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    Scientific Program
    Scientific Program
    OMICS Group's International Conference and Exhibition on Neurology & Therapeutics, Neuro-2012, having the theme "Novel Therapies in Neurosciences."

    Neuro-2012 is comprised of 11 tracks and 29 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Neurology & Therapeutics.

    Submit your Abstract to any of the following Tracks. All related Abstracts are accepted.

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    Renowned Speakers
    Track 1: Drug Discovery & Development in Neurosciences
    Track 1-1 Neuropharmacology, ADME/T in Drug Discovery & Anti-Neurodegenerative Drug Discovery
    Track 1-2 Ion Channels, Transporters and Neurotransmitter Receptors
    Track 1-3 Neural Stem Cells and Gene or Cell Therapy
    Track 2: Novel Therapeutics & Diagnostics for Neurological Disorders
    Track 2-1 Diagnosis and Genetic Testing for Neurological Disorders(Huntington disease, Schizophrenia,
    Insomnia, Amnesias
    , Down Syndrome and Autism)
    Track 2-2 Parkinson’s disease
    Track 2-3 Alzheimer’s disease
    Track 2-4 Multiple Sclerosis
    Track 2-5 Movement Disorders, Dementias, Headaches and Peripheral Nerve Disorder
    Track 3: Neuroimmunology
    Track 3-1 Neural Stem Cells & Neurosurgery
    Track 3-2 Neurodevelopemental Diseases & Thermogenesis
    Track 3-3 Neuroimmunological Disorders & Neurotransmitters & Neurodegenerative Disorders & Neurotrophins
    Track 3-4 Neuro epidemiology, Oncology and Ophthalmology
    Track 4: Neuromics, Neuroproteomics, Neurogenomics & Human Brain Proteome
    Track 5: Neurorehabilitation
    Track 5-1 Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy
    Track 5-2 Occupational Therapy and Neuropsychology
    Track 5-3 Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy
    Track 5-4 Biofeedback Therapy
    Track 6: Epilepsy
    Track 6-1 Epilepsy Surgery
    Track 6-2 Epilepsy, EEG, Prevention and Management
    Track 7: Clinical neurophysiology and Electrophysiology
    Track 7-1 Spectroscopy in Hepatic Encephalopathy
    Track 7-2 Electromyography and Electroencephalography & Polysomnography
    Track 7-3 Electrocorticography
    Track 8: Current trends in Neurophysiology
    Track 8-1 Cocaine and alcohol craving for Pharmacology
    Track 8-2 Cognitive function & Stimulant effects
    Track 9: Cerebral CSF Flow Studies
    Track 9-1 MR Spectroscopy and MR Tractography & Cerebral Tumor imaging
    Track 9-2 GMH-IVH impact on Neurology
    Track 10: Diagnosis for cerebral infections
    Track 10-1 Cerebrospinal Pathologies & Clinical Case Studies in Neurosciences
    Track 11: Perspectives in Neurology Research
    Track 11-1 Neurovascular Intervention
    Track 11-2 Translational Stroke research
    Track 11-3 Biomarkers and Stem Cell Research, Novel Diagnostics and Regulatory Guidelines in Neuroscience
    Track 12: Pediatric Neurology
    Track 12-1 Advances in the Genetics of Developmental Neurobiology
    Track 12-2 Pediatric Neuroradiology
    Track 12-3 Challenges and Approaches in the Treatment of Childhood Stroke
    Track 12-4 Future of Clinical Research in Child Neurology
    Track 13: Neurology and Therapeutics of Sleep Disorders
    Track 13-1 Sleep Related Breathing and Movement Disorders
    Track 13-2 REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder
    Track 13-3 Sleep Disorders in Pregnant and Nursing Women
    Track 13-4 Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Sleep Medicine
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