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Seoul formally the Seoul Special City, is the capital and biggest city of South Korea. A megacity with a populace of more than 10 million, it is the biggest city fitting in the advanced world. The Seoul Capital Area, which incorporates the encompassing Incheon city and Gyeonggi territory, is the planet's second biggest metropolitan zone with in excess of 25.6 million people, home to over 50% of South Koreans plus 6, 32, 000 universal residents.

OMICS Group International is mix of different open access distributers and diaries worldwide and is known for orderly association of a mixture of gatherings extending from biosciences to building. The primary goal is to take the "Science and Technology" to each one's entryway step and to make a consciousness of the worldwide innovations around individuals everywhere throughout the planet. It contains around the range of 25, 000 publication parts serving as logical counsels.

OMICS Group aggregate one of the unmistakable and lifted up association included in ordering 80 international gatherings each year and distributed of around 300 open access diaries, eBooks, and so forth, upheld by a group of 25,000 editorial board members and 100 logical joint efforts. Seoul Conferences effectively forms hundred's of investigative international gatherings, symposia, Seoul workshops, exchange shows, presentations and planet congresses all far and wide following the time when 2007, making it an unbelievable stage to meet eminent researchers, and specialists. It is an official gathering of researchers, representatives and research experts, the individuals who are polishing in their separate fields and are part of these activities.



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