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Conference Series LLC Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry or also called as medico-marketing, it is a Pharma hub which covers the innards of pharmaceutical marketing including Industrial Techniques, Medical devices and Expos, Analytical and Bioanalytical techniques; with these International events Conference Series LLC aims  to increase Pharmaceutical market and cater the profession. Providing a chance, Conference Series LLC conferences host leading pharmaceutical companies and representatives and decision makers of different sectors to showcase their cogent findings, latest experiences and developments. These conferences help global pharma market to be under one roof for providing better market to healthcare community.Globally Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry Conferences are being organized this year as well as upcoming years like  UK, USA, Spain,  Japan, China, Turkey ,Malaysia and etc.


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The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceuticals for use as medications. Pharmaceutical companies may deal in generic or brand medications and medical devices. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations that govern the patenting, testing, safety, efficacy and marketing of drugs. Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry

Conference Series LLC supports the interaction, information exchange and career growth opportunities among scientific professionals at intervals trade, government and world. The association is split into numerous useful sections, focus teams and regional discussion groups which are ruled by a council electoral by the membership. Conference Series LLC Organizes 1000+ Global Events. Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 700+ Open access journals which contains over 100000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board and organizing committee members. Conference Series LLC Conferences are the best venues for organizing our Pharmaceutical Conferences, Medical Conferences, Engineering Conferences, Healthcare Conferences, Diabetes Conferences and many more. Conference Series LLC is also into organizing Conferences on Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry. The conference series website provides the list and details about the Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry organized worldwide. It supports many public stretch efforts through social media like Science Direct, Pub Med, Springer, YouTube, Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter. Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry is devoted to providing a forum for facilitation of discovery, development and information dissemination for the pharmaceutical sciences, medicine and biotechnological sciences community. The organization aims to attain these objectives through sturdy values together with effective communications, membership portfolios and continue to commit the innovation in science and technology. Members in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharma Industry aims to inspire people from medical streams to actively participate in shaping the organization and successively having a chance for skilled development through networking, mentoring, education, and scientific exchange.

Student Poster Competition is organized at Conferences, to encourage students and recent graduates to present their original research which will be later published in the Conference Series LLC Journals. All accepted abstracts will be presented at the poster sessions during the conference. Conference Series LLC provides an opportunity to present E-Poster  for all the students who cannot attend the conference at 49$ with abstract published in the website with DOI number Live Streaming is a value added service offering to speaker at Conference Series LLC Conferences.

European Biosimilars Conferences  June 27-29, 2016  Valencia, Spain: With a passage of over one decade from the inception of Biosimilars in Europe it is high time that professionals in the field of Biologics and Biosimilars gather to discuss the present scenario and future prospects. The Euro Biosimilars 2016 in collaboration with BioSim- Spanish Association for Biosimilars shall offer an international platform for valuable knowledge exchange with latest developments in the field and also provoke the conversations for the future of Biosimilars.

Conference Highlights:

Current Challenges of Biologics, Emerging Biosimilars in Therapeutics, Biosimilar Analytical Strategies,  Regulatory Approach for Biosimilars, Legal Issues, Biosimilars Innovator Pharmaceutical Products, Globalization of Biosimilars, Clinical Studies on Biosimilars, Intellectual Property Rights, Bioequivalence Assessment, BCS & IVIVC Based Biowaivers, Biosimilar Market Analysis,  Biosimilars Pharmacovigilance, Plant Produced Biosimilars, Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

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Biosimilars Conferences,  International Conference Generic Drug Market and Contract Manufacturing, Parenterals and Injectables Conferences, Pharmaceutical Industry Summit, Annual European Pharma Congress, BioSim-Asociación Española de Biosimilares , Medicines for Europe(EGA) , GPhA-Generic Pharmaceutical Association , IGBA- International Generic and Biosimilars Medicines Association , BGMA-British Biosimilars Association

GMP Summit August 12-13, 2016 Toronto, Canada, Pharmaceutical companies must adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the quality of life of the people that consume it. The GMP Summit 2016 has grown into the premier networking opportunity for industry leaders in API to Final Formulation pharmaceutical manufacturing. It brings a unique International mix of large and medium Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices companies, Business Entrepreneurs, Pharmaceutical Consultants, leading Universities and Research institutions together and creates a perfect platform to share experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia and evaluate emerging technologies in improving the manufacturing quality of product across the globe.

Conference Highlights:

Good Manufacturing Practices: The Gap within, Current Regulations and Quality Standards, Current GMP Guidelines, The Role of c in cGMP, Good Clinical Practices & Good Laboratory Practices, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Validation, Contract & Sterile/Aseptic Manufacturing, Storage, Distribution, Transportation, Formulation Development, GMP in Food Industry, GMP in Microbiology and Biotechnology, Softwares in GMP and GCP.

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6th  Conference on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and IPR;  Conference on Generic Drug Market and Contract Manufacturing; Global Pharmaceutical Industry Summit; 2nd  Conference on Clinical Trials; International Pharmaceutical Method Development and Validation Conference; 6th Pharmacovigilance Congress; Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CSPS), Drug Information Association (DIA), Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

Clinical Trials Conferences will bring together Principle Investigators, Methodologists, Clinicians, Researchers, Academicians, CRO’s, and Industry professionals from Biotech, Pharma & Medical device companies by providing an ideal environment to disseminate and gain current advancements and knowledge in the area of Clinical Research. This includes a wide range of Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Symposia, Workshops, Exhibitions and Career development programs.

Conference Highlights:

Pre-Clinical Research, Conducts of Clinical Trials, Clinical Study Designs, Innovations in Clinical Trials, Clinical Data Management and Statistics, Transforming Trial Methodologies, Clinical Trials in Oncology, HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials, Diabetes Clinical Trials, Cardiovascular Clinical Trials, Clinical Trials on different Diseases and Disorders, Medical Devices Clinical Trials, Clinical Trials (Countries/Continents), Business Development in Clinical Trials, Clinical Trial Supply Management, Future of Clinical Trials, Bioethics and Quality Regulation, Clinical and Medical Case Reports, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety, Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

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2nd World Congress on Pharmacology, 7th Conference on BiomarkersConference on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring ,  Conference on Clinical Pharmacy, 14th  Conference on Diabetes, 4th Conference on HIV/AIDS, STDs, 14th  Conference on Cardiology,  Conference on Medical Devices, 14th World Cancer Convention, 14th World Congress on Cancer Therapy,  Conference on Legal Medical, 3rd World Congress on Women’s Health7th Conference on Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance Conferences August 22-24, 2016 Vienna, Austria reemphasizes research challenges of Pharmacovigilance, clinical and industrial pharma by adding a remarkable impact to research in patient safety, patient centric approaches and benefit risk management. The conference will give you current updates of Pharma Industry and global platform for networking with delegates and speakers from all around the globe.

Pharmacovigilance 2016 opens a world class gathering  to share valuable research thoughts and galvanize the scientific community. It is a a global platform to launch and manage the research topics, allowing to handle every aspect of Pharmacovigilance, clinical trials and Drug safety in an innovative way.

Conference Highlights :

Pre-Clinical and Clinical TrialsAdverse Drug Reactions, Clinical Trials on Various DisordersPharmacovigilance and Risk Management, Drug SafetyGood Pharmacovigilance Practice, Data Quality Management and AnalysisPharmacovigilance Significance & Scope, Diversity in Industrial Clinical Trials and Clinical Research, Clinical Research and Statistics, Case Report in Clinical Trials, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, PV Data Base ManagementPV Consultings and Bussiness OpportunityRegulatory Affairs,
Growth Strategies in Pharma,  Pharmacy Practices and its Challenges,  Entrepreneurs Investment Meet.

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6th Pharmacovigilance Congress, 8th Global Pharmacovigilance Summit International Pharmacy Conference , 5th Global Pharmacists Annual Meeting, 5th Annual European Pharma Congress, 7th World Congress on Bioavailability & Bioequivalence: BA/BE Studies Summit, Association of Pharmacy Professionals (APP), Pharmaceutical Society Of New Zealand (PSNZ), Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius(PAM), International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), European Pharmaceutical Union (EPU), Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU )
European Association of Emplo yed Community Pharmacists in Europe (EPhEU)

Drug Formulation Congresses, September 05-07, 2016 Beijing, China genially invites all the participants across the sphere to attend and experience In-depth intuitions on the latest developments in the field of Pharma. Drug Formulation 2016 is an outstanding event which gets together a unique & International mix of large, medium Pharmaceutical industries/companies, top universities, research institutes and building up the conference a perfect podium to share their experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia, to evaluate the emerging technologies across the globe.

Bioavailability Congresses, September 05-07, 2016 Beijing, China invites you to join us, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars all around the world. In the light theme, the conference series aims to provide a forum for researchers from several research areas of biomedical, Pharmaceutical, clinical sciences by providing a perfect platform for critical analysis of data and also to share latest cutting-edge research findings and results about all aspects of Drug Formulation. All the members of Drug Formulation 2016 organizing committee look forward to meeting you in Beijing, China.

Conference Highlights:

Preformulation Studies, Formulation, Drug Formulation Procedures, Novel Drug Delivery System, Drug Evolution Process of IND, NDA & ANDA, Role of API in Research & Development, Shelf Life & Stability Studies, Drug Product Manufacturing, Analytical Method Development and Validation, Biopharmaceutics Classification System, Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies, Factors Affecting Bioavailability, Nutrient Bioavailability, Advances In Bioavailability, Medicinal Chemistry, Traditional Medicine, Clinical Studies, Contract Research Organizations, Regulatory Requirements.

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7th World Congress on Bioavailability & Bioequivalence: BA/BE Studies Summit , 6th Pharmacovigilance Congress, 5th Global Pharmacists Annual Meeting, 8th Asian Biosimilars Congress,  Conference on Biotech Pharmaceuticals, Annual Pharmaceutical Analysis Conference,  3rd Conference on Innovations to Advanced Clinical Research and Clinical Trials, 10th Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems, 7th Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance, Parenteral Drug Association (PDA),  Bioanalytical Focus Group and Ligand Binding Assay, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), Royal Netherlands Chemical SocietyUS Food and Drug Administration (FDA),  American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC).

Regulatory Affairs Conferences Sept 29- Oct 01, 2016 provides the perfect one-stop resource with the information and knowledge resources to help you develop skills and learn proven strategies and techniques to help you overcome the challenges you face in the Regulatory profession.

Conference Highlights:

Regulatory Affairs, Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Regulatory Strategies, Novel Strategies for Growth in the Pharma and Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Environment, Regulation and the Global Regulatory Affairs, Biologics and Biosimilars, Best Industry Practices, Intellectual Property Rights, Marketing Authorizations, Advertising and Marketing Practices, Requirements for Medical Devices, Regulatory Strategies and Developments, Regulatory Requirements for Pharmaceuticals, Entrepreneurs Investment Meet.

Relevant Conferences:

Global Pharmaceutical Industry Summit August 22-24, 2016 Vienna, Austria; 2nd International Conference and Expo on Separation Techniques September 26-28, 2016 Valencia, Spain; International Conference on Pharma Marketing November 10-11, 2016 Alicante, Spain; 5th International Summit on Good Manufacturing Practices, GCP and Quality Control August 12-13, 2016 Toronto, Canada, USA; International Conference and Expo on Generic Drug Market and Contract Manufacturing Nov 07-09, 2016 Barcelona, Spain. Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS), The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA), The Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (CAPRA), American Chemical Society, The Organisation for Professionals In Regulatory Affairs (TOPRA).

Generic Pharma Conferences Nov 07-09, 2016 Barcelona, Spain is the largest conference gathering of the global generic industry, attracting attendees from around the globe. This Platform provides a unique forum for generic pharmaceutical executives from around the world to network and hear world-renowned experts discussing the latest insight into the international commercial, legal, and regulatory developments concerning the generic pharmaceutical sector.  Generic Pharma 2016 is the most established and leading generic strategy conference in Europe. It unites senior executives from the generic and biosimilar industry to provide fresh insights, future market trends, innovative commercial strategies and opportunities for growth for affordable medicines and Network with your target market, gain a thorough understanding of pharmaceuticals market in the region.

Conference Highlights

Generic Drugs, Generic Pills and Generic Medication, Office of Generic Drugs (OGD), Global Generic Trends, Biosimilars, Drug Discovery & Designing, Preformulation Studies, Advances in Contract Manufacturing, Interactive and Electronic Contract Manufacturing, GMP, GCP and Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs and IPR, Generic Drug Market, Contracted Drug Production, Generic Drug Marketing strategy, Integrated Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

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5th European Biosimilars Congress; 6th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and IPR ; International Conference on Pharma Marketing; 5th International Summit on GMP, GCP and Quality Control; 2nd Global Pharmaceutical Industry Summit; World Congress on Bioavailability and Bioequivalence; International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Development; International Conference Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology; International Conference Pharmaceutical Formulations; 8th Asian Biosimilars Congress; Annual Pharmaceutical Analysis ConferenceGeneric Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA); Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA); Southern African Generic Medicines AssociationThe Danish Generic Medicines Industry AssociationEuropean Generic Medicines Association

Medical Writing Conferences November 17-18, 2016 Dubai, UAE is a Universal platform to canvass and imbibe the roles and restraint of medical writers working with doctors, scientists, and other subject matter adept. Medical writers forge documents that efficaciously and lucidly describes research outcomes, product use, and other medical information. The medical writer also ensures that their documents comply with regulatory, journal, or other guidelines in terms of content, format, and structure.

Conference Highlights:

Scientific Writing, Medical Writing, Regulatory Medical Writer, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing Pharmacovigilance, Medical Coding, Healthcare Communication, Patient Safety Narratives, Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials, Biostatistics, Marketing for Medical Writing, Medical Writing Softwares, ISS/ISE (Integrated Summary of Safety/Efficacy

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3rd Conference on Health Informatics and Technology; 7th World Congress on Healthcare & Technologies; 8th Global Summit on Healthcare; 4th Conference on Medical Informatics and Health; 6th Pharmacovigilance Congress; 7th Conference on Pharmacovigilance; AMWA 2016 Medical Writing ConferenceCanadian Science Writers' Association (CSWA)European Medical Writers Association (EMWA)American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)Australasian Medical Writers AssociationHealth and Science Communications Association(H&SCA)

Forensic Research Conferences aims in gathering renowned scientists, professors and research professionals across the globe under a single roof, where they discuss about the forensic science and new technologies in forensic filed and they discuss about the research, achievements and advancements in this field. This conference will be a flat form for the interaction between forensic experts around the world and aims to accelerate scientific discoveries and major milestones in the field of forensic research. Forensic Research 2016 looks forward to provide a forum for laying the foundations of a new principled approach in Forensic field and its associated research fields. This conference will provide an excellent opportunity for the professors, researchers, and practitioners in all areas of forensic science and will provide an international forum for the promulgation of original research results, new ideas and practical developments.

Conference Highlights:

Forensic Nursing, Forensic Entomology, Forensic Geology and Geophysics, Forensic Genetics, Forensic Medicine, Vehicle Forensics, Computational Forensics, Forensic Odontology, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic DNA Analysis, Forensic Sociology, Forensic Pathology, Forensic Psychology and Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Toxicology, Wildlife Forensic Science, Forensic Engineering, Digital Forensics, Entrepreneurs Investment Meet, Forensic Services and Market Analysis, Forensic Equipment and Market Analysis

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6th Global Conference on Forensic Pathology and Medicine; Case Reports; Experts Meeting on Forensic Psychology and Criminology; Annual Meeting on Forensic Chemistry; International Conference on Forensic Science and Clinical Toxicology; American Forensic Association, International Association for Identification, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD), American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics (ASLME), American Forensic Association, American Society of Trace Evidence Examiners (ASTEE), International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG), Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT)

These international events are authoritative in guiding pharmacy students, scientists, research scholars, medical practitioners, clinical pharmacists, leading pharmaceutical industries to champion professional and social relationship with sister organizations and actively concur within the analysis and safe utilization of the pharmacy drugs with honor and ethics. These international scientific events comes up totally analyzed to proffer the best prospect for the academicians in terms of collaborations to undertake the workshops, symposia, present their research, and trade professionals in terms of exhibiting their products & services and B2B networking. The scientific sessions include oral and poster presentations, seminars, and workshops from the professionals working within the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Pharma conferences exhibitions operated by Conference Series Ltdproduce marketplaces for business by organizing leading trade exhibitions and conferences in growing and developing markets.

Conference Series LLC through its open access initiative hosts over highly valued 700 leading-edge peer reviewed Open Access Journals and organizes over 300 International Conferences annually all over the world. Conference Series LLC Journals have around 100000 Editorial and reviewers ensures the quality and fast editorial, review processing with time of publishing in just 21 days from the day of submission of manuscript. We have high accessibility across the scientific community with readership of more than 3.5 million readers. Conference Series LLC signed an agreement with more than 1000 International Societies to make healthcare information Open Access. Conference Series LLC brings in concert the work of leading minds in scientific organization all across the world to serve the civilization by making it possible for global allocation of knowledge through its Open Access Journals and Scientific Events. Conference Series Ltd International conferences are the best venues for organizing our Pharmaceutical Conferences, Medical Conferences, Engineering Conferences, Healthcare Conferences, Diabetes Conferences and many more

Advantages for Professors and Assistant Professors

We offer this platform to the researchers to establish or to extend their scientific network. Our Pharmaceutical Conferences always honored the high affiliated and renowned speakers as Organizing Committee Member position and will be facilitated with the special momentous during the event. Professors and Associate professors will have priority to chair a session of his/her interest. Renowned speakers get waivers during the International conference.

Benefits for student Participation

Our Pharmaceutical Conferences will provide a huge opportunity to the students all around the world to participate in young Research forum and have a chance to express their research through oral presentation. The best presentation will be honored with the cash reward on the venue


Conference Series LLC Pharmaceutical Conferences are excellent place to network with potential buyers and client to build your relationship. Our Conferences are an opportunity to notify and inform all attendees from manufacturers to buyers and common public about the benefits of your products and services, which in turn will bring you an immediate feedback about your products.


We bring Pharmaceutical Conferences Business-to-business (B2B) meetings of the companies within the corporate sector, providing a common platform to meet their counterparts and future and prospective partners. It encourages members from industries towards global partnership. B2B Meetings may bring up a context of communication and collaboration between industries.

Scientific Partnering

We have an enhanced and highlighted feature of scientific partnerships. We serve as an important medium to link with scientists/researchers, academicians and other researchers all around the world.

Global Networking is a new concept of sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and benchmarking opportunity with the power of networking beyond the barriers. Conference Series LLC presents you with an unmatched opportunity for Global Networking in their academic conferences, symposia, workshops and International meetings.


Conference Series LLC provides a platform for the young researchers to publish their abstract in our academic conferences proceedings, where all accepted abstracts for the academic conferences will be published in our supporting journal of respective conference. All the abstracts will get DOI number which will serve as a great opportunity for the young researchers.


In today’s business environment, hospitality is an elementary part of building and maintaining client relations. Conference Series LLC helps to simplify the needs of the people with so many options to choose, it is therefore vital that the people booking hospitality understand the differences between official and unofficial providers.

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  1. Webinar On Preventing Medical Device Recalls , 26 Oct 2015, Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada
  2. Sterile Filtration of Pharmaceutical Products - Validation and Regulatory Requirements ,27 Oct 2015, Palo Alto, United States of America
  3. FDA and MHRA Pharmacovigilance Inspection Readiness and Management , 28 Oct 2015 , San Francisco, United States of America
  5. Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry ,20 Jan - 21 Oct, London, United Kingdom
  6. Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology International Technical Seminar & Workshop, 20 Jun - 21 Jun 2016, Montreal, Canada
  7. Pharma Market Research Conference, 3-4, 2016 in Parsippany, New Jersey
  8. Pharma Market Research Conference, 13-14 October 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium
  9. 4th Annual Pharma Packaging & Labelling Forum, 26 - 27 November 2015 | Wien, Austria
  10. Marketing Pharmaceuticals 2016, 3 - 4 March 2016,North Bethesda, MD
  11. International Water Conference (IWC), Nov. 15-19, 2015,Orlando, FL
  12. PharmaVenue – networking, licensing and partnering event, Nov. 23, 2015,Barcelona
  13. IFPAC 2016 - 30th International Conference & Exhibition, January 24 - 27, 2016,Arlington, VA
  14. The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Labelling Summit, 27 Oct 15 - 29 Oct 15, Berlin, Germany
  15. An Introduction to Medical Device Software: Regulations and Requirements, 02 Nov 15 - 03 Nov 15,London
  16. Pharmaceutical Serialisation and Traceability,  November 2-4, 2015, Geneva, Switzerland
  17. International Conference Collaborative Pharma Supply Chain, November 30-1, 2015, Berlin, Germany
  18. SmartLab Exchange Europe, February 9-10, 2016, Unterschleißheim, Germany
  19. 11th Laboratory Informatics Summit, January 25-27, 2016, Philadelphia
  20. Software for Medical Devices Europe, February 22-24, 2016, Munich, Germany
  21. 14th Annual Cold Chain Management & Temperature Control Summit – Canada, February 29-3, 2016, Toronto, Canada
  22. Jahreskonferenz Pharma Packaging 2016, March 1-2, 2016, Berlin
  23. ProcureCon Pharma, 04 Nov 15 - 06 Nov 15, Philadelphia, United States
  24. TheDigital Pharma Advances Conference, 27 January 2016 London, UK
  25. Project Management for Pharma Professionals, 01 Dec 15 - 02 Dec 15, London
  26. 4th Annual Medical Device Access Leaders Forum, 8-10 December Berlin,Germany
  27. Common Technical Dossier, Dec 14-15, 2015, London
  28.  Analytica2016, 10 - 13 May 2016, Munich, Germany
  29. Process Validation in the US and EU, 08 Feb 16 - 09 Feb 2016, London
  30. Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals, 06 Jul 16 - 07 Jul 2016, London