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Mexico, Officially the United Mexican States is a Federal Republic in North America bordered by Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Mexico has one of the world's largest economies; it is the largest oil and silver producer in the world .Mexico city is the capital and largest city in Mexico. Mexico is the 5th largest country in the Americas and the 13th large independent nation in the world. Mexico has membership in prominent institutions such as the UN, the WTO, the G20 and the Uniting for Consensus.


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Mexico Highlights:
Mexico has been center of higher education and research with several Universities like National Autonomous University of Mexico, Autonomous Metropolitan University, National Institute of Anthropology and History, National Polytechnic Institute, Technological University of Aguascalientes, Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, Inter American University of Development, University of Colima, Technological University of Selva, Inter Continental University, and Latin American University.

Health and Research:
Mexico has a Diversed list of medical and Health care Institutions like Americana Mexicana de la Historia, CEDO, Centre de investigacion  en Matematicas, Centro de investigaciones Cientificas de las Huastecas, Aguazarca, Centro de investigaciones en Optica, CINVESTAV, Consejo Nacional  de Ciencia  Tecnologia, Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas, Instituto  Global Para la Sostenibilidad, Instituto Nacional de Medicina Genomica, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre, Mexican Council for Foreign Relations, Mexican Institute of Petroleum, National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, Electronics, National School of Anthropology and History, Salvador Zubiran National Institute of Health Sciences and Nutrition. Medical Associations in Mexico include Southern New Mexico Medical Association, New Mexico Medical Society, New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association, New Mexico Osteopathic Association, Southern Mexico Medical Association and Mexican Medical Informatics Association.

Mexico occupies 15th place in world’s economy and is 11th largest in purchasing power. The economy contains rapidly developing modern industrial and service sectors, with increasing private ownership. Economy of Mexico is based on the extraction of crude oil, the transfer of funds from the Mexican emigrants working abroad, tourism, and intensive industrial, mining and Agricultural activities.  Recent administrations have expanded competition in ports, railroads, telecommunications, electricity generation, natural gas distribution and airports, with the aim of upgrading infrastructure. Mexico contains 7.8 million labor forces. Automotive industry is most important industrial manufacturer. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are the important car manufactures in Mexico.