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Bangalore the capital city of Karnataka which is located between the western and Eastern Ghats in Karnataka is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year as it is located at a height of over 3,000 feet above sea level and an estimated area of 740 km². The city is among the top preferred entrepreneurial locations in the world. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India as it is India’s leading IT exporter. The city economy makes it one of the major economic centers in India. With an estimated population of 8 million Bangalore is the third most populous city in India and is the fastest-growing Indian city next to New Delhi. The city is a hub to many educational and research institutes like Indian Institute of Science(IISC), Indian Institute of Management (IIMB), National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences and Indian space Research Organization which has been established in 1972 etc. The Bangalore University which has been established in 1886, affiliates for more than 500 colleges, with a total student enrollment reaching 300,000. Not only IT Industry, Bangalore is also known for popular engineering colleges like RV, BMS College of Engineering, etc. Bangalore city has one of the best education institutions which create a path to success for every aspiring student. The headquarters of several Public sector units such as BEL, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Hindustan Machine Tools etc are located in Bangalore.

With an aim of spreading knowledge to every nook and corner of the world OMICS Group Endeavors for sharing knowledge on science and Technological achievements through its Conferences in Bangalore. Bangalore conferences involve gathering of individuals or members of several organizations for debating on matters of common interest. Omics organization is of science researchers from academia, industry and government which promote communication for the advancement of research and in improving the quality of life. OMICS group is organizing more than 100 International conferences a year and now ready to organize exclusive exhibitions and workshops in all their future conferences. Workshops at OMICS bring you face to face with the latest research updates and provide you priceless experience under the guidance of renowned professionals. Workshops promise to be an enjoyable and enrich the participants to learn more with significant interaction among peers who have similar interests.


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Omics organize a range of international medical conferences and exhibitions each unique in their field. Our events are open to organizations, institutions and professors researchers and students who are interested in gaining information, developing business and fostering international partnerships. Scientific Partnering at OMICS group international conferences gathers top ranked academic professionals, talented young researchers, enthusiastic student communities and knowledge groups under a single roof promoting information exchange and helps explore cutting edge solutions for critical challenges faced by the scientific world. Through diverse workshops panel discussions after each sessions omics conferences provides best skill sharing venues.

Scientific Conferences are official meetings of renowned scientists, research professional’s business delegates, young students who present and discuss their work at a single venue. If workshops and symposiums are added to these scientific conferences they provide a perfect platform for researchers, faculty and students to exchange their research and valuable information. Conferences are composed of various presentations with a time span of 15 to 30 minutes and these presentations are usually followed by discussions. The academic conferences are planned and arranged in parallel sessions on a wide variety of topics and would be helpful in motivating students to aim higher in learning new technologies. In the practical sense, it is an assembly of delegates or diplomats demonstrating their research works and outcomes.

Academic conference, in science and academia, is a formal event where researchers present their results, workshops, and other activities. OMICS group international conferences gives unlimited scope for collaborations by gathering academicians from renowned universities and top most industrialists from business clusters to network on a same platform creating a channel for mutual associations and partnerships. Omics conferences are designed to meet the needs of both experienced and new career professionals. Bangalore conferences are a major venue for young and talented students to advance in their career prospects by interacting with scientific professionals across the globe. Conferences will inform you of what others are doing and will inspire research ideas of your own and will expose you to different styles of presentation, one can interact with peers at other institutions which help you be part of a community.

B2B meeting is a business activity by which groups of like-minded business people come together, in search of business opportunities. Setting up B2B is a challenging exercise. OMICS group international conferences serve as a best platform for these interactions to happen among industrial professionals, business clusters, institutional investors, capitalists, and corporate investors thereby granting boundless opportunities to promote business deals and product enhancements. Scientific Partnering at OMICS group international conferences gathers top ranked academic professionals, talented young researchers, enthusiastic student communities and knowledge groups under a single roof promoting information exchange and helps explore cutting edge solutions for critical challenges faced by the scientific world.

People visiting Bangalore conferences can forget their time by visiting the city historical places. The Begur Nageswara Temple was built in during the rule of the Western Ganga Dynasty and the Someshwara Temple dates from the Chola era. The city has been ruled by various south Indian dynasties and the famous tipu sultan was known as the king of Mysore. It is also one of the major tourist attractions in India, Iskon temple, bannerghatta national park, male mahadeshwara hills etc add to the attractions. Coins being found at yeswanthapur of the Roman emperors indicate that the city was involved in oceanic trade with ancient civilizations. Bangalore is also known as the Garden City of India as of its tender climate, lush greenery, public parks such as Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh. The city is also called as the "Pub Capital of India". Flower shows are held at the Gardens of Lal Bagh during the week of Republic Day and Independence Day. Karaga Shaktyotsava the oldest festival of Bangalore which dedicated to the Goddess Draupadi.

OMICS Group International is one of the leading Open Access scientific publications which cover 300 leading edge peer reviewed Open Access journals supported by 30,000 reviewer and editorial board members facilitating 21 days quick review process. The glory is credited to more than 3 million readers worldwide. OMICS Group conferences are the sister concern of OMICS Group that has the glory of organizing over 100 scientific conferences all around the globe every year and famous for its well organized scientific programs and the best platform where industry meets academia.