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    Renowned Speakers
    speaker Dr. Yellela S.R. Krishnaiah

    speaker Prof. Sinerik N. Ayrapetyan
    UNESCO Chair-Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center , Armenia

    speaker Dr. Luigi Silvestro
    3S-Pharmacological Consultation & Research GmbH, Germany

    speaker Dr. Om Anand
    CDER-Food and Drug Administration, USA

    speaker Dr. Robert S Plumb
    Waters PVT , USA

    speaker Dr. Patrick Bennett
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Pvt. Ltd. , USA

    speaker Dr. Na'il A.I Ibrahim

    speaker Dr. Gregory Russell-Jones
    Mentor Pharmaceutical Consulting, Australia

    speaker Dr. S. Ravisankar
    GVK Biosciences Pvt Ltd, India

    speaker Prof. John Kauffman

    speaker Dr. T. S. Jai Shankar
    Quest Life Sciences (P) Ltd, India

    speaker Dr. Simona Rizea Savu
    3S-Pharmacological Consultation & Research GmbH, Germany

    speaker Prof. Yahdiana Harahap
    University of Indonesia, Indonesia

    speaker Prof. Sharma S Prabhakar
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, USA

    speaker Dr. D. Vijaya Bharathi
    Dr. Reddy's labs, India

    speaker Dr. Gopal Vaidyanathan
    Waters PVT, India

    speaker Dr. Sudhakar Akul Yakkanti
    Boys Town National Research Hospital, USA

    speaker Dr. Shengjun Zhang
    Frontage China Clinical Research Center, China

    speaker Dr. Lakshmi Kotra
    University of Toronto, Canada

    speaker Dr. Shivanand P. Puthli
    Panacea Biotec Ltd., India

    speaker Dr. Flavia Laffleur
    University of Innsbruck, Austria

    speaker Mr. Varinder Kumar
    Ranbaxy Labs. Ltd, India

    speaker Mr. Vikas Kumar
    Fresenius-Kabi Oncology Ltd., India

    speaker Dr. Sandeep Sharma
    Jubilant Clinsys Ltd, India

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