia bordering the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, Turkey is considered as one of the 10 major emerging markets in the world. It is larger than any country in Europe. Largest economic center of Turkey is Italy. Privatization played a major role in economic restructuring. 30% population of Turkey is employed in Agriculture. Hazel nuts, Apricots, Figs, Tea, Tobacco, and Citrus Fruits are their major Products of Agriculture. Turkeys industry is rapidly growing in Automotive, Steel and Ship Building Sectors. Primary exports are Textiles, Vehicles and Electrical Machinery. Turkey has very positive trade balance with Europe. Turkey has one of the highest per capita sold consumption rates in the world.