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OMICS Group-The scientific hub that possesses the unique and the second-to none feature, because of the best published articles and eminent International conferences organized throughout the year. The salient features of OMICS Publishing Group are Open Access Journals which are 300, a Team of 25, 000 editorial members along with a reviewing team of 30, 000 and more that 1,00,000 followers on social networks and most essentially 3.0 million readers. Hence it sustains the best and the current research articles in the Open Access Group besides approaching the world of scientists by organizing 100 International Conferences every year (annually) which consists of eminent speakers and scientists all the way from the globe. B2B meetings and presentations through posters are especially encouraging the young researchers and most exclusively the exhibitions that are the world class in nature assisting the exhibitors to meet the globe. The associations, the societies and the collaborations mark OMICS Group International at its best.

Ottawa is the capital and the fourth largest city in Canada. With a population of over 8 lakh, it provides the best quality of living standing at second position among all the big cities of America and one among the beautiful places of the world. English and French are treated as the official languages in Ottawa under the bilingualism policy recognizing same rights & privileges. Ottawa is the hub for some of the top Universities in Canada like Canadian National Institute of Health, Le Cordon Bleu School & University of Ottawa. It is driven by world-class research institutions such as Communications Research Centre (CRC), National Research Council (NRC) and Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCR).