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Brisbane has top most universities such as University of Queensland Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University, all among Australia's highest rated universities. We can see other universities in Brisbane such as Australian Catholic University, Central Queensland University, James Cook University, JMC Academy, University of Southern Queensland and the University of the Sunshine Coast. Brisbane is also home to the National Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts.

University of Queensland is established in 1909 and it is the fifth oldest university in Australia. It is also known as Sandstone University.

OMICS Group is leading scientific event organizer. It organizes 1000+ Global Events around the globe. OMICS Journals operate about 500 Open Access journals It has more than 25,000 editorial board members, additional than 3 million readers’ database, well organized Scientific Program and support from a wide range of scientific associations. The purpose of Conferenceseries Ltd is to provide the needs of the scientific community, to construct up a strong association with industry and business, and also to achieve international standards and authorized criterion. OMICS International Conferences are incorporated with International Conferences, symposia, workshops, exhibitions and world congresses by gathering the people on a single platform and thus attaining its motto of growing and enlighten the knowledge all over the world in wide range of Science, Technology and Medicine.


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