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OMICS Group and Conferenceseries Ltd

OMICS Group publishes scientific journals and organizes international conferences. OMICS serves as an scientific community with its highly valued 500 Open Access Journals and team of around 30,000 editorial and reviewers to make sure the quality and fast editorial, review processing with publishing time of just 21 days from the day of submission of manuscript. We have high visibility across the scientific community with readership of more than 3 million readers. Our team is highly committed to provide some of the most enhanced features such as audio version of published paper, digital article to share and investigate with social networking enabled. We accept our authors, reviewers and editors with scientific credits.

Importance of Conference

International conferences are good for our career in the future. Conferences not only open doors to your career, but also open your eyes to upcoming opportunities, new cultures, and international perspectives. Especially for students in under developed countries, this kind of conferences can provide an amazing opportunity to further strengthen learning experiences. There are many benefits, both globally and independently, of attending a conference.


The symposium will be of interesting for presenters as well as attendees to exchange information on recent developments.


Workshops are often more effective than classic mode of interaction.  Workshop is a period of discussion and practical work on a particular topic, in which participants with the help of facilitators share their knowledge, proficiency, and experience with the whole group, and then each group is requisite to give a presentation.  The advantages of attending workshops are knowledge improvement, all the participants meet and talk in order to get to know each other; attending workshops is good opportunity to network. 


Our congresses will provide a huge opportunity to the students all around the world to participate in young research forum and have a chance to express their research through oral presentation. The most excellent presentation will be honored with the cash reward on the venue. We will provide a chance to students to meet the renowned speakers and attend various workshops. Best poster competition have been designed to bring the best out of the young researchers where the good research work will be appreciated with cash price during the congress.

Professors and Assistant Professors

As your career advance, you will learn that even though listening to the talks is extremely valuable in addition to socializing with colleagues from other institutions and a trip to abroad setting, the two main reasons to attend a conference are to hear presentations and to converse with other researchers.

Conferenceseries Ltd provides special debate to the researchers wherein they can communicate with scientists form diversified fields at our congress.


Exhibitors analyse a conference as a business opportunity.  Exhibitors attend the conference with the benefit of meeting new clients. Exhibitors give additional value to a conference. They are a rich source of information and ideas.  They can inform delegates on new services and products in an exclusive environment. 

How Conferenceseries Ltd are helping the scientific community by organizing conferences

OMICS group has revolutionised the meaning of Open Access by imparting free access of its 500 open access journals to the world.  OMICS group conferences are providing scientific community with a common platform to share their knowledge and work all across the globe. Every year Conferenceseries Ltd organizes more than 1000 + Global Events all across the globe. These events are highly content rich academic conferences, symposiums, business empowering B2B meetings and other networking events. OMICs Group organizes International conferences on Medical Conferences, Clinical Conferences, Microbiology Conferences, Molecular Biology Conferences and many more

B2B meetings

Business-to-Business (B2B) meetings are directed towards giving networking opportunities among the delegates of different companies from different geographical extensions. These meetings are best way to discover potential business partners and expand the business across the border. B2B meetings promote global partnership among industries from different part of the world by bringing up a context of communication and collaboration between them. Conferenceseries Ltd provides best venues for these business empowering meetings.

Scientific Partnering Meetings

Conferenceseries Ltd made scientific partnerships with researchers from government, academia, universities, scientific and research organizations, private divisions, private foundations and other entities including the research communities, government bodies, international governmental organization, NGOs and the industrial sectors,  all around the world to promote the development-oriented research and to extend outreach and promote synergy all around the world. We have an increased and highlighted feature of scientific partnerships all over the world. We serve as an important medium to link with scientists, researchers, clinicians, academicians from government, academia and industry across the globe.

Young Scientist Award Competitions, And Best Poster Award Competitions

Recognition of one’s achievements is always great. Awards therefore play a main role as a mark of professional recognition within the scientific community. Major global challenges of the society with science-based solutions, Conferenceseries Ltd initiate the young scientist awards as well as best poster awards for the young researches for sessions planned for either a specific research accomplishment or sometimes a lifetime of professional service. Under this scheme a selected young scientists will receive certificate of appreciation.


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