3rdInternational Conference on Vaccines & Vaccination
July 29-31, 2013 Embassy Suites Las Vegas, USA

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Vaccines-2013 Report

The 3rd International Conference on Vaccines & Vaccination, hosted by the OMICS Group. It was held during July 29-31, 2013 at Embassy Suites Las Vegas, USA. Generous response and active participation was received from the Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group Journals as well as from scientists, researchers and leaders from Pharma, government organizations, students who made this conference as one of most successful and productive events in 2013 from OMICS Group.

The conference was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following scientific tracks

Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Vaccination
Vaccinations Focusing on Induction of B or T cell Responses
Novel Approaches in Design of Cellular and Molecular-Based Vaccines
Vaccines Against Infectious Diseases and Cancers
Manufacturing, Production, and Development of Vaccines
Regulatory and Ethical Issues of Vaccines and Public Acceptance
Translational, Clinical Evaluation and Field Trials of Vaccines
Modern Technologies in Vaccine Discovery and Development
Age-specific Immune Response to Vaccination

The response to 3rd International Conference on Vaccines & Vaccination was huge and was attended by about 200 delegates representing 25 countries from different corners of the world.

The conference was initiated with a series of invited lectures delivered by both Honorable Guests and members of the keynote forum. The list included Peter L. Nara Biological Mimetics, Inc.,USA; Nikolai Petrovsky Flinders University, Australia; De-chu Christopher Tang International Vaccine Institute, Korea; Brenda S Atchison The Alliance for Multispecialty Research, LLC, USA; John Martin Institute of Progressive Medicine, USA; Ara Hovanessian CNRS University Paris Descartes, France; Malcolm Thomas Arbovax, Inc., USA; Haval Shirwan University of Louisville, USA;

All the above mentioned Honorable Guests and keynote speakers gave their energetic and fruitful contributions at Vaccines-2013.

All accepted abstracts have been indexed in OMICS Group Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination as a special issue. The theme of this Conference was on Recent Innovations and Benchmark Practices in Vaccines & Vaccination". Based on this, speaker's discussions included many recommendations.

We are also obliged to various outside experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating the discussion forums. Our sincere thanks to Organizing Committee Members for their gracious presence, support and assistance towards Vaccines-2013, and with their unique feedback, OMICS Group would like to announce the "4th International Conference on Vaccines & Vaccination" to be held at Valencia, Spain on the September 24-26, 2014.

Expert Presentations
Peter L. Nara

Biological Mimetics, Inc.,

Ara Hovanessian

CNRS Universite Paris Descartes

Malcolm Thomas

Arbovax, Inc.,

Nikolai Petrovsky

Flinders University

De-chu C. Tang

International Vaccine Institute

Robert E. Sievers

University of Colorado

Xiao Qing Wei

Cardiff University

Yongqun Oliver He

University of Michigan Medical School

Haval Shirwan

University of Louisville

Pedro Reis

AC Immune

Rainer Fischer

Fraunhofer IME

Esma S. Yolcu

University of Louisville

Campbell Bunce

Immune Targeting Systems Ltd

Benjamin Petsch

CureVac GmbH

Brenda S Atchison

The Alliance for Multispecialty Research, LLC

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