11th Annual Conference on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
October 15-16, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Stem Regenerative 2018
Stem Regenerative 2018 Report

Stem Regenerative 2018, hosted by Conference Series were successfully held during October 15-16, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. The conference highlighted the theme “Cell in Progress: Exploring Regenerative medicine through Stem Cells”.

The conference was a congregation of eminent speakers from various reputed organizations with their paramount talks enlightening the gathering.

Conference Series hosted a diverse panel of key members of the Stem Cells community from Academia, Research lab, Eminent Scientist, Scholar Students to discuss the theme of the conference, approaches to predict, control and relieve. This event was aimed to exchange ideas and experience across a variety of topics that cover the latest insights in important aspects of Regenerative Medicine, Diseases and Stem Cell Treatment, Cell and Organ Regeneration and Viral Gene Therapies, other approaches such as Bioengineering Therapeutics and Advanced Gene Therapeutics and updates on Stem Cells field.

The conference witnessed an amalgamation of peerless speakers, who enlightened the crowd with their enviable research knowledge and on various alluring workshops related to the field of physiotherapy, carried out through various scientific-sessions and plenary lectures.

The highlights of the meeting were the Keynote lectures by:

Dr. Richard G Pestell, Pennsylvania Cancer and Regenerative Medicine Center, USA

Title: Cancer stem cells (CSC), genetic drivers and therapeutic targeting via CCR5

Dr. Frederic Michon, University of Helsinki, Finland

Title: Nature and origin of the signals supporting corneal wound healing

Dr. Joel I Osorio, Westhill University School of Medicine, Mexico

Title: RegenerAge system: Therapeutic effects of combinatorial biologics (mRNA and allogenic MSCs) with a spinal cord stimulation system on a patient with spinal cord section

We sincerely thank our moderator Dr.  Suvodip Chakrabarty, India. We would also like to thank all the session chairs and co-chairs for helping us in smooth functioning of the sessions.

We extend our grateful thanks to all the momentous speakers like

Richard G Pestell, Pennsylvania Cancer and Regenerative Medicine Center, USA

Joel I Osorio, Westhill University School of Medicine, Mexico

Azel Zine, Montpellier University, France


Our sincere appreciation to “Bio-Lamina”. Louise Hagbard, for their tireless efforts at the conference.

11th Annual Conference on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine during October 15-16, 2018 Helsinki, Finland was a great success with the support of International Multi-professional Steering Committee and coordinated by Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy, Journal of Transplantation Technologies & Research and Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy


We are obliged to various delegate experts, institutes and other eminent personalities who actively took part in the discussion and meetings. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members for their gracious presence and continuous support towards the success of Stem Regenerative 2018 Conference.

With the unique feedbacks from the conference, Conference Series would like to announce the commencement of the “12th Annual Conference on Stem Cell and Gene Therapy” March 11-12, 2019 in Bali, Indonesia.

                                                                                             Let us meet again @ StemGen 2019


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