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This Mediterranean, coastal city was founded on legend. In myth, the sculptor Pygmalion carved a striking, ivory statue that Aphrodite brought to life, into the woman Galatea, and the two bore a son: Paphos. Explore this legend by taking a trip to Petra tou Romiou to uncover the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, a beautiful and romantic destination. To see these stories played out before you, visit the Paphos Archaeological Park and observe the stunning mosaic depicting them.Paphos for which another name is Pafos, is capital for Paphos District. City has been dissected in to old Paphos and new Paphos, it has a second largest airport in country, and city is situated at Mediterranean coast, it is famous for its sun-kissed beaches, one of the most famous university of Cyprus is Australian Archaeological Mission to Paphos in Cyprus, and also the Neapolis offers the various programs of studies to the nearby Students. See the ancient, Greek amphitheatre of the Odeon, which still occasionally plays host to performances, before exploring the remarkable Tomb of Kings, and the historic Paphos Castle along the city's harbour. If you're looking for leisure upon these sandy shores, unwind on one of the many stunning beaches, known for their clean, safe waters and golden sand. Spend an afternoon playing golf or for a spot of fine dining, look no further than the nearby Tala Village. Head to the Akamas Peninsula to enjoy biking, bird-watching, or to visit the Baths of Aphrodite, where this goddess supposedly bathed and revitalised. As evening begins to fall, watch a sunset in Paphos, before enjoying local wine and dancing the night away.

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Conferenceseries Ltd  is an amalgamation of Open Access publications and worldwide international science conferences and events. Conference proceedings published in books are known to be a popular vehicle for scholarly communication in the physical sciences conferences, particularly engineering conferences. However, in fast-moving areas of the biomedical sciences, conference proceedings are more typically published in journals. In the life sciences, for example, a rapid dissemination of critical information is essential and journals provide the best medium for this. Every year, thousands of professionals in the sciences gather to network, to refresh their skills, and collaborate with their colleagues, and learn about the latest developments on medical conferencespharma conferences, engineering & clinical conferences field at Conferenceseries Ltd gatherings. At these worldwide gatherings - whether they are conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops or conventions — participants present the ideas and paths that will shape the future of research. The Conferenceseries Ltd Journal proceedings that result are frequently referred to and highly cited in subsequent Conferenceseries Ltd open access Journal research papers.

Apart from Paphos Conferences,  there are others like Paris Conferences, Liverpool Conferences, Noordwik conferences, Nicosia Conferences, Naples Conferences, Oslo ConferencesStockholm Conferences, London Conferences, Ljubljana Conferences, Lisbon Conferences , Leuven Conferences, Leipzig Conferences , Lausanne conferences, Reykjavik conferences, Sevilla conferencesZurich conferences, Rotterdam conferences , Cordoba conferencesCopenhagen conferences, NICE ConferencesPalma conferencesRome meetingsUppsala conferencesPorto conferencesRiga conferencesPrague conferencesBarcelona conferencesDubai meetingsIstambul conferences are taking place.


Many airlines (www.cyprusair.com, www.aegeanair.com, www.ryanair.com) have frequent flights to Cyprus. There are two airports in Cyprus: Larnaca International Airport (www.larnaca-airport.info) and Paphos International Airport (www.pafos-airport.info)

3rd International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine, will be organized on November 02-03, 2016 at  Istambul conferences. The UK spends 4% of the world’s Gross Expenditure on R&D on 6% of the world’s researchers who are Speakers on 8% of the world’s conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops or conventions . Pharmacology Congress is taking place in Birmingham conferences. Multimedia Conferences, Novel Physiotherapies Conferences,  Adolescent Medicine & Child Psychology conferences , World Nursing Conferences, Global Pediatric Ophthalmology Congress, 5th World Hematologists Congress will be organized in London conferences. 7th European Pediatrics Conferences will be held at Amsterdam meetingsCancer Diagnostics Conference & Expo is taking place in Rome conferences. 6th European Pathology Congress , Rheumatology conferences , 11th Euro Biotechnology Congress, 5th  International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery will be organized at Alicante, Spain.  Barcelona conferences  is hosting 2nd Annual Experts Meeting on Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management ConferencesHuman Genetics conferencesGeneric Pharma conferences & Mesothelioma conferences , other Spain meetings are Neuro Informatics conferences, 7th European Dermatology Congress , Euro Biosensors ConferencesRome conferences have Cancer Diagnostics Conferences & Expo , European Nutrition and dietetics Conferences, Euro Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines & Vaccination, Interventional Cardiology Congress, etc. Neurologists conferences, Global Pharmaceutical Industry Summit,  will be held in vienna conferences. Frankfurt Conferences are  Euro Infectious Diseases Conferences & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Conferences. 11th Global Dermatologists Meeting, Geology conferences is occuring in Dubai meetings. 3rd International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine Conference  , will be organized on November 02-03, 2016 at  Istanbul. Drug Discovery & Designing conference, Medical Physics conference will also be organized. Berlin conferences have Euro Pharma Expo, 4th European  Pharma Congress, 5th European Immunology Conferences, 12th European Diabetes CongressInternational Conference and Expo on Molecular & Cancer Biomarkers. Cologne conferences (Germany) are 10th Global Oncologists MeetingEmergency Mental Health conferences etc.


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