International Conference on
Tissue Science and Engineering
October 1-3, 2012 DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago-North Shore, USA
Tissue Science-2012 Report
The International Conference on Tissue Science & Engineering, hosted by the OMICS Group was held on October 1-3, 2012 at DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago-North Shore, USA. Generous response and active participation were received from the Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group Journals as well as from scientists, researchers and leaders from clinical, government organizations, students who made this conference as one of the most successful and productive events in 2012 from OMICS Group.

The conference was carried out through various sessions, in which discussions were held on the following scientific tracks:
  • Bone and Cartilage Tissue Engineering
  • Materials for Molecular Mediation
  • Biomaterials
  • Whole Organ Tissue Engineering
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Tissue Injury
  • Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering
  • Bioengineering and Therapeutics
  • Scaffolds
  • Biochips and Tissue Chips
  • Tissue Biomarkers
  • Clinical Medicine

A series of invited lectures by Honorable guests and members of the Keynote forum marked the commencement of the event. Prominent scientists like Mahin Khatam from National Institutes of Health (Retired), USA; David T Harris from University of Arizona, USA; Gene P. Siegal from University of Alabamao, USA; Richard OC Oreffo from University of Southampton, UK; Wilhelm K. Aicher from University Medical Center, Germany; Simion Simon from Babes-Bolyai University, Romania; Cornelia Kasper, from University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Austria gave their fruitful contributions in the form of highly informative presentations and made the conference a great success.

The theme of this conference was "Transforming Repairs into Regeneration" and was effectively discussed amongst the gathering, inviting recommendations and suggestions from all.

The conference aimed to serve as a catalyst for the advancement of Tissue Science and Engineering by connecting scientists from across the globe on a common platform that created an environment conducive to information exchange, generation of new ideas and acceleration of applications that would benefit the society. All accepted abstracts have been indexed in OMICS Group Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering as a special issue.

With the huge optimistic response from scientific fraternity, industries, renowned personalities and Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group across the world, we would like to announce 2nd International Conference on Tissue Science & Engineering during August 26-28, 2013 in Raleigh-NC, USA.

Expert Presentations
Mahin Khatami s

National Institutes of Health
Gene P. Siegal

University of Alabama

Simion Simon

Babes Bolyai University

Jan Oxholm Gordeladze

University of Oslo

Richard O.C. Oreffo

University of Southampton
Ming Pei

West Virginia University

Wilhelm K. Aicher

University Medical Center

Cornelia Kasper

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Jong Wook Chang

Medipost Co., Ltd

Republic of Korea
Jaroslav Michalek


Czech Republic
Mohammad Ghazizadeh

Nippon Medical School

Ebru Oral

Massachusetts General Hospital

Sergey Doronin

State University of New York

Anand Ramamurthi

Case Western Reserve University

Muhammad N. Yousaf

York University

Meital Zilberman

Tel Aviv University

Yoav Soen

Weizmann Institute

Francesco Amato

University of Catania

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