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 Salzburg is the most know city in the country of Austria. It is said to be the fourth ( 4rth ) largest city in Austria. Salzburg is one of the oldest city in Austria and prominently famous for its architecture. The famous movie the The Sound of Music has been picturised in this beautiful city.  The most beautiful alpine backdrop is been taken from Salzburg city. Salzburg is famous for its unique interest towards its antique creations. The city has many international institutions which theryby aspires various students to come to this adorable city henceforth increasing the tourism of the place accordingly. The alpine peak is the closest most adorable senario found in Salzburg. Salzburg comes mostly in  the temperate zone. The climate of Salzburg is usually addressed to be as continental, but as it is located in the alps the precipitation is comparatively more especially in the months of summer.Salzburg city is also famous for its various music festivals which would mainly attract a lot of tourists who are music lovers. These festivals are mainly dated to be in the month of july and august which take place each and every year.The famous Europrix multimedia awards take place at this city hence showing is love towards multimedia.In the late 1960s the famous film The Sound of Music used major of the locations of Salzburg in and out of the state.The story of the movie revolves around an aristocratic family who fled with the German Anschluss. Though the movie is not completely about the Austrians but the film definitely grabbed many of the visitors who visit Salzburg for a glimpse of the famous filming locations. We are also ware of the famous movie Knight & Day in which the Salzburg city it self is the major backdrop in the film.In the year of 1994 SV Austria Salzburg succeeded in reaching up to the UEFA Cup final.Ice hockey is one such interesting sport which is found in the city of Salzburg. Salzburg is also the candidate city for the years 2010 and 2014 winter Olympics.Red bull also sponsors for the local team of ice hockey which they would be playing in the Erste Bank Eishochkey Liga which is an Austria head quartered having the best teams from Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and also the Czech team.  Salzburg and was one of the venues for the 2008 European Football Championship.


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