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Riga the capital of Latvia was officially founded in the year 1201. In that time period Riga is divided into six administrative districts: Centra, Kurzeme, Ziemeļu, Latgale, Zemgale and Vidzeme districts. Riga is located along the Baltic Sea at the southern coast of the Gulf of Riga on the Rigava coastal plain. Riga is the gem of the Baltic’s where it as an ancient history and rich cultural heritage. Riga has always been located at a moment of trading routes it is a multicultural city which means there are things to see here: a weekend in Riga is a great way to gather new impressions and to relax.

Riga has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the collection of art nouveau buildings that is one of the largest in the world, also the city in whose architecture the entire history from 1201 to the present day is reflected. The city was valued with a unique collection of wooden developments in its central section.

About Conferenceseries Ltd :

Conferenceseries Ltd is actively involved in conducting International Conferences in Europe, across USA and almost all other parts of the world. Conferenceseries Ltd exaggerates with highly designed scientific tracks and presentations by high affiliated scientists all around the world across a wide range of community between industry and academia.  The Conferenceseries Ltd membership program, initiated to accomplish the vision of making Healthcare & Scientific Information Open Access, enables academic and research institutions, societies, groups, funding organizations and corporations to actively support Open Access in scholarly publishing and also support the participation of its representatives and students in International conferences. Conferenceseries Ltd made partnerships with universities, scientific and development agencies, leading research organizations, private divisions, non-government union and organizations, private foundation and other entities all around the world to promote the development-oriented research and to extend outreach and promote synergy all around the world. We have an enhanced and highlighted feature of scientific partnerships. We serve as an important medium to link with scientists/researchers, academicians and other researchers all around the world.  Conferenceseries Ltd events thus is making a world tour taking its agenda of spreading knowledge related science and technology ‘Open Access’. It hosts over 3000+ Global Events every year in the field of Clinical conferencesPharma conferences and Medicine conferences across the world where the facts exchange through discussions, poster awarding, round table discussions, exhibitions, Symposiums, B2B meetings and workshops.

Conferenceseries Ltd provides a unique opportunity for student delegates and scientific personnel to participate at our esteemed global conferences with a special provision – e-poster, for people busy with their schedule. It will mark their work maximum exposure and global recognition.

Not only Riga conferences, there are others like Prague conferences, Barcelona conferences, Dubai meetings, London conferences & Istambul conferences are taking place. Barcelona conferences  is hosting 2nd Annual Experts Meeting on Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management Conferences, Human Genetics conferences, Generic Pharma conferences & Mesothelioma conferences. 3rd International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine  , will be organized on November 02-03, 2016 at  Istambul conferences. Drug Discovery & Designing conferences, Medical Physics conferences will also be organized at Istambul conferences.

The UK spends 4% of the world’s Gross Expenditure on R&D on 6% of the world’s researchers who are Speakers on 8% of the world’s conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops or conventions . Adolescent Medicine & Child Psychology conferences , will be organized in London conferences.7th European Pediatrics Conferences will be held at Amsterdam meetings.


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