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Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, located within the emirate. The emirate of     Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and has the largest population in the UAE (2,106,177) and the second-largest land territory by area (4,114 km2) after Abu Dhabi. There are 52 institutions in Dubai that offer higher education programs, and they are grouped into three categories; federal institutions, institutions in the Free Zones and institutions outside the Free Zones. The most popular field of study among students in Dubai is Business (42% of students), followed by Society, Law and Religion (19%). Significant numbers are also studying Engineering (9%), Information Technology (6%) and Media and Design (7%). There are very few students studying Health and Medicine (2%), Education (1%), Natural and Physical Sciences (1%) and Tourism and Hospitality (1%). Around 7% of all students are in Foundation programs that prepare school leavers with necessary skills for university study.

 Conferenceseries Ltd is an amalgamation of 500 Open Access Journals and worldwide International conferences. Conferenceseries Ltd has been instrumental in taking the knowledge on Science & technology to the doorsteps of researchers.  Research Scholars, Students, Libraries, Educational Institutions, Research centers and the industry are main stakeholders that benefitted greatly from this knowledge dissemination. Conferenceseries Ltd organizes 1000+ Global Events annually across the globe, where knowledge transfer takes place through debates, panel discussions, poster presentations, workshops, symposia and exhibitions. Conferenceseries Ltd Conferences have the special features like: Well organized workshops, events and symposia, Poster presentations and world class exhibits, renowned speakers and scientists across the globe, Panel discussions & interactive sessions. Perfect platform for global networking, B2B meetings, Alliances and associations, Collaborative Research opportunities. Conferenceseries Ltd conferences are supported by several reputed 1000+ associations and societies and organizes Medical Conferences, Engineering Conferences, Healthcare Conferences, DiabetesConferences and many more
 A conference is a gathering of people with a common interest or background, with the purposes of allowing them to meet one another and to learn about and discuss issues, ideas and work that focus on a topic of mutual concern. Conferences may be held in places other than the workplaces and neighbourhoods of their participants, so that the people attending can focus on the topic at hand without distractions. There are a number of reasons you might organize a conference, some practical, some idealistic, some political, and some with elements of all three.
1. The field needs a conference. 2. Your organization or group wants to start an annual gathering. 3. There’s a crisis or opportunity that should be addressed.4. You may want to establish the legitimacy of the field. 4. Feedback from the field or the community may demand it.
There are probably as many answers to this question as there are workshops and workshop presenters but, in general, a workshop is a single, short (although short may mean anything from 45 minutes to two full days) educational program designed to teach or introduce to participants practical skills, techniques, or ideas which they can then use in their work or their daily lives. Dubai workshops have several features in common: They're generally small, usually from 6 to 15 participants, allowing everyone some personal attention and the chance to be heard. They're often designed for people who are working together, or working in the same field. They're conducted by people who have real experience in the subject under discussion.
Symposium: a meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, especially a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience. Dubai Symposiums are  the world's most important gathering of Researchers and experts. Dubai conferences 2014 agenda offers sessions, workshops, roundtables and mastermind keynotes across three full days. With role-based tracks and industry tracks, the agenda targets your specific title responsibilities and ways to adapt new ideas and strategy.
Business to Business Meetings or B2B meetings is called in popular management parlance is one of the most critical aspects in today's business environment. In simpler words B2B meetings means networking with potential companies with whom a business would like to partner in some form.
Scientific partnering: Association of two or more Organizations or entities that conduct a business for profit as co-owners. Except in the case of the limited liability partnership, which shares with the corporation the characteristic of being treated as a single entity whose members have limited personal liability. Dubai Conferences and Dubai Workhsops traditionally viewed as an association of individuals rather than an entity with a separate and independent existence.



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Live Streaming:
Conferenceseries Ltd is providing an opportunity, live streaming of the event. We are broadcasting our event live in the internet, one solution to turn the missed opportunities into extra revenue is to stream the events live to others. This creates added value for presenters and capitalizes on people unable to attend, which can Increase broadening and globalizing audience.
Conferenceseries Ltd is providing e-poster opportunity exclusively for students now, where we are displaying the e-Poster on website and the abstract will be published in conference proceeding book.
The Young Researchers Award is granted to researchers demonstrating outstanding research performance. At the same time, the award aims to inspire early stage researchers and experienced researchers to incorporate a dimension and perspective into their research. Dubai Conferences always plays a prominent role in redefining the field of science and technology.

Best Poster Award: The award will be given to the best posters presented at the conference events. The awards are to be given to acknowledge the quality and thoroughness of the candidate’s work, originality and independence of the candidate’s contributions, significance and timeliness of research results and depth of understanding of the research topic and its relationship to the fields of their interests.

Dubai Conferences target mostly the following:
Policy and decision makers
Researchers and experts
Early career scientists and students
Development organizations and NGOs
Specialized agencies and institutions
Private sector
Dubai is the commercial, financial and tourism focal point of the Middle East region.

Emerging as a regional business hub alongside London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, Dubai has developed a vibrant entrepreneurial environment through the government’s progressive development strategy. Its geographic position gives companies instant access to the diverse and expansive markets of the Middle East, Northern and Southern Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the CIS countries. Its sophisticated logistics infrastructure is truly world-class, seamlessly integrating Europe with the Far East. Those who choose to come here enjoy a dazzling high standard of living – and an abundance of business opportunities. From the glitz and high life to the comforts of modern urban living, Dubai offers the best of all worlds for networking and business.

Most Visiting places in Dubai includes: Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountains, Atlantis Hotel, Global Village, Palm Island, Dubai Creek, Ski Dubai, Dubai Marina, Wild Wadi.