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Prague (Czech: Praha) is the capital city and biggest city of the Czech Republic. It is one of the biggest urban communities of Central Europe and has filled in as the capital of the noteworthy area of Bohemia for quite a long time. The city is well known for its exceptional medieval design, the verifiable focus of Prague is recorded in the World Heritage List. Prague, City of a Hundred Spires, an UNESCO landmark and a standout amongst the most lovely urban communities on the planet. Become acquainted with it in person..The city's notable structures and limited, winding boulevards are demonstration of its hundreds of years old part as capital of the noteworthy area of Bohemia. Prague lies on the banks of the excellent, wandering Vltava River that mirrors the city's brilliant towers and ninth century mansion that commands the skyline.This noteworthy air is joined with a specific idiosyncrasy that grasps the whole city. From the Museum of Czech Cubism to the technicolor Jubilee Synagogue; the palace to the waterway, Prague is a bohemian capital in every sense.

Prague Economy

Prague (Praha) has an all around broadened economy with an accentuation on the modern sector.The city was contrarily impacted by the retreat in Russia (1999), in spite of the fact that since the Czech's entrance into the European Union (2004) it has helped the economy recover its quality. EU section has expanded fares basically to its neighbor Germany, and outside ventures have almost doubled.The Czech Republic has received the Euro in the year 2012, and hence the money has changed from Czech Korouna (CZK) to Euro.In Prague, the expenses are moderately lower when contrasted with other EU urban areas and this has urged numerous worldwide organizations to base their European base camp in Prague. Moreover, global film generation organizations have additionally been pulled in to the city for the lower costs as well as for the entrancing architecture.Approximately one-fifth of all interests in the Czech Republic happens in Prague.A critical extent of innovative work is situated in Prague, particularly in the scan to discover options for common assets. The city is still profoundly reliant on Russia for the supply of oil and gas and subsequently authorities are hoping to create sun powered power and atomic plants, and other non-renewable energy source solutions.Prague's GDP per capita is twofold than the Czech Republic and the city is in charge of creating more than 21% of the national total national output. This positions Prague among the 12 wealthiest EU districts as far as GDP per capita/Purchasing Power Parity.The city of Prague has an economy in view of different modern segments. These incorporate air ship motors, diesel motors, refined oil items, gadgets, chemicals, nourishment, printing, vehicles and so forth.

Prague Highlights

  • St Vitus Cathedral. Prague Castle & Hradčany.
  • Charles Bridge. Malá Strana.
  • Prague Castle. Prague Castle & Hradčany.
  • Veletržní Palác. Holešovice.
  • Prague Jewish Museum. Staré Město.
  • Municipal House. Staré Město.
  • Strahov Library. Prague Castle & Hradčany.
  • Church of Our Lady Before Týn. Staré Město

Prague Societies:

  • Institute of Inorganic Chemistry AS CR
  • Institute of Physical Chemistry of the AS CR
  • Institute of Analytical Chemistry AS CR
  • Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR
  • Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR
  • Geophysical Institute AS CR
  • Institute of Geology of the AS CR
  • Institute of Atmospheric Physics AS CR, established in 1964
  • Institute of Geonics AS CR
  • Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics AS CR