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OMICS Group was established in the year 2007 with a union of Open Access publications, Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums and events. It hosts over 1000+Global Events inclusive of 300+International Conferences, 500+leading-edge peer reviewed Open Access Journals,  500+Workshops, 1000+Societies and 200+Symposiums every year in the field of Clinical, Pharma, Medicine, Science and Technology across the world where the facts exchange through discussions, poster awarding, round table discussions, exhibitions, Symposiums, B2B meetings and workshops.




Conferenceseries Ltd provides a unique opportunity for student delegates and scientific personnel to participate at our esteemed global conferences with a special provision – e-poster, for people busy with their schedule. It will mark their work maximum exposure and global recognition. OMICS Group journals covers over 5 million readers, the fame and success received of the same can be attributed to the strong editorial team of over 30,000 and eminent personalities who ensures rapidity, quality and quick review process.











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Conferenceseries Ltd Conferences is a special opportunity where you can meet distinct world renowned speakers on a single platform. Conferenceseries Ltd scientific conferences are distinguished with their well-organized scientific programs which include numerous informative programmers like workshop, symposiums, exhibition, poster presentation where the participants can gain knowledge of latest research and technology. High expertise academicians and International scientists present their latest research of techniques through Conferenceseries Ltd conferences and also participant can have opportunity of meeting them.

Conferenceseries Ltd Conferences hosts events worldwide. In 2014 the group aims to organize 300 conferences around the globe, locations include Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe & USA and events annually throughout the globe to raise and discuss the developments in the field of OMICS Study.

One of the important benefits of attending science conferences lies in contributing and learning about the most recent advances in your field, sharing your work with your coequal of their field, as well as getting their feedback to enlighten your research path. For free exchange and dissemination of new ideas of research, all distinguished delegates are invited to the conference, who include best academicians as our chair people, world-esteemed speakers from the international arena to present their work as part of the larger power point and poster sessions by submitting abstracts. OMICS meetings are commonly three full days long supplemented with workshops. Many of the discussions at our conferences are selected from submitted abstracts to ensure that we can highlight exciting new research. Visitors can adequately go through our site for finding data more rapidly.

Conferenceseries Ltd Conferences understands the need to encourage young talent, researchers who have achieves new milestones in the field. The conference division aims to motivate young scientists & researchers (below 30 years) for achievements in their field of study. This research grant is a means to motivate the young researcher and aid them in their future projects by providing not only monetary rewards but also provide publishing support. To ensure the achievement of each and every conference we thoroughly plan the complex operations which make the meetings run successfully.

At Conferenceseries Ltd Conferences we offer B2B services for industry and business professionals to interact. Provided with an opportunity with  scientists, researchers, various organizations and representatives of all sectors can expose their influential findings and simultaneously get exposed to an invaluable array of research and latest developments on a world assembly, thus allowing to realize and gestate the market and research trends.B2B meetings are very important to promote ones organization and establish a scientific partnership. Ideas are also exchanged and immensely discussed on a formal basis, with the likely for exclusive collaborative works always on the horizon.

Conferenceseries Ltd conferences is a platform  providing an plentiful opportunity to the students and fledgeling researchers all around the globe to participate in young Research competition and present their inventive research in presence of prominent well known scientists and other illustrious personality in their field of interest. Conferenceseries Ltd encourage young students by them giving Best Poster Award and also prize money  for inventive scientific minds.

Exhibiting in Conferenceseries Ltd Conferences will put you in touch with thousands of relationships with opportunities to increase their sales and brand exposure. As the target audiences are from different organization, clinics, Institutes, universities, International Scientists and research scholars, Exhibitors are having an opportunity to meet face to face with large segment of target groups for their product or service in Conferenceseries Ltd Conferences. This helps exhibitors benchmark their companies internationally by exhibiting their product to participants at the conference from different part of the world.

OMICS, as the name indicates, emphasizes on these bergs of science opening up a broad way of opportunities to promote the tendency and spread the expertise, thus exaggerate the scientific research and technologies. OMICS groupInternational has conducted distinct uplift symposiums in USA and will continue to spread the excellence in knowledge by upcoming international on the same. Conferenceseries Ltd symposiums serve as an opportunity for the worldwide neighborhood of experimental and modern agents to meet and share thoughts and empower productive efforts.