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Kyoto has been the former imperial capital of Japan. The city is located in the central part of the Island of Honshu. Over centuries many artists, writers and poets have visited and stayed in Kyoto. Even today it continues to remain the hub for both industrial and intellectual. Alongside the city is the home to 37 institutions of higher education. There are a number of universities in and around the city of Kyoto. The most popular of the major courses are related to architecture, literature & art due to the city’s deep association to well preserved heritage and culture over thousand years. Kyoto University ranks second after University of Tokyo. The city also has a consortium of universities which offers a variety of courses. Well established universities such as Stanford have their Japan division established in Kyoto.

OMICS Group was established with the idea of making scientific research open access. Our latest initiative is to partner with societies around the world and increase scientific compliance. OMICS Journals have over 3 million readers and the glory could be attributed to the committed editorial board containing over 30, 000 editorial board members worldwide who ensure the quality of the articles remain unparalleled. Alongside the group is also engaged in organizing International conferences. OMICS Group conferences provide the perfect platform to interact with peers from both industry & academia. The events are perfect for B2B meetings, promoting research and scientific collaborations. In 2014 the group aims to organize 100 events around the globe.



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