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Conference is a platform where people from different corners of the world gathers, communicate and share their views on a common agenda. Scientific conference is one where researchers and scientists gathers and share their knowledge and research on a scientific agenda.

Workshop is a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project whereas symposium refers to a meeting of a small group of people to discuss a particular subject.

OMICS Group Quito Conferences are integrated with workshops, symposia and world congresses by bringing together people all across the world in all the areas of Science, Medicine and Technology.

One of the most important benefits of attending OMICS Group Quito Conferences is sharing work with peers, as well as getting their feedback, which can incorporate into future work.  Similarly, Quito conferences organized by OMICS Group can also be a way of promoting your work to the masses, as the attendees takes interest only in some of the more interesting work at any major conference. Quito Conferences organized by OMICS Group give a chance to rub shoulders with the major researchers, academicians, industrialists in the field and connect with people who may be interested in referring you to potential clients. Attending Quito conferences organized by OMICS Group gives a chance to network on a national and global level.


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