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Malaysia's capital city is Kualalumpur. Malaysia has increased, its representation of scientific papers in a Scientific publishing Database from roughly 1914 papers in 2006 to more than 15,141 in 2017. It is a sharp spike of almost 500%. It has also progressively increased its global relative impact, greater than the world baseline in 2015. Malaysia has Vision 2020 (Wawasan 2020) Plan, in which it includes creating a scientific and open-minded society. Malaysia has a situation of high health expenditures, so Medical Technology Markets will  boom in Malaysia. 2017 Projected Consumer Prices (% Change) is 3.8, 2017 Projected Real GDP Growth (% Change) is 5.4.

Conference Series Lauds Malaysian Education Blueprint (2013-2025), that offers equal access to quality edification of global standards. Conference Series provides a free access to scientific data by publishing researches  in more than 900+ peer-reviewed Open Access journals. Conference Series  boasts a readership base of 25 Million+ Visitors, 25000+ unique visitors per conference and 70000+ page views for every individual conference.

Conference Series   is a blend of scientific research presentations and organizing international events. Conference Series liaise with various societies, research organizations, universities and individual scientists to host 3000+ Global Events in the year 2018. Conference Series builds partnering, collaborations with associations.

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Weather in Malaysia

Malaysia is in the equatorial region, and has a tropical rainforest climate. Malaysia faces 2 monsoon seasons, the Southwest Monsoon from April to September, and the Northeast Monsoon from October to March. March and October form transitions between the two monsoons.


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The research foci of Malaysia reflect, It’s leadership in palm oil and biodiesel. Malaysia's productivity of Papers Indexed in Sciencetific publishing companies crossed 15,000. 

The energizing beauty of the countryside pulls the renowned scientists and business delegates to visit the country as it provides a package of tourism at the lavishing places along with an excellent opportunity for them to explore and share the knowledge on latest advancements in the field. Malaysia is one of the main centres for the academic as well as business conferences. Being the best relaxing spot across the globe Malaysian Conferences provides a great platform for the business professionals and prestigious biotech, pharma, chemistry, analytical and healthcare companies to launch their latest products into the international market. Malaysian Conferences are famous for most of the herbal, alternative treatment strategies, engineering, marine culture and organic farming events as these are one of the vast emerging areas for the economy of Malaysia.


  • National University of Malaysia
  • University of Malaysia Kelantan
  • University of Malaysia Pahang
  • University of Malaysia Perlis
  • University of Malaysia Sabah
  • University of Malaysia Sarawak
  • University of Malaysia, Terengganu
  • Sultan Idris Education University
  • National Defence University of Malaysia
  • Putra University, Malaysia
  • Islamic Science University of Malaysia
  • University of Science, Malaysia
  • Sultan Zainal Abidin University
  • Technical University of Malaysia Malacca
  • University of Technology, Malaysia
  • MARA University of Technology
  • Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia
  • Northern University of Malaysia
  • University of Malaya

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Malaysia events provide exciting opportunity to showcase the services of your company to the broad International audience. We would like to take the utmost pleasure in inviting you to Sponsor/ Exhibit at our event. Sponsors and exhibitors are always encouraged to advertise and promote themselves via. Conference Series. Conferenceseries Malaysia Conferences provide an easy and affordable way to the sponsors and exhibitors to promote their program/organization/institution to the targeted academic as well as professional audience