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Beijing Conferences, Workshops and Symposiumsare providing the opportunity for the world’s most scientific and technological aspirants to be acknowledged with the new trends in science and technology by arranging internationally biggest platform in the city Beijing. Beijing is the second largest city and the capital of People’s Republic of China.  In terms of educational, cultural as well as political aspects, the city Beijing have a special place. Apart from this, the city is also famous for its largest tourist visit. The city having a versatile change in its climate is having the most to least temperature scale. The highest temperature recorded during summer is 420C (1090 F) to - 27 °C (-17 °F) during winter. The city Beijing is also popular for its good transportation and communication facilities. The Beijing’s Capital International Airport is Asia’s second and world’s top busiest airport and having China’s largest railway hub. Nearly 70 Universities and Institutions of Beijing are providing the higher education in different subject areas. Most of the Universities are public, only a few are privately sponsored. Some of the most renowned Universities are Peking University, Beijing University of Technology, LSE-PKU Summer School and Tsinghua University.

The top listed Beijing Universities are:

Peking University

Tsinghua University 

Peking Union Medical College - Tsinghua University

China University of Geosciences 

Beihang University 

Beijing Forestry University 

Beijing Jiaotong University 

Beijing University of Chemical Technology 

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 

Beijing University of Petroleum 

China Agricultural University 

The city Beijing also having centers for recent research and development in technologies. There is also a widespread scope for research in Beijing in multidisciplinary topics. Various research institutes focuses on the new burning topics like Energy system optimization, Water system integration, and bioenergy: Algae and biomass production of bio-fuels, Waste disposal and management, Pressurized microwave catalysis, Quantum optics, research on cardiovascular disease & left ventricular assist device, Genetic Therapy and disease management, microsatellite image quality.

Some of research institutes are listed below:

National Institute of Biological sciences

Beijing Academy of science & technology

Beijing computational science research centre

Institute of Geographic sciences& natural resources research

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