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Salvador city is located in Brazil. It is also termed as the city of happiness. Salvador is the capital city of brazil, it was the first colonial city. It is considered as the largest city on the northeast side coast of brazil. The Salvador city is the oldest city for the Americas. Salvador has a wide variety of cuisines. The city is also been highlighted for its wide range of interest in arts, Architecture and fond for its music. We can also find the city as the africo-brazillian cultre due to africas influence on the brazillian culture .Salvador also marks for its interest towards educational institutions. The city has many international institutions which theryby aspires various students to come to this adorable city henceforth increasing the tourism of the place accordingly. The cuisine of Salvador brights up as they show there love towards spices one can easily find a large variety of spices in Salvador not only spices there main courses mainly includes  sea foods such as shrimp, prawns etc..there techniques of cooking represent much more like African cooking techniques.The city has also been famous for its various carnival events organized. It also holds a guiness record for organizing the biggest carnival event in the world. There are also various sources of transportation to the city Salvador International airport has direct flights to all its capitals 


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