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Conferenceseries Ltd organizes more than 1000+Global Events in different countries which are related scientific popularities to expand the themes of the conference.  Conferenceseries Ltd also organizes world congresses, symposiums and workshops. OMICS group organizes conferences in USA, Europe, China, India, Dubai, Spain.


Conferenceseries Ltd ventured into Scientific Alliance that collaborated with more than 1000 scientific associations and societies through its 500 Open Access journals with 50000 eminent people as editorial board members and more than 3 million readers. Conferenceseries Ltd maintains its publication standard by bringing in the original research works and review papers to the corresponding journals. We have built a qualitative and very authoritative editorial board with the help of experts in their respective field of science. To keep in pace with the quick research outcomes and to lookout a way for them to make it accessible to the members of science, we have introduced a systematic and effective periodical review process.

Portland conferences are the best venues for organizing our Medical Conferences, Engineering Conferences, Healthcare Conferences, DiabetesConferences and many more


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