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Cork is a city located in Ireland. Cork is divided into two regions by river Lee; the major part of the cork is located at centre of the island with two regions called western & northern regions. The two regions, quays and docks along the river banks lead to Lough Mahon and Cork Harbour, which is one of the world\'s largest natural harbours. Cork harbour is one of the main sources for most of the population within the city

During 1577, some speak about the Cork as, "The fourth town of Ireland" that\'s, "so involved with evil neighbours, 

The title for “
Mayor of Cork was established by charter in 1318, and also this title was modified to Lord city manager in 1900 following the aristocracy of the incumbent city manager by Empress on her Royal Visit to town. City saw fierce fighting between Irish guerrillas and United Kingdom forces. Throughout people warfare, Cork was for a time held by anti-Treaty forces, till it had been retaken by the pro-Treaty National Army in a attack from the ocean.

Climate conditions of Cork,  are delicate and changeable with simple downfall and an absence of temperature extremes. Cork lies in plant lustiness zone. It ought to be noted that the flying field is at altitude of 151 metres (495 ft) and temperatures will usually distinct  by some degrees between the flying field. There are smaller synoptic weather stations at UCC and trefoil Hill.

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