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Oxford, with a population of 1.5 lakh is one of the fastest growing cities in UK and it is also termed as the University town and home of the oldest University in the English-speaking world- University of Oxford. Oxford is located 39 km (24 miles) north-west of Reading, 42 km (26 miles) north-east of Swindon, 58 km (36 miles) east of Cheltenham and 69 km (43 miles) east of Gloucester, 48 km (30 miles) south-west of Milton Keynes, 61 km (38 miles) south-east of Evesham, 69 km (43 miles) south of Rugby and 80 km (50 miles) north-west of London. Oxford maintains a maritime temperate climate all over the year.

Oxford possesses around 3 unique universities, 18 research institutes and 48 colleges out of which The University of Oxford is the most famous and illustrious institute of the world enthralling 40% of its academic staff and 15% of undergraduates from overseas. It is ranked currently as fifth-best university in the world.