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Cairns is  home to more than 1, 30,000 people from all corners of the world and are well-known for its sightseeing attractions like the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics World Heritage rainforest. It has approximate inhabitants of 1, 30,594 which are increasing at a standard rate of 1.8 per cent per year. There is something here for every tourist to get pleasure from adrenaline-charged adventures like diving, white water rafting and bungee jumping or more moderate pursuits like bird inspection, hiking, gourmet restaurants or just sitting under a palm tree sipping a cocktail.
Cairns offers people magnificent accommodation choices – everything from five star resorts to backpacker lodgings or camp grounds – along with temperate weather conditions, sunny skies and sea breezes. Where else can you enjoy global band one day and total separation on a tropical island.

Cairns climate positioned in the Wet Tropics, the region’s climate is hot and humid during summer months with soft, dry winters the city of Cairns is situated on the northeast coast of Australia in the state of Queensland about 2, 500km from Sydney by road. Just about any time of the year is good to visit crains. For some people, summer, from December to February, can be unbearably hot but it’s great for enjoying.  The famous Australian beaches in steamy north Queensland, the Cairns region, summer becomes the “wet season” with moist weather and monsoonal rain, “stingers” in the ocean and sometimes influential storms called cyclones. Winter in the Cairns region – from June to August - is measured the best time to appointment with crystal clear skies, cool breezes and perfect scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Down south, winter offers high-quality skiing in New South Wales, Victoria and occasionally in Tasmania. The autumn and spring, both north and south, are moderately mild and also a good time to visit. English is the official language but as a multicultural nation, many other languages are spoken. In the Cairns area, Japanese is normally spoken in the tourism industry and some shop signs are written in Japanese. Mandarin Chinese is also a gradually more spoken language in the Cairns region."Aussie slang" is frequently used and abbreviations can cause uncertainty among visitors. There are books of commonly-used Australian words available in many book stores in the Cairns region.



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