Workshop at Earth Science-2014

Analysis and application of speciated mercury data

July 28, 2014 San Francisco
Theme of the workshop
Data monitoring and measurement uncertainties, data analysis and application – source-receptor studies, dry and wet deposition, mercury cycling, gas-particle partitioning, mercury transport model evaluation, etc.
Format of the workshop: One day (or longer depending on the number of attendants) duration with oral presentations. At the end of presentation, a two-hour (or longer) discussion on future collaborations will be arranged.
Abstract submission deadline: April 21, 2014
Abstracts will be published as a special issue in the Journal of Earth Science Climate Change
Invited speakers
David A. Gay
University of Illinois Urbana, USA
Title: "Overview of the NADP’s Atmospheric
Mercury Network (AMNet)"
Frank J. Marsik
University of Michigan, USA
Title: "An overview of measurement and modeling approaches for the estimation of temporal and spatial variations in mercury dry-deposition"
Guey-Rong Sheu
National Central University, Taiwan
Title: "Speciated atmospheric mercury measurements at a high-elevation site in Taiwan and related analyses"
Helen M. Amos
Harvard University, USA
Title: "Overview of challenges using speciated Hg measurements to support model evaluation and development"
Huiting Mao
State University of New York, USA
Title: "Potential Controls on Trends in Background
Concentrations of Hg° in the Northeastern"
Jiaoyan Huang
University of Nevada, USA
Title: "Use of passive sampling methods to understand sources of mercury and other pollutants to high elevation sites in the Western United States"
Che-Jen Lin
Lamar University, USA
Title: "Overview of Quantifying the Air-Surface Exchange of Elemental Mercury Vapor Using Enclosure and Micrometeorological Methods"
Mae Sexauer Gustin
University of Nevada, USA
Title: "Overview of Atmospheric Mercury Measurement
Robert Talbot
University of Houston,USA
Title: "Atmospheric Mercury: Are wemeasuring it correctly"
Seth Lyman
Utah State University, USA
Title: "Identification of Oxidized Mercury Compounds with GC/MS"
Xiaohong Xu
University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Title: "An overview on the use of trajectory models to investigate potential sources of atmospheric mercury"
Xinbin Feng
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Title: "An Overview of Atmospheric Mercury Measurements in China"
Chris Moore
Desert Research Institute, USA
Title: "An overview of mercury speciation measurements and analysis at high latitudes"
Peter Weiss-Penzias
University of California, USA
Title: "Use of global model results to understand airborne oxidized mercury observations at five sites"
Shuxiao Wang
Tsinghua University, China
Title: "Overview of speciated mercury at anthropogenic emission sources"
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