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Brussels is the capital of Belgium; it has the population 1.8 million which is the major part of the Belgium. After the Second World War it has became the centre for international politics.

Initially people in Brussels used to speak in Dutch but as of now they are speaking French.

There are many universities in Brussels such as Université Libre de Bruxelles it is a French speaking university, in this we can see more than 20,000 students  and other one is Vrije Universiteit Brussel university it is Dutch speaking university in this we can see more than 10,000 students . Its government is encouraging a lot in the development of education system in the country

OMICS Group is foremost scientific event organizer. It organizes more than 100 Scientific Conferences around the world. It has about 25,000 editorial board members, more than 3 million readers’ database, well organized Scientific Program and support from a wide range of scientific associations. The intention of OMICS group is to serve the needs of the scientific community, to build up a strong association with industry and business, and also to achieve international standards and authorized criterion. OMICS Group Conferences are included with International meetings, symposia, workshops, exhibitions and world congresses by gathering the people on a single platform and thus attaining its motto of growing and enlighten the knowledge all over the world in wide range of Science, Technology and Medicine.


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