Addiction Therapy -2012

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    Participants List from Academia
    University of Texas at Arlington, USA

    Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

    Mahidol University, Thailand

    Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

    Hamdard University, India

    Yeshiva University, USA

    University of Macau, China

    Monash University, Australia

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    University of Denver, Colorado

    University of Toronto, Canada

    Zagazig University, Egypt

    Banaras Hindu University, India

    Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

    University di Messina CNISM, Italy

    University of Tasmania, Australia

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

    Sogang University, Korea

    University of Edinburgh, UK

    Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, USA

    Universidade de sao paulo, Brazil

    Eve University, Turkey

    University of Delhi, India

    Isfahan University of Technology(IUT), Iran

    Taif University, Saudi Arabia

    University Medical Center, Netherlands

    University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    University Paris 13, France

    Participants List from Business
    Cadila Pharmaceuticals, India

    Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter, Hungary

    3S-Pharmacological Consultation & Research GmbH, Germany

    Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Australia

    Psoriasis and Cutaneous Inflammation Research Laboratory, USA

    Alcon Laboratories Inc., USA

    National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan

    Grup de Recerca de Reumatologia (IRHVH), Spain

    Bayer Health Care, Richmond, USA

    Crown Bioscience Inc., China

    Hammersmith Hospital, London

    Van Drie Research LLC, USA

    Dr.Reddy's labs, India

    Merck Research Laboratories, USA

    National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), India

    AstraZeneca R&D Boston, USA

    Abbott Laboratories, USA

    Hutchison MediPharma Limited, China

    Sage Bionetworks, USA

    Central Drug Research Institute, India

    Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, India

    National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology (NIIST) , India

    Novartis Campus, Austria

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    Scientific Program
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    Scientific Program
    International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy, will be organized around the theme "New Treatment Aspects for Addiction".

    Addiction Therapy-2012 is comprised of 10 tracks and 61 designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Addiction Research & Therapy.

    Submit your Abstract to any of the following Tracks.

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    Renowned Speakers
    speaker Yair Amram
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, Israel

    speaker Dannon Pinhas
    Tel Aviv University, Israel

    speaker Fumihiro Imai
    Ichiriyama Imai Clinic, Japan

    speaker Chaturaka Rodrigo
    University of Colombo, Srilanka

    speaker José Miguel Chatkin
    Pontificia Universidade Católica Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    speaker Ignacio Vázquez Moliní
    European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Portugal

    speaker Serge Ahmed
    Université de Bordeaux, France

    speaker Danuta Chessor
    University of Western Sydney, Australia

    speaker Lynne Dawkins
    University of East London, UK

    speaker Christopher V Dayas
    University of Newcastle, Australia

    speaker Jhodie R. Duncan
    University of Melbourne, Australia

    speaker Julaine Allan
    The Lyndon Community, Australia

    speaker Marc A. Lindberg
    Marshall University, USA

    speaker Paul Frenger
    A Working Hypothesis Inc., USA

    speaker Neil Paterson
    Psychogenics Inc., USA

    speaker Arthur Horton
    Lewis University, USA

    speaker Carolyn Heckman
    Fox Chase Cancer Center, USA

    speaker Dorit Ron
    University of California San Francisco, USA

    speaker Mark Schwartz
    Castlewood Treatment Center, USA

    speaker M. Foster Olive
    Arizona State University, USA

    speaker Philip K. Liu
    Harvard Medical School, USA

    speaker Pierrie Guertin
    Laval University, Canada

    speaker Lynda Poirier
    University of Sherbrooke, Canada

    speaker Kenneth Blum
    University of Florida College of Medicine, USA

    speaker Matthew Howard
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

    speaker Andrey E. Ryabinin
    Oregon Health & Science University, USA

    speaker Madhusudhanan Narasimhan

    speaker Douglas Braun-Harvey
    The Sexual Dependency Institute of San Diego, USA

    speaker Jean Zwiller
    Université de Strasbourg, France

    speaker Catherine Comiskey
    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

    speaker Marta Miquel
    Jaume I University, Spain

    Track 1: New Therapeutic Aspects for Addiction
    Track 1-1 Brain-scanning technology
    Track 1-2 Brain abnormalities in drug and alcohol addicts
    Track 1-3 Ethical aspects in substance abuse treatment
    Track 1-4 Substance abuse treatment
    Track 1-5 Consequences of drug abuse
    Track 1-6 Behavioral effects of drug abuse
    Track 1-7 Adaptive changes in the brain due to drug abuse
    Track 1-8 Global changes in metabolism and blood flow in brain
    Track 1-9 Participation of transcription factors in neurodegeneration
    Track 2: Current Research on Addiction
    Track 2-1 Neuropsychopharmacology research
    Track 2-2 Psychological stress and treatment  studies
    Track 2-3 Pharmacogenetics of drug dependence
    Track 2-4 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor signaling
    Track 2-5 Impulse-regulating brain networks and drug addiction in teenagers
    Track 2-6 Brain-computer interfaces (BCI)
    Track 2-7 Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
    Track 2-8 Cohort studies
    Track 3: Drug Addiction and Neurotoxicology
    Track 3-1 Functional neurotoxicity of drugs
    Track 3-2 Dysregulation of neural systems
    Track 3-3 Neurobiology of drug addiction
    Track 3-4 Neuroscience research on drug addiction
    Track 4: Addiction Case Reports
    Track 4-1 Neuronal disturbances
    Track 4-2 Tourette's syndrome
    Track 4-3 Alzheimer's disease
    Track 4-4 Insomnia
    Track 4-5 Cocaine-related disorders
    Track 5: Various Addictives and Addictions
    Track 5-1 Behavior addiction and pathological gambling
    Track 5-2 Substance addiction: Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis
    Track 5-3 Prescription drug abuse-Hypnotics/sedatives, opioids
    Track 5-4 Central stimulants-Khat, methamphetamine
    Track 5-5 Designer drugs
    Track 5-6 Pornography and internet addiction
    Track 6: Alcoholism and Therapy
    Track 6-1 Genetic predisposition of alcoholism
    Track 6-2 Psychological and sociological aspects of alcoholism
    Track 6-3 Fetal alcohol syndrome
    Track 6-4 Alcohol detoxification using chemotherapeutic agents
    Track 6-5 Psychological and spiritual counseling
    Track 7: Cocaine Addiction and Therapy
    Track 7-1 Prenatal cocaine exposure
    Track 7-2 Effects associated with cocaine
    Track 7-3 Cocaine dependence
    Track 7-4 Cocaine sensitization
    Track 7-5 Selective dopamine stimulation in therapy
    Track 7-6 Cognitive behavioral therapy for cocaine
    Track 7-7 Brain imaging studies of cocaine
    Track 8: Treatment and Rehabilitation using Various Therapies
    Track 8-1 Pharmacotherapy
    Track 8-2 Maintenance treatment
    Track 8-3 Naltrexone treatment
    Track 8-4 Heroin prescription
    Track 8-5 Twelve step groups
    Track 8-6 Cognitive behavioral therapy
    Track 8-7 Yoga and physical therapy
    Track 8-8 Counseling-Motivational, psychological, behavioral and coercive treatment through 
    therapeutic communities
    Track 9: Drug Addiction and Gene Therapy
    Track 9-1 Motivational enhancement therapies
    Track 9-2 Gene-silencing in dopaminergic neurons
    Track 9-3 SiRNA for therapy of drug addiction and other brain diseases
    Track 9-4 Applied nanotechnology to therapeutic concepts
    Track 9-5 Drug delivery to treat addiction disorders
    Track 10: Addiction Biology
    Track 10-1 Epigenetic mechanisms related to addiction
    Track 10-2 Inherited biological factors contributing to substance abuse and drug addiction
    Track 10-3 Biochemical assays for alcoholism
    Track 10-4 Genetic linkage studies
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