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Asunción is the largest city and of Paraguay. It is an independent capital district not part of any division.  Asuncion is an old city in South America and the best ever continually occupied area in the Rio de la Plata Basin. The Asunción municipal area has above 2 million in population. The city of Asuncion is planned on the Asuncion Stock Exchange, as BVPASA.  It is the home of chief industrial, national government, principal port and cultural centre of the country.

Asunción is situated between the meridians 57° 40\' and 57° 30\' of west longitude and parallels 25° 15\' and 25° 20\' of south latitude. The city is located on the left bank of the Paraguay River, nearly at the convergence of this river with the River Pilcomayo. The Bay of Asunción and The Paraguay River in the northwest divide the city from the Occidental Region of Paraguay and Argentina in the south part of the city. The remaining part of the city is encircled by the Central Department.

Some of the Universities in Asunción

Universidad Americana
Universidad Nacional de Asunción

Universidad Católica
Universidad Autónoma de Asunción

Universidad Columbia
Universidad del Cono Sur de las Americas

Some of the attractions in Asuncion:

Itaipu Dam, Estadio Defensores del Chaco, National Pantheon of the Heroes, Casa de la Independencia Museum, La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná, Icono Tower

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